Sep 162017

Photo: Petty Officer 2nd Class, Dustin Williams, USCG District 7

The Coast Guard Captain of the Port reopened the Port of Key West with restrictions,Friday.

The Port of Key West has been closed since September 8 prior to Hurricane Irma crossing the Florida Keys.

The restrictions for the Port of Key West include:

Deep draft vessels may transit from the sea buoy to the Navy Outer Mole Pier, at normal charted depth during daylight hours if they have followed Notice of Arrival requirements
All other areas of the port remain closed to vessel traffic. A safety zone established September 8, is being enforced. No person or vessel will be permitted to enter, transit through , anchor in or conduct cargo operations without obtaining permission from the Captain of the Port
Vessels operating within the open portion of the port are reminded to proceed at a safe speed and be cognizant of potential hazards of navigation. Port assessments are still ongoing and vessels should proceed with caution. Vessel operators are encouraged to report hazards to navigation to Sector Key West at 304-433-3352.

“Coast Guard personnel have been working alongside the U.S Navy, NOAA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA personnel and using specialized equipment to assess and scan the Port of Key West in order to mark and identify all potential hazards to navigation,” said Capt. Jeffrey Janszen, captain of the port and commander, Coast Guard Sector Key West. “Our goal is to fully open the Port of Key West for all navigational needs as soon as possible, but we first have an obligation to ensure safety of the port and vessels in order to protect all marine and maritime interests.”

Mariners can view the latest port updates on the Coast Guard Sector Key West’s Homeport site.

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