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Mariah, a unique sculpture in pink alabaster, is pictured here with local sculptor Sally Wernicoff who premiered the work at her recent show at Gildea Contemporary Gallery.

Local Sculptor Enjoys Big Sales with New Works in Stone

Following on the tremendous success of her first one woman show, Visions in Stone, Gildea Contemporary Gallery on Southard St. has extended the show dates to allow more of Sally Wernicoff’s fans to view and purchase the unique works in alabaster, marble, and clay.

“We couldn’t be happier with our sculpture,” says local art collector Sylvia Weinberg who showed up early for the opening with her husband Samy in order to get first pick of Sally’s newest pieces. It didn’t take the couple long to choose Holding, a creamy confection in pink and green alabaster stone which Sally brought back from Utah.

Gildea Gallery held an opening for Visions in Stone on March 30th. “It was the best attendance we’ve had in the three years we’ve been open,” says David Bethune who joined the gallery in January and was recently promoted to Director. “I’m thrilled to be able to continue Sally’s show and we’re looking forward to seeing more work of this kind.”

Leslie Eadeh, another longtime fan and collector of Wernicoff’s pottery, was amazed and delighted with her selection, Woman of Strength. “I had no idea Sally was producing pieces like this in marble. I’ve known Sally for years and I’m so proud of her achievements with this show and all the success she’s having tonight!,” said Eadeh. Woman of Strength was carved from marble which Wernicoff quarried during her studies in Pietrasanta, Italy, a town famous for the quality of its marble and chosen by Michelangelo as his own source for stone.

A former chef and restaurant owner from Ocean City, New Jersey, Sally Wernicoff and her husband Tevis moved to Key West in 1983. Sally spent the summers of 2006 and 2007 quarrying stone and sculpting in Italy. In addition to stone sculptures, Sally has also created a beautiful series of sculptures in clay with unique finishes such as Raku and saggar firing. Wernicoff’s eye for color and texture is finely developed and she’s able to pull a lovely variety of tones and textures from the natural materials. Her Raku firings are particularly brilliant, shining with unexpected colors as a result of the special process of removing the piece part way through firing and finishing it in a sawdust pit.

Gildea Contemporary Gallery is the exclusive representative for Sally Wernicoff’s work. The gallery specializes in abstract and contemporary painting and offers a unique digital preview service allowing collectors to see what artwork looks like in their own homes before they buy. Delivery is always free for locals. Gildea Contemporary Gallery is located at 522 Southard St in Old Town Key West and is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 4:30pm.

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