Aug 042017

Kelly Clark, Cultural Resource Specialist for the National Park Services (left), Key West Art & Historical Society Membership Coordinator Kim Livingston and KWAHS Director of Education Adele Williams prepare to explore Loggerhead Key in the Dry Tortugas National Park on Saturday with students and teachers in the “Dry Tortugas by Boat and Night Photography” workshop. (Photo by Carol Tedesco)

Thursday, July 27 through Sunday, July 30, a party of night photography enthusiasts from around the country explored Fort East Martello in Key West and Fort Jefferson at Dry Tortugas National Park via a “Dry Tortugas by Boat and Night Photography” workshop presented by Key West Art & Historical Society in partnership with Dry Tortugas National Park and led by visiting “National Parks at Night” expert photographers and educators Gabriel Biderman and Tim Cooper. Under a waxing crescent moon and a brilliant Milky Way, the photographers experimented with long exposures lasting from a few minutes to multiple hours; image stacking – which entails taking multiple shots of the same exact scene over a period of time, which are then stacked and merged in post-production to create a single image showing the passage of time; and light painting, an effect achieved by moving a hand-held light source to selectively illuminate parts of a scene during a long exposure.

Night photography workshop attendee Martha Hale of Birmingham, AL, captured this striking image Thursday night of the Fort East Martello citadel framed through the Fort’s sally port.

Scaffolding surrounding the Garden Key Lighthouse at Fort Jefferson is delicately illuminated through “light painting” in this image by Ana Cris Garcia of Brusly, LA.

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