Figuring It Out…

This letter is in rebuttal to Mr. M. Chenoweth’s rebuttal to Mr. Cooper’s commentary on income inequality. Yes, Mr. C. they have to figure it out like millions before have had to do, unfortunately some never will. The opportunities for success are there for those who prepare to take advantage of them when presented. It’s called career planning. It means having a goal and the discipline to remain focused on that goal. It means going to school after high school to learn something of value in the job market.

Be one out of thousands who spends hours a day throwing a football through a tire hanging from a tree, learn how to throw a baseball 95 miles an hour, learn how to make every shot from the free throw line. Learn to do anything that people will pay the big bucks to see you do. Be advised there is only one out of many thousands will make it big in sports or entertainment.

Labor has a value determined by the marketplace. If a person’s skills are such he can throw a baseball 95 miles an hour, he has a law degree, is a registered pharmacist or a certified nuclear welder he can readily exchange his time and effort for the fair compensation Mr. C. has mentioned. Employers today can’t find enough candidates who can write a complete sentence, do fractions, figure a percentage or read a rule. New hires frequently have to be schooled in basic arithmetic and the English language before they can enroll in company job related training programs. Continue reading



President Obama says that he wants to make income inequality– the growing gap between the richest and poorest Americans– the defining issue during 2014. He points with alarm to the fact that distribution of economic gain is increasingly favoring a small percentage of the population– those who are already well off. Duh! Why would anyone find that surprising, much less somehow illogical? But to Obama, it is simply unfair for a corporate CEO to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, while a high school dropout working at a fast food restaurant makes minimum wage. And in the president’s mind, that can be fixed by simply taking money from those in our society who have figured out how to be successful and giving it to those who haven’t figured it out– in essence, redistribution of wealth.

The fact is, however– except maybe in Sherwood Forest– taking from the rich and giving to the poor is not going to have much impact on the problem of income inequality. Continue reading