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‘Face of the Man’ taken by George Hodan

by John Donnelly…….

The malfeasant malignancies chronicled in the school district, FKAA, city government, state attorney’s office, KWPD and FDLE et al.; pose serious concerns for many conscientious citizens. Are these foreboding descriptions real, fictitious or imaginary?

The burden associated with incompetency, negligence and criminal conduct; which may be affiliated with the aforementioned agencies, rests squarely on the shoulders of the citizenry that placed and make it possible for these characterless individuals, to be situated and maintained in positions of power and authority.

Shuffling e-mails around, pounding away on keyboards, preaching to the choir and at times issuing idle and anonymous threats, while wringing our hands in angst and regret; will not change nor correct the hard wired political abuses firmly established within agencies of the state. A lightweight response towards actions violating and abridging the delineated rights and liberties set forth in the ‘law of our land’, exacerbates our ineptness as responsible stewards of ‘the dream that was once America’.

Perhaps it’s cathartic to write about troublesome concerns, however, one’s whines and whimpers quickly lose their efficaciousness. Authentically inventorying and assessing the success or lack thereof (results) of tactics and strategies designed to bring about ‘real change’, must be regularly evaluated and accurately appraised.

The malefactors, bandits, fabricators and criminals amongst us are having a field day. Many of these ‘white collar types’ appear to be safe and protected. Free to flourish, enjoy and propagate the fruits of their ill gotten gains; shielded from any credible ‘behavior changing consequences’.

Those that prey upon the public’s trust, futures of our school children, parents, taxpayers, the disenfranchised and welfare of the general public; must be made to ‘feel the burn’ generated by their wrongdoing. Veiled and empty rhetoric cloaked within corrupted instruments of accountability, are feeble and flaccid efforts that will never render a desired result.

Being twirled and spun around by the masters of deception, required to play by their rules, lured by the slight and power of their hands; can cause an individual to become confused and frustrated, as they are misdirected and pointed in the wrong direction, while seeking redress and reconciliation.

Through the deficiencies and ‘dumbing down’ of what should be an “analytically reasoned based education”, many have become blinded and lack the will to develop approaches and methodologies suited to flush out evidence, capable of securing convictions in a court of law.

Cover-ups, systemic misconduct and a rigged judicial system are coming to the end of their road. The finishing touches will be applied when people ‘demand accountability and legitimate change’. Up to this point, many politicians and their disingenuous constituents have spoken of innovation, while doing nothing.

Wrongdoing and evil flourish, when good people do nothing, no matter what the alibis and excuses are for their ineffectiveness. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Wittingly galvanizing, creating and assembling resources that will pragmatically develop sound approaches, which will uncover the type of information necessary to bring decency and fairness back into the systems that govern us, is a noble and just cause that must be attained, if we are to survive as a nation.

Instituting instruction within our public schools that advances a Self-Realized and Self-Actualized curriculum that builds character and integrity within each student; is the type of stimulation that will catapult these children into advanced states of creativity and genius. It will bring about a new day for the governments, institutions and paradigms that employ them. Our evolving nation and the world at large will be skyrocketed into an ‘age of awakening’.

The need to allocate time and resources in catching and clobbering wrongdoers will be significantly decreased. Taxpayer money will be freed to construct world- class learning centers that will educate the ‘complete student’. Decreased levels of anger, violence and thievery will be substituted by substantial increases in compassion, love and kindness.

Not idle promises; for my descriptions are based upon empirical data secured via actual events.

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John Donnelly
John Donnelly, a resident of Key Largo was born, raised and went to high school in the South Bronx. Upon graduation he was awarded several scholarships to college. He chose to enlist in the United Sates Marine Corps. While serving in Vietnam John was wounded in action. He received two meritorious promotions, one during combat. Upon discharge and return to America, John had a difficult time transitioning back into civilian life. He found himself homeless for the next 4 years. As he worked out some troublesome concerns, he began to yearn to make some sense of his experiences via education. He sought and received his GI Bill benefits. He later graduated frpm the University of Miami on the President’s Honor Roll. While working at a Maximum Security Prison Facility for criminally insane adolescents, he earned a Master of Science degree from Florida International University.
More Articles by John Donnelly prior to November, 2014.
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  13 Responses to “Fellow Growlers & Grumblers – Let’s Flip the Script…”

  1. Noble sentiments all Mr. Donnelly. But the State is, by design, a non self correcting, non internally correcting, integer. Change will not occur sans dissolution. But then what? Whatever power inculcates itself into a new paradigm will inevitably descend into a morass of corruption and decadence. It is the human condition, impossible to repress. Remember, power is never innocent.

  2. John, Your rant is warranted. I consider KB only partly right in his analysis. What he says is true, but good government work is also possible. We’ve been here before, and yes, you are right, those who participate in the “democratic” system must be able to understand who is capable of carrying out what is proper for them, something they usually fail at. What you say also highlights something that is happening “mucho” in this election cycle: the justified anger of the electorate is being deflected in the wrong direction, at Mexicans, Moslems, etc., and not where it has to point at, that is, at the white collar crooks responsible for pilfering the nation’s wealth. Thanks John, Jerome

  3. Keysbum,

    Great to hear from you. Appreciate, value and enjoy your introspection and ideas.

    If people, bureaucracies and state employees; including those power brokers working behind the scenes, were exposed to, in whatever way shape or form, to an ideology that brought comfort, decreased stress, hope, peace and poise into their lives; what do you think would happen?
    Furthermore, if these live altering characteristics provided a freeing and liberating relief, never before experienced, would not a change have taken place?

    Would not these results from a “how to live curriculum” based upon Self-Realized and Self-Actualized principles; have the potential to bring about authentic change?

    Now, if some or all of what I suggest is true; the state as such, would be manned by liberated and enlightened individuals.

    This paradigm would provide a ‘revolutionary change’ to the way business is conducted. The notion of ‘government employees’ as “civil servants” would actually become the ‘new standard’.

    Once ‘the people’ got a taste of this improved method of governing they would never settle again, for the ‘power corrupts’ model.

    Again, thanks for your esteemed contributions…

  4. Jerome,

    Your wisdom shared on these pages is valued and appreciated.

    We agree, “good government work is also possible”. Yes, when we have good and enlightened employees and civil servants.

    The ‘justified anger’ you describe, based on my broad and diverse experience, is not being directed at Mexicans and Muslims. The electorate is focused upon failed leadership and policies, along with an ideology that is out of touch, with the realities facing our nation and the world at large.

    Effectiveness–Along with positive and constructive Results & Outcomes, are missing. The ‘people’ are disappointed, frustrated and furious; by the incessant deceptions and prevarications hoisted upon them by leaderless politicians.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your contributions expand my consciousness and direct my focus. Always marvel at their depth and honesty.

  5. John, Where do you think Trump would be today if he didn’t first blame Mexicans and Moslems? ciao, jerome

    • dear jerry
      while you look to ‘blame’ others look to ‘correction’. trump is but a method…..or don’t you see this? hillbillery is same-o-same…..or you don’t see that either? poor jerry rid yourself of that collectivist marxist tear! our country and our u.s. constitution is up for grabs…..or what is left of it currently after all the years of shredding.

  6. Jerome,

    Trump identified a sentiment within the American populace, which demonstrates their extreme displeasure with our failed immigration polices. Some illegals are killing, raping, and committing violent assaults upon our people.There are a plethora of statistics to back this fact up.

    Americans of all stripes; DO NOT LIKE IT…

    Muslims, Irish, Italians, Palestinians, Mexicans, Jews et al., who are violent criminals that do not want to abide by the Constitution of the United States; just perhaps, they should not be granted entrance and provided a pathway to citizenship.

    Thanks for your intelligent commentary, on this unnecessarily sensitive topic.

    Blessings & Respect…

    With all our technological expertise, after our boarders are secure, applicants must be examine to see if violence and jihad, along with an unwillingness to integrate and live by our laws, are a part of their make up…

    • John, Illegal immigration has been a normal part of how our economy works. It is not an accident. I don’t think it is good, mainly because it does not solve the real problem, that is, the poverty of the immigrant donor nations. But it has had basically nothing to do with the angst of mainly the white working class in this country. It has been used as a way to deflect their attention away from those really responsible for their demise, our financial oligarchs. And John, poor immigrants are no more prone to crime than poor Americans. See the relationship? Poor. Peace, Jerome

  7. Jerome,

    Illegal immigration ‘must not’ be a part of how our economy and country works.

    Misrepresenting the success of our economy has become a standard and acceptable practice. Salaries, wages and median income are down. Working Americans want to make “America great Again”.

    Because of the dramatically failed domestic and foreign policy blunders of the last 7 years, citizens again want to find Hope in the message of their leaders.

    Despite the deflection, blame and misdirection; the Truth is out there and the People are catching on.

    Great commentary and insight. Thank you.

  8. wankajm,

    Always appreciate and value your comments. Thank you.

    Individualism vs collectivism…

    Individual rights and liberties guaranteed in our Bill of Rights and Constitution, have nothing to do with the rule of ‘the collective’.

    Terms, words and rhetoric; often times made up to identify and denigrate those unwilling to fall in line with their government overlords; has frequently become the methodology of those unable to substantiate their arguments’ with facts.

    Blessings & Respect

  9. hi john
    just attempting to give our dear jerry some homework for a deeper view of practical philosophical meanings. đŸ™‚ wjm

  10. John, Totally agree, running an economy using illegal immigration is not a good model, BUT! as long as the financial oligarchs push the kind of globalization they want, that is, a globalization that does nothing to include the third world in the bounty, this problem will not go away. So who’s fault is it? As I’ve written before on the immigration subject, this is not an immigration problem, it is a poverty problem. And yes, wages and median income are down, but not because of illegal immigration, Moslems, or terrorism, but because good paying working class jobs have been out sourced to the poverty of the third world. The people falling for the demagoguery of a Donald Trump have been sold out by their own financial oligarchs. And the colossal foreign policy and economic blunders you refer to were instituted by just the same politicians the white working class votes for. Obama has been ineffective trying to right the ship, but mainly because of the insincere opposition of the same politicians who caused the disaster … and Archie Bunker keeps voting for them. Maybe someday they will get it right. Thanks John, Jerome

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