Apr 102015
Poetry Guild

Poetry Guild



Celebrating National Poetry Month, the Key West Poetry Guild and The Studios of Key West offer an evening for the love and sharing of poetry. On April 20 at 7 p.m. the guild takes the stage at 533 Eaton Street, presenting selected works spanning eight decades of poetry (1930s­2015) to honor nine of its deceased (or now absent but historically significant) guild members.

The program, entitled “Dead Poets Speak,” features the works of Robert Frost, who initiated the back yard Sunday poetry salons at the Heritage House, and includes the poetry of Tennessee Williams, who shared his poetry at the Guild Hall on Duval Street in the 70s. Other featured poets are Jody Adams, Elizabeth Bishop, Capt. Edwin “Blinky” Crusoe, Bev Horlick, June Nelson, Capt. Sandy McKinney, Richard Marsh and Carolyn Wonson.

Current Guild members, who will also present two original poems, are Edgardo Alvarado, Nance Boylan, newly named Key West Poet Laureate Rosalind Brackenbury, C.S. Gilbert, Tortuga Jack Hackett, Shawn Maddox and J.M. Varela. The program is free and open to the public.

For more information call (305) 293­ 0902 or email conchsister@yahoo.com.

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