Mar 202015
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The Key West Citizen ran an editorial on Sunday (3/8) that makes an appeal to science as the reason to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Key Haven and, eventually, the Lower Keys to prevent a dengue fever outbreak.

While most reasonable people applaud the advances science has made in our society, including profoundly important medical discoveries, those same people know that strong ethical oversight must accompany good science.

Science provides important information but without ethical oversight and good sense we also get hydrogen bombs, sarin gas and thalidomide. The recent history of companies and, yes, the FDA rushing pharmaceuticals to market without proper testing, illustrates the need for caution. As the New York Times notes “…critics say that Oxitec…has rushed into field testing without sufficient review and public consultation, sometimes in countries with weak regulations.”

There are many unanswered questions about the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District’s intentions to release a mosquito injected with a synthetic protein based on E.coli and the Herpes Simplex virus. The Citizen’s claim that this is just like creating mules by crossing horses and donkeys is laughable.

The Citizen said that dengue infects over 50 million people a year but we know that there were only 27 confirmed cases of dengue fever here in 2009 and 61 in 2010 but none since. The kind of hysteria that The Citizen is trying to create is counterproductive.

Those of us who oppose the release out of caution have been attacked as being anti-science. Oxitec may be the one to attack. The company has not had a peer-reviewed study published in any scientific journal about their plan. We have to believe their studies about the effectiveness of their process and we all know where that leads. Our government relies upon food processors, for example, to police their production, because Congress has not funded inspectors. And so we get salmonella outbreaks.

The European Union relies upon The Precautionary Principle, which demands proof that an innovation is not broadly harmful to humans or our environment before it is deployed. We’d do well to apply this principle in the Keys.

The Mosquito Control Board will vote on its agreement with Oxitec on Monday of next week at its headquarters in Marathon. The session starts at 2 p.m. and, if you agree with the above, it would be important to attend to make your voice heard.

Michael Welber

Marathon, FL

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Michael Welber
Michael Welber has lived in Marathon for 16 years, and has long experience as a writer and media producer. Most recently he helped establish and was the first editor of Keys Sunday, a publication of the Keynoter. He has also been active in environmental issues in the Keys, forming and chairing the City of Marathon Green Team and creating and editing GLEE’s monthly newsletter.

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  One Response to “Letter to Editor: Ethics and Science”

  1. Michael I can not agree more. below is an email I sent to the chairman of the bug board and cc to the fda principles.

    Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2015 7:12 PM
    Cc: ; ;
    Subject: guinea pig

    dear jill
    I spoke with you a month or so back presenting my displeasure at becoming a ‘human’ experiment in this gmo bug release. even though you surprised me by saying you also lived in key haven in the release zone and with small children however you had no reservations at all pertaining to this planned release and welcomed it.
    on additional thought and consideration on my behalf I still stand firmly against subjecting myself and family and our community to the unknown and faulty science of gmo’s of any sort. to release millions of these bugs for oxitec’s foothold here in the usa is insanity.

    I for the record loudly proclaim a NO to this frankenstein experiment which in my opinion is not in keeping with the health and welfare of the citizen property taxpayers who support financially your board’s existence.
    I strongly urge you and the board to reconsider and put on the brakes halting this ‘experiment’ and close the door on this misguided tour of the world of gmo’s.


    there is a groundswell of resentment and objection to this bug release but so far unfortunately it seems our voices are being ignored by the bug board and fda on the licensing. this release must be stopped no matter what it takes. I’m all for a court injunction to cease and desist.

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