Dec 232016

THROUGH THE LENS OF A MASTER: Pilchards in the Mud Keys is among the images exhibited at SALT Gallery on 830 Fleming Street in Naturalezas Gemelas: Twins of Nature or featured in a limited edition book by the same name by award-winning photographer Jeffrey Cardenas. The exhibition, which runs throughout the month of December, features photographs of the “sister sanctuaries” of Cuba’s Parque Nacional Guanahacabibes and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and celebrates a conservation accord signed by the United States and Cuba late last year by paying tribute “to the interrelated beauty of the flora and fauna of these two national treasures,” says Cardenas. The limited edition book features 100 images that exhibited last summer in Cardenas’ rare American solo show in Havana’s environmental gallery Sala de la Diversidad. For more information, call 305.896.2980 or visit

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