Jan 132017

Dear Editor,

As a yearly visitor to Key West, I understand the Conch Republic’s distance from worries of the Mainland.

Still, I am shocked by the absence of any evidence of protest of the tainted election of an incoming bigot, homophobic, misogynist as President of the US (including all of Florida).

What gives, Key West?

Mindy Brown

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 January 13, 2017  Posted by at 12:52 am Issue #201, Letter to the Editor  Add comments

  10 Responses to “Trump Inauguration”

  1. Secession is always on the table.

  2. Seeing that you’re from The Mainland, We Don’t need your Cry Baby attitudes down here. If you don’t like the President Elect then join the other winers and crybabies and move to Canada-a. Don’t forget everyone had to put up with the most UNAMERICAN president in the history of the USA 🇺🇸

    • Now, now, now, don’t lump me in with your group of racial malcontents. I understood that President Obama had empathy for the ordinary people who comprise 80% of this country, from the very poor and oppressed (as proven by the Justice Dept. in Chicago and Baltimore and Ferguson – sadly, not for Charles Eimers, killed by Key West police) right up through the middle class screwed by big banks and companies. He knew the rich cared only for themselves and their paths to get richer, even at the expense of others. He was more American than you, who think the mainland is another planet, claim to be.

      • Dear keysmiata, I claim to be American by the Blood I shed for my country. 6 years USMC(the Nam Vet-shattered Lt. elbow, shrapnel in the hip, blown out ears) 24 years US Army retired 1st sgt, with 12th Special Forces Group-Airborne,2 Artificial Knees, shot in Lt. Leg, Crushed Trigger Finger, rotator cuffs both shoulders. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country—-YOUR TURN

        • OK, now I understand. You’re one of those who never had to think but just took orders and missed entirely the purpose of the military.

          • For your information I’m proud to be one of 7% of knuckle dragging no thought Americans who wore the uniform of the United States Military keeping the 93% of you wussy crybabies safe with your illusion of importance. What language do you think America would be speaking if people who can hunt(us 7%ers)decided to hell with those crybabies, let’s just sit back,drink beer and watch football instead. Well we(us7%ers)defeated England here in the new world twice American Revolution & War of 1812, and the Mexicans in Texas way back then. BUT my thought would be SPANISH. Look at your presidential ballot, it’s also in SPANISH. Without my 7%ers would America exist???
            And by the way, those RICH PEOPLE who only think about themselves, you wouldn’t be talking about Slick Willie Clinton and his ?Wife? Pinocchio and their?Charity. Concerned about the common man. LOL

  3. “To retaliate in kind would do nothing but intensify the existence of hate in the universe. Along the way of life, someone must have sense enough, and morality enough, to cut off the chain of hate.” – Martin Luther King

    Protest? Protest what?

  4. Yep, have to agree, protest what?? It always happens about sometime after Thanksgiving, all those Carpetbaggin big city agitators stream down here with their Hi-Faultin attitudes-wantin to call a Jewfish some huggy-kissy thing soz not to hurt some crybabies feelings. Always tryin to tell us how they did it back there in plastic land. Like we give a rat’s—. If it wasn’t for all the Fat Cat Bubbas whorin for as much money as they can chizzle out of you U’d be as welcome as a porkchop at a Bar Mitzvah. The reason there’s 42 bridges is a reminder of how far removed from The insanity up there. Looking at your successes-Detroit, Chicago, Lost Angles, San Francisco, E. St. Louis, New York City, Baltimore, Hollywood, and BEST of all Washington D. C. What a Joke.