May 192017

An 18 year old Homestead girl was arrested, charged with stealing over $4,000 from her employer, the Winn Dixie grocery store in Tavernier.

The manager of the store met with Deputy Ben Elmore Saturday at 5 p.m. He told the deputy he had completed an internal theft investigation. The suspect, Alyssa Beeler,  was there as well.

The manager said his investigation showed Beeler worked in customer service and was issuing refunds with no customer involved, pocketing the money herself. On several occasions she also allegedly activated gift cards, putting hundreds of dollars on them and pocketing the gift cards. The manager had security camera footage showing the thefts. He also had transaction receipts for all of the transactions.

The deputy spoke with Beeler, who at first admitted to the thefts. As the questioning continued, her story changed several times.

Beeler was arrested. She was charged with stealing $4,647.06 and she was booked into jail.


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