Apr 062018
UWFK Supports Emotional Recovery after Irma

Housing instability has slowly been emerging as a stronger predictor of suicide than income, employment, or education.  People at risk for suicide are more likely to be renters, according to Summer DeBastiani, PhD(c), MPH, RN, from the University of Miami(1).  Especially after Irma destroyed up to 25% of the housing in the Florida Keys, particularly low income housing, assessing the mental health of residents experiencing housing instability is more important than ever.  Recognizing this, United Way of the Florida Keys is helping provide mental health [continue reading…]

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Mar 302018
Book Review: Beautiful Chaos

by Kirby Congdon……. Book Review Beautiful Chaos Poems by Jose Gomez 6 x 9 pb (50p) ISBN: 978-6925319-5 Many references heighten ordinary speech and we can trust the empathy that underlies this man’s experience. In this reviewer’s opinion Mr. Gomez’ work is often erotically central and, like his vocabulary and the construction of his ideas they are often skillfully handled. Three memorable ones are “Cello,” the mellow reality in “Chaos,” along with the steady construction that provides the humor in “Am I,” a poem that [continue reading…]

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Mar 032018
State Attorney Expands His Investigation of Gun Threats at HOB

by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. A police officer at HOB Middle School has been put on paid leave for lying to the FBI. The disciplinary action follows an investigation by The Blue Paper into an alleged cover-up of gun threats at that school. The issue quickly turned into a local “media war”. The daily paper (the Citizen) faithfully reproduced the official version: that the HOB gun threats had been “thoroughly investigated”. The Blue Paper, challenging that version, was asking to see the Sheriff’s report that [continue reading…]

Mar 032018
City Leaders Enable FDOT Tragic Follies

by Rick Boettger……. Two weeks ago I wrote about the guy on a moped who got sent to Ryder Trauma Center for seven staples in his head (even with a helmet) after he was rear-ended and knocked 30 feet when he lawfully stopped at the killer crosswalk on North Roosevelt at the Kmart Plaza. My point was that the crosswalks transferred the danger from lawbreaking jaywalkers, who if they get hit it’s their own fault, to law-abiding citizens. With these dangerous crosswalks, the people in [continue reading…]

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Feb 242018
A Letter to Students Demand Action from a Gun Owner

by Thomas L. Knapp……. Dear Students Demand Action, I understand. You’ve witnessed — far too often at first hand and in the most terrifying circumstances — the violent deaths of your fellow students. You refuse to accept that that’s just how it has to be. You’re organizing for change.  You deserve to be heard. Don’t let anyone talk down to you or minimize your concerns. You want action. I don’t blame you. But it’s important to consider what kind of action you want, how to [continue reading…]

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Feb 112018

by Kirby Congdon…….   Gnat Avoiding my crass hand’s sweep, in random sallies within the world of my room, an insect darts, adoit, among the motes of dust that float, glow or drift about in ninety-three-million-mile rays of streaming silence. Such lives, in their abandon, define their space and what it’s all about, though chartless, in the far, rootless reaches of the absolute.  

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