Dec 222017

It’s now or never.

We have less than 10 days left to reach our goal of collecting one million signatures to make sure the Voter Restoration Amendment is on the November 2018 ballot.

Download, print and sign the Voter Restoration Amendment petition.

Just last week, we heard of and read stories about the thousands of returning citizens in Alabama who voted for the first time after having their voting rights restored. Having the ability to vote allows returning citizens to become full members of their communities again. If we can pull this off, we will be one step closer to giving the ability to vote back to 1.6 million Floridians.

If you have already signed the Voter Restoration Amendment petition, thank you! We are grateful for your support of voting rights in our state. And, if you haven’t signed the petition, it’s not too late. Download, print and sign the petition. Then mail it back to us. For a list of locations you can mail-in your petitions visit our website.

Floridians believe in second chances. Together, we can restore the ability to vote in Florida.

ACLU of Florida

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