Feb 172017

Commercial fishermen Alex Osborn, Zane Osborn, their father Tony Osborn, Jose Suarez, Three Hands Fish Market manager Joseph Tresner, commercial fisherman Paul Menta and Mayor Craig Cates.

Mayor Craig Cates has proclaimed February as Know Your Fisherman Month, acknowledging the vital role that our local fishermen play in our economy and our lives.

“The Florida Keys commercial fishermen provide our community and our tourist economy with local, fresh, sustainably-caught seafood,” reads the proclamation, and “Key West’s reputation has been built as the seafood capital of the world.”

On February 22nd, Keys commercial fishermen, restaurant chefs and community members will come together at the Three Hands Fish Market at Ibis Bay to launch the “Who Caught It?” program in appreciation of commercial fisherman.

A group of local commercial fishermen stepped up to receive the proclamation.

“Standing here are our version of our farmers,” said fisherman Paul Menta. “Our fishermen are our farmers.

“We appreciate you buying local fish that comes from here in the Keys,” he said.

He urged diners to, when ordering seafood, ask “Who Caught It?” When you do, said Menta, you’ll receive a baseball card with the face of the local fisherman who caught your meal and you’ll know that you’re supporting local commercial fishermen.

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