Oct 052016


KEY WEST – Key West International Airport will be operating Thursday, but passengers traveling through the airport for the next few days should be aware that there will be flight delays Thursday and potentiallyFriday due to the impacts of Hurricane Matthew moving up the east coast of Florida.

American Airlines has cancelled all flights to and from Miami International Airport for Thursday, Oct. 6.

Silver Airways has cancelled all flights to and from Fort Lauderdale International Airport for Thursday, October 6.

Delta Airlines has not reported any cancellations at this time.

It is highly recommended that passengers contact their individual air carriers for the latest flight information.

Florida Keys Marathon International Airport will be operating Thursday.

Greyhound has advised airport officials that after the 5:45 p.m. bus on Wednesday leaves Key West International Airport there will be no further bus service out of the airport on Wednesday, and there will be no bus service on Thursday.

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