Nov 062015
Timothy Thomas Claims 'Deputies Shot First' [Police Shootout Rained Bullets on Stock Island Family]

by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. [Note:  This article was written and published prior to the Sheriff’s release of the dashcam video.  You will find an update at the end of the article including both Deputy Gordon and Deputy Lariz’ dashcam video excerpts as posted by the MCSO on youtube this morning.] It was about 9:45 pm [more…]

Nov 062015
Drug Sweep Nabs 27 So Far

Twenty seven local drug dealers have been arrested over the past few weeks as part of a months-long effort by the Key West Police Department. With the assistance of Homeland Security Investigations, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and Customs and Border Protection, the KWPD Special Investigations Unit conducted numerous undercover operations that resulted in 41 [more…]

Nov 062015
Chief Commends Officer Richardson

Key West Police Chief Donie Lee on Thursday presented Officer Curtis Richardson with a Chief’s Commendation in recognition of his continuing dedication and professionalism. In the predawn hours of July 22, Officer Richardson was on routine patrol in the 200 block of Truman Avenue when they saw heavy smoke billowing from the rear of a building. [more…]

Nov 062015
Chief Commends Officer Kouri

Key West Police Chief Donie Lee Thursday presented Officer David Kouri with a Chief’s Commendation in recognition of his role in the arrest of a dangerous suspect. On Oct 25, local law enforcement located and converged upon a house in Key West where Timothy Thomas, an armed and dangerous suspect, was hiding. He was wanted for [more…]

Oct 302015
Returning Officer Sworn In

Key West Police Chief Donie Lee today swore in Officer Antonio Ane. Officer Ane worked for the KWPD from May of 2011 until last December when he left for a brief stint on the mainland. Officer Ane is a native Floridian who grew up in South Dade County. He is a graduate of the Miami [more…]

Oct 092015
Two Officers Honored for 20 Years of Service

At Wednesday night’s City Commission meeting, Key West Police Chief Donie Lee recognized two department members for reaching the 20-year mark in their careers. Lt. Kathleen Ream joined the Key West Police Department in 1995. Her interest in law enforcement began in 1991 when she became an auxiliary officer, which inspired her to attend the police [more…]

Oct 022015
KWPD Looking to Sponsor Cadets

The Key West Police Department is looking for motivated candidates who want to become police officers. The Department wants to sponsor the best and the brightest in the upcoming session of the Law Enforcement Academy at the Florida Keys Community College Institute of Criminal Justice. These sponsorships are a rare opportunity to earn a salary [more…]

Life Saving Award

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Sep 112015
Life Saving Award

Capt. JR Torres recently presented Detective Karl Malsheimer with a Life Saving Award for his quick actions and response that ended up saving a man’s life. On July 1, 2015, Detective Karl Malsheimer was on duty downtown when he heard a woman scream and saw a man on the ground. After an initial assessment, he [more…]

Sep 112015
Waite Receives Chief's Commendation

Capt. JR Torres last week presented Kenneth JW Waite with a Chief’s Commendation. On June 2, 2015, the Key West Police Department received a report of a robbery. Officer Jeremy Tellier was able to get very a detailed description from a witness. Upon hearing the description, Mr. Waite decided to pull up the live web [more…]

Sep 042015
Police Chief Commends Mentors

Chief Donie Lee has commended the members of the Key West Police Department who volunteer as mentors with Keys to Be the Change – Kids Win: Pathways to Success. Their efforts are helping shape the future of Key West’s youth. With Their guidance, children who might otherwise be at risk, have a better opportunity to [more…]

Aug 282015

by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. FDLE reprimanded Special Agent Kathy Smith with a 5-day suspension. Agent Smith was accused of having intentionally signed a false affidavit in order to secure a $461,000 bank loan. Agent Smith became engulfed in controversy in 2014 while leading the investigation of the in-custody-death of 61-year old tourist, Charles Eimers. [more…]

Aug 282015
Credit Card Fraud Suspects Arrested

Three of four suspects in a large credit card fraud case were taken into custody on Wednesday. Yaisdonis Gomez-Fabelo, 35, Ayami Consuergra-Rojas, 32, and Leidys Soler, 23, all face multiple charges in scheme to defraud Wells Fargo Bank and ten credit card holders. A fourth suspect, Jorge Consuergra-Rojas is still at large. The case began [more…]

Aug 072015
Hot Cars A Danger to Children and Pets

A good Samaritan this week spotted two dogs left in a hot car and quickly alerted the Key West Police Department. Bicycle Officers Scott Standerwick and Frank Betz arrived and immediately called the Florida Keys SPCA and Arnold’s Towing to rescue the distressed dogs. Luckily, the family of tourists returned, frantic about their pets and [more…]

Jul 102015
Officers Sims and Stockton Save a Life

Key West Police Chief Donie Lee this week commended Officers Joe Stockton and Carter Sims with a Life Saving Award for their quick response to a life-threatening incident in February. Officers Stockton and Sims responded to a medical emergency call in which the male subject was not breathing. Both officers immediately began rescue breathing. When [more…]

Jul 032015
Hostage Standoff on Duval Street: “In typical Key West fashion: 'Nothing' happens in the most spectacular way.” ~ Mike Mongo

  UPDATE Thursday July 2, 3:35 pm by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. The 911 call went something like this: ‘I stabbed my wife. I stabbed her in the chest and the abdomen, both. I have a shotgun. I’m in my room at Duval House and I’m holding my 13-year old niece hostage.’ KWPD went running, [more…]

Jul 032015
KWFD Reminder: Be Safe!

The Key West Fire Department is reminding everyone to use extra safety precautions as we go into the Fourth of July holiday. That means stay away from any kind of home fireworks and, instead, enjoy the public display off White Street Pier. “Remember, if it explodes or if it flies, it’s illegal,” said Key West [more…]

Jun 122015
FDLE Special Agent and Ex-Husband former KWPD Captain Saved By Statute of Limitations

by Naja and Arnaud Girard…… A long awaited investigative report on a scandal that greatly tarnished both FDLE’s and KWPD’s image in the community is finally complete. FDLE Special Agent Kathy Smith and her ex-husband, former KWPD Captain Scott Smith, could have been prosecuted for the criminal acts of perjury and mortgage fraud in connection [more…]

May 012015
GUEST COLUMN: Black in Key West (or anywhere in America)

by Kenneth Sullivan… In this age of tweet, Instagram and sound bites, we have learned to shorten our opinions to a limited number of characters. This means we do not give complete thoughts in our public opinions. I read in the Citizen a comment that inferred the black folks are inherently bad people. This is [more…]

Apr 032015
Dog Lady is Free! Ocean Key Investigated...

by JD Adler… In February Ocean Key Hotel, subsidiary of the Nobel House corporation, held a for-profit concert on Sunset Pier during which the band, the Revivalists, invited local citizen Kelsey Haas and her dog Mali onto the stage to dance with them. Police, at the request of hotel management, removed and arrested Ms. Haas [more…]

Mar 202015
Randall Smith promoted to Sgt. of KWPD

Key West Police Chief Donie Lee swore in the newly-promoted Sgt. Randall Smith during Tuesday’s City Commission meeting. Sgt. Smith has served with the Key West Police Department since 2005. Before coming to the Department, Sgt. Smith worked as an insurance fraud investigator. He is the son of a retired Coral Springs Police Department sergeant. In [more…]

Feb 272015
KWPD Snatch Purse Snatcher

Lights, Camera, Snatch! Press Release from KWPD: A missing front light on a bike resulted in the arrest of a man suspected of several purse snatchings. Michael Joseph Soraghan, Jr., 45, was apprehended during a traffic stop when an officer saw him riding with no light. The officer immediately recognized the suspect from a surveillance [more…]

Feb 272015
KWPD Adds 2 New Officers to Ranks

Chief Donie Lee swore in two new Key West Police officers this week. Chris Rhinhart (left) has over 10 years of experience as a law enforcement officer, including time with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. Daniel Blanco (right) is new to police work, but not to helping out in the community. He has a Bachelor’s [more…]

Feb 192015
Anonymous Tip Leads Police To Stash of Stolen Goods on Wisteria Island

Key West Police were back and forth all day Tuesday to Wisteria Island, retrieving tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of stolen goods. With the help of an anonymous tip, Key West Police Detectives recovered stolen fishing gear, electronics, sails, coolers, grills, dive gear and more from the offshore island. The recovered property has been [more…]