Jul 012016


The asphalted White Street Pier editorial I would have written:

As a fairly frequent user of White Street Pier, I can say the surface of the pier did not need redoing.

It never occurred to the city that resurfacing with black asphalt would make the pier a day time furnace during the hot months?
Who, in the city government, made the decision to repave with asphalt? Who above that person approved using asphalt? The citizens are entitled to know.

Why change the pier’s name? City maps tourists rely on show where White Street is. Logically, White Street Pier was at the end of White Street. Now, there is no White Street Pier.

Why the modern flurry in city hall to name days, weeks, months, places after this or that movement, organization or person? What a legacy for Ed Knight. White Street Furnace. Whose idea was it to rename the pier after him? The citizens are entitled to know.

Why come the city’s propaganda department (and The Citizen editorial) left out the elephant in the living room? Until maybe ten years ago, White Street Pier was open all night. Fishermen fished there at night, until morning. Gatherings were held out there into the wee hours. Then the 11 p.m. closing curfew was imposed. Right. Because a few homeless people slept out there at

Do ya think maybe the black asphalt is karma?

Sloan Bashinsky, write-in mayor candidate (full disclosure, but that does not change my thinking on this)

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Sloan Bashinsky
 July 1, 2016  Posted by at 12:32 am Island Voices, Issue #173  Add comments