Mar 152016

election results

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  2 Responses to “ELECTION RESULTS”

  1. Guess this shows that KW still has some smart voters.
    Also shows that over half don’t care what the city does as they did not vote.
    Does bring question as to why so many voters 53,625 seems very high and perhaps many have no right to vote in KW. We all know of at least 1 that should not be a voter as he does not live in KW. Just maybe there are thousands that do not qualify.

    Thanks to this paper KW will not be making a huge mistake in buying Peary Court.

    • Initially I had the same thought on the number for registered voters….. then I realized we are talking about Monroe County… not just KW.
      I too am doing a happy dance that Peary Court purchase has been squashed…. Yeah!

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