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December 21 through December 24, 2017 and

Meet the Artist

11am – 2pm and 7pm – 11pm Daily During the Shows

Stella Stevens calls him a Pop Culture Icon. Debbie Reynolds says Adam is truly gifted with an eye for composition and imagination. Angie Dickinson called him her “Warhol.” Al Pacino stated, upon signing his Scarface painting, that it was the best he had ever seen. Adam has worked with Academy award winners Martin Landau, Ernest Borgnine, Al Pacino, Joan Fontaine, Patricia Neal, and Goldie Hawn. Along with screen legends Jerry Lewis, Burt Reynolds, Angie Dickinson, Tippi Hedren, Stella Stevens, Esther Williams, Kurt Russell, Kim Novak, Debbie Reynolds, Nicholas Cage, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Carrie Fisher, Tim Curry, Stan Lee, William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, Ali Macgraw, Famke Janssen, Loni Anderson, and Barbara Eden. He has a loyal following of collectors including his Royal Highness Abdullah Al-Saud, Turner Classic Movies Vice-President of Talent Darcy Hettrich, veteran television producer and director Karen Grace Cadle, and director George Lucas.

Artist Adam Scott Rote with Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Adam Scott Rote’s early reminiscence of his childhood always involved create and artistic pursuits. An award-winning painter, who early in his career, established his talent by apprenticing with artistic masters in the fields of portraiture, airbrush, realism, and sign painting well before the digital age. Learning several different hands-on techniques. Adam was later able to combine this knowledge to bring a fresh approach to the canvas by working with acrylic, gouache, watercolor pencil, airbrush, and eraser in unison. Painting gradual buildups, like the old and modern masters, with transparent overlays brings forth the breathtaking originals you see today. Which is an extremely labor intensive process that can take months for the original.

His subject matter is constantly evolving from the American Ruins, which launched his gallery career in 2004, to his continued re-imagining of his early inspirations featuring wildlife, musical icons and the nor inspired portraits. In 2008 Adam caught the eye of Hollywood’s legendary stars and their love and admiration has made him the most celebrated and collaborated artist in history.

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