Jul 102018

A mother and three small children had an incredible close call after a tractor-trailer rim with two tires came off a truck and struck their minivan Tuesday morning.

Sheriff Rick Ramsay

Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay was driving on U.S. 1 at Mile Marker 18.5 about 10 a.m. when he saw vehicles in front of him swerving. He then saw a northbound tractor-trailer rim roll into the southbound lane and strike a southbound Toyota Sienna minivan.

“Luckily, the mother did the right thing. She turned at the right time,” Sheriff Ramsay said. “The tire didn’t strike her vehicle square, but it tore down the side of the minivan, totaling it.”

Sheriff Ramsay immediately stopped the driver of the tractor-trailer, who may not have known the tire came off. He then raced over to the minivan to provide first-aid to the mother and three young children. There were no serious injuries.

“Thankfully and amazingly, no one was seriously hurt,” Sheriff Ramsay said. “It could be have been a very different situation had the mother not reacted quickly.”

Sheriff Ramsay called Monroe County Fire Rescue. The Florida Highway Patrol is the investigating agency.

The vehicles were moved to the side of the highway and traffic was kept moving.

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