May 262017
Watch for Manatees When Out on the Water

  The summer season has arrived and that can mean crowded conditions on Florida’s waterways. Save the Manatee Club encourages the boating community to watch for manatees when out on the water. “Last year was a record year for manatees killed by watercraft in Florida, and many more manatees suffered injuries from boat strikes,” said Patrick Rose, Save the Manatee Club Executive Director. “Watercraft-related manatee mortality is the leading identified cause of manatee death in Florida.” Manatees usually swim about 3 – 5 miles per [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Wisteria Island: Nature's Champions or Schemers?

by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. Get out of the tent! Joe Sanders had just woken up to deputies yelling orders. As he peers through the slit in his tent his eye suddenly focuses on the barrel of a deputy’s gun 6 inches away and pointed straight at him. Now, according to the federal government, Joe had pitched his tent on public land.

Apr 142017
FWC Provides Tips for Living with Alligators

The American alligator is a conservation success story. Florida has a healthy and stable alligator population, which is estimated at 1.3 million and consists of alligators of every size. They are an important part of Florida’s ecosystem, but should be regarded with caution and respect. During spring when temperatures rise, alligators become more active. Although alligator incidents are rare, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) recommends taking precautions when having fun in and around the water. Alligators inhabit all 67 counties in Florida [continue reading…]

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Mar 312017
Paradise Lost-Paradise Found

by Bob Holzhei……. Six miles out from shore in the waters of the ocean called the Atlantic, aboard a 21-foot Sea Cat center console, the fishing trip of a lifetime began. The anchor was lowered and shrimp were used as bait on the number one long shanked hook. Even though 25-pound Spider Wire was on the open-faced reel either a Mackerel or Barracuda cut the line. Twelve-pound Flora Carbon, a lighter line was more successful in landing fish. Also, used as bait was Ballyhoo, cut [continue reading…]

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Feb 102017
"Marine Zoning Works for Me" Offers Presentations on the Benefits of Marine Zoning in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

The Future of the Florida Keys is in your hands and we want to show you how to make a difference! The health of our marine resources has been in decline for years. The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, responsible for balancing the protection of these natural resources with sustainable use by the public, is currently in the process of deciding how to manage the Sanctuary in the future. We invite you to attend a presentation by Marine Zoning Works for Me to learn more [continue reading…]

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Dec 302016
Oceanside Marina: Bait & Switch

December 30, 2016 by Naja Girard……. He is renowned for his real estate prowess, selling 100-million-dollar hotels in Key West as if they are going out of style: Parrot Key Resort on Roosevelt Boulevard in 2014 sold for $100,000,000 and only 1 year later, in March of 2015, The Marker near Key West Bight sold for $96,250,000). Pritam Singh, dubbed the Donald Trump of the Keys, is now ready to unveil his latest creation: Ocean’s Edge Key West on Stock Island (the old Oceanside Marina). People will say, “It’s [continue reading…]

Dec 162016
Vandenberg Wreck Added in Ocean Maps' Florida App

HOYT S. VANDENBERG IS NOW AVAILABLE AS AN INTERACTIVE 3D DIVE MAP One month after the successful release of Ocean Maps’ Florida Scuba Diving App including more than 60 interactive 3D underwater maps the next highlight is coming: The world-famous wreck of the Vandenberg can be explored virtually now. The Florida Scuba Diving App by Ocean Maps is available in the Google Play and App Store. The USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg served as a navy ship for the United States Armed Forces. After serving, [continue reading…]

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Dec 162016

by Ray Jason…….          It was my very first day in the Archipelago of Bliss, and I sat savoring a meal in a waterfront restaurant.  Even though the food was excellent, what was even better was the fact that I was not bouncing around while I ate it.  After two weeks of sailing here from Key West, it was sublime to be motionless. Before my fish sandwich arrived, a wrinkled, old fisherman rowed up to the restaurant dock in a small cayuco that was hand-carved [continue reading…]

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Dec 162016
Everglades Restoration: Enough Reports / We Need Storage

CISRERP Releases Biennial Review on Progress of Everglades Restoration Palmetto Bay, Fla. – The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Committee on Independent Scientific Review of Everglades Restoration Progress (CISRERP), a non-governmental body charged with providing Congress with independent and objective scientific information, this week released its sixth biennial review on the progress of Everglades restoration. The 2016 findings underscored declarations by more than 200 scientists that critical water storage outlined in the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) is falling far behind what is [continue reading…]

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Dec 092016
Cruises to Cuba with Stop in Key West – Beginning May 2017

Empress of the Seas Cruises to Cuba Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas has been rebuilt with Cuba in mind with special Boleros Salsa Club and an expanded Cigar Lounge. The new itinerary will include a round trip cruise from Tampa to Cozumel with stops in Key West and Havana. On Thursday the company requested dockage reservation for Mallory Square dock for May 21st, 2017, 12:30 – 19:00.

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Dec 092016
Key West Harbor Walk of Lights and the 26th Annual Schooner Wharf Bar & Galley Lighted Boat Parade

Change of Date for the 26th Annual Schooner Wharf Bar & Galley Lighted Boat Parade Due to high winds, the date for the 26th annual Schooner Wharf Bar & Galley Lighted Boat Parade has been moved from Saturday, December 10 to Wednesday, December 14. This Saturday December 12, Wednesday December 14, festively illuminated watercraft, including schooners and small yachts, fishing and pleasure craft, row-boats and skiffs will participate in the 26th annual Schooner Wharf Bar & Galley Lighted Boat Parade. The boats begin parading at [continue reading…]

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Dec 022016
Princess Cruise Lines To Pay Largest-Ever Criminal Penalty For Deliberate Vessel Pollution

Company to Pay $40 Million and Implement Remedial Measures on All Carnival Companies Visiting U.S. Ports During the campaign leading to the Key West Channel dredging referendum, the question of the efficiency of cruise ship waste water system came to the forefront of the debate. After years of litigation, the image of wastewater tanks regularly overflowing into the bilge of the Caribbean Princess is reaching the public. The Caribbean Princess is one of the cruise ships that visits Key West during the winter season. Here [continue reading…]

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Nov 182016
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary to offer Boating Skills Class

The U.S.C.G. Auxiliary Flotilla 13-1 two-day Boating Skills and Seamanship Class will be offered on Saturday, December 3rd and Saturday, December 10th from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center, 33 Quay Rd, Key West. Upon successful completion of the course students will be awarded a certificate which meets the licensing requirements for the State of Florida Boating Education ID card. Instructors include Captain Kathy, Captain Sean and other local Auxiliary members. Before Florida Keys boaters take to the waters, know [continue reading…]

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Oct 212016

The Everglades Foundation will take to the road on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, for a 12-day, 20-city bus tour to urge the President, Congress, and Florida’s elected leaders to move forward with the 16-year–old plan to restore the Everglades, protect Florida’s water and save Florida tourism. “The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan is now 16 years old — old enough to get a drivers’ license – but we still don’t have a critical project – the EAA Reservoir,” observed Everglades Foundation CEO Eric Eikenberg in announcing [continue reading…]

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Oct 212016
Keys Firm Working with FKCC Acquires National Diving Program Certification

  SWC, a local engineering, planning and environmental science firm, has created an official dive program that has received certification by the American Association of Underwater Scientists (AAUS). “This has been a long-term commitment of SWC, to develop a program that addresses diver safety during work activities that meets federal OSHA standards and addresses requirements of many federal and State agencies,” said Sandy Walters, SWC president. “We worked together with Florida Keys Community College to certify our Dive Safety Officer Shawn Martin as an AAUS [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Mayday!! Fishing Boat Lands on Top of Rock Jetty [video]

The U.S. Coast Guard responded early Tuesday morning to a Mayday call on vhf radio sent by fishing vessel “Little Angenette.” About an hour before sunrise the “Little Angenette” missed the entrance to Key West harbor. The captain initially reported that he’d hit a channel marker and was sinking fast.

Jul 012016
County Mayor Heather Carruthers: Get The Facts About the New Florida Keys Stewardship Act

Dear Editor, I don’t know where to begin. I read with incredulity last week’s opinion piece by Mr. Kevin Diaz regarding the Florida Keys Stewardship Act (FKSA). It’s hard for me to comprehend how someone seeking to represent the citizens of Monroe County could so totally misunderstand what the Keys are about and it worries me that he could so totally misread this significant legislation. He has egregiously mischaracterized the Stewardship bill. Let’s start by explaining that there are some unique realities of land management [continue reading…]

May 042016
*DEVELOPING STORY* Commercial Vessel Discharging Gunfire at Another Vessel West of Key West

Wednesday May 4, 2016: Commercial vessel allegedly discharging gunfire at another vessel 40 miles west of Key West, Florida. Reporting vessel is running for safety at top speed. Coast Guard orders all unnecessary personnel on reporting vessel below deck… The incident reportedly began when a recreational dive boat drove through a commercial fisherman’s chum slick while southwest of the Marquesas Keys. Update [from U.S. Coast Guard Miami]: The Coast Guard responded to a report of the discharge of a firearm southwest of Marquesas Key, Florida, on [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Key West's Historic Seaport Welcomes "El Galeon" and "Hōkūle'a"

El Galeon will be at the Historic Seaport through Sunday March 27, tours are from noon to 8:00 pm, tickets: $15.00 Hōkūle’a will be here through noon Friday March 25 [or longer depending on weather] For more information about the El Galeon and the Hōkūle’a visit their websites linked below: Website for El Galeon: Website for Hōkūle’a: DID YOU LIKE THIS STORY?  SUPPORT THE BLUE PAPER Help us continue to bring you local investigative journalism… CONTRIBUTE:

Mar 182016
Polynesian Sailing Ship Hōkūleʻa Will Dock in Key West!

Globe Trekking Canoe To Land in Key West on Wednesday Renowned artist and conservationist Wyland has been added as a guest crew member aboard the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s globe-trekking voyaging canoe, the Hōkūle`a (Ho ku lay a), as it continues on the next leg of its journey from Cuba to Key West Bight Marina. Depending on ocean conditions, the vessel is expected to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday morning. The canoe, along with its sister vessel, the Hikianalia, is traveling over 60,000 nautical miles around [continue reading…]

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Feb 022016
Possible Old Military Device Found Near Knight’s Key

  Something which appears to be an old a military device of some sort was located on Knight’s Key in Marathon today. A man called the Sheriff’s Office at 9:45 a.m. to report finding something he said looked like a “torpedo” in shallow water offshore of Knight’s Key. Sheriff’s deputies evacuated campsites around the location for several hours. The Sheriff’s Office bomb squad responded. A Navy EOD team out of Mayport, Florida also responded and took custody of it. It is unknown at this time [continue reading…]

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Dec 112015
Starving Dog Eats Dead Owner

Medical Examiner: Human Tissue Found in Dog Feces by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. It was 6 months ago.   A local liveaboard boater had made an emergency call to the U.S. Coast Guard in Key West, reporting the gruesome discovery of a man dead inside his sailboat. The scene was not for the faint of heart. The body had been decomposing for days and a severed limb was found on the cockpit floor. Left open was the question of cause of death. Speculation ran wild – fanned by [continue reading…]

Nov 132015
New Trophy To Recognize Young Sailors at Key West Race Week 2016 to be Presented by Sailing World

As a gold-level sponsor of Quantum Key West Race Week 2016, hosted by the Storm Trysail Club, Sailing World Magazine’s editorial team announced today the creation of a new trophy to recognize the most outstanding performance of the regatta’s youngest team. “For the sport to be sustainable we need younger sailors engaged at all levels, not just in junior sailing but also at top-tier events such as Key West Race Week,” Sailing World editor Dave Reed said. “The intent with this trophy is simple: to [continue reading…]

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Nov 062015
It's Manatee Awareness Month!

For Manatee Awareness Month, Save the Manatee Club Introduces New Education Efforts November is Manatee Awareness Month and Save the Manatee Club (Club) is rolling out new education programs to raise awareness and to foster a new generation of manatee conservationists. The Club’s new Livestream Education Program, currently under development, uses Internet technologies to bring information about manatees at Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Florida to school classes worldwide. Hundreds of manatees congregate during the winter months at this beautiful natural fresh-water spring [continue reading…]

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Nov 062015
USDA Axes Webinars on Neonic Insecticide Risks

Topic Deemed “Not Appropriate” for Official Science and Education Programs Washington, DC —Web-based training sessions about powerful new insecticides seeping into some of the continent’s most sensitive wetlands were cancelled by a senior U.S. Department of Agriculture official due to its subject matter, according to documents posted today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). PEER is characterizing the cancellation as another example of USDA interfering with the release of new science-based information about adverse effects flowing from neonicotinoid (“neonics”) pesticides. As a result, growing [continue reading…]

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Oct 162015
WASTEWATER WORRIES: Scientists Say Treatment Plants Are Breeding Grounds For "Super Bugs"

Here in the Keys the debate over what to do with our wastewater often centers around nutrients and their effect on the offshore natural environment.  But, according to scientists that’s just one small part of why this issue is so important. Learn what scientists and engineers already know about wastewater treatment plants and the role they play in the proliferation of life threatening antibiotic resistant ” Super Bugs” and find out about a new project aimed at providing practical solutions to this worldwide problem.  Cleaning [continue reading…]

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Oct 162015
Cleaning Water One Stroke at a Time

  UC Riverside Engineers are Part of a Team that Won an International Design Competition for Creating a Swimsuit that Cleans Water as People Swim. by Sean Nealon……. RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( — A material created by University of California, Riverside engineers is the key component of a swimsuit that won an international design competition for its ability to clean water as a person swims. The reusable material, which they call Sponge, is derived from heated sucrose, a form of sugar. It has a highly porous [continue reading…]

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Oct 022015
'Sundiver Snorkel Tours' Earns Sanctuary’s Blue Star Certification

NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary welcomes Sundiver Snorkel Tours of Key Largo, Florida, as the newest participant in the sanctuary’s Blue Star education and conservation program. The Blue Star program, which recognizes charter companies that commit to training snorkelers and divers in low impact practices, has grown to include 19 operators since it was launched in 2009. Research has shown that education can lessen the impact that snorkelers and divers have on marine ecosystems, because they are more careful to avoid damaging contact with [continue reading…]

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Aug 282015
Scientific Clues Connect the Deep Reefs of Pulley Ridge to Florida Keys

This week, a team of university, state, and federal scientists is exploring a little known deep reef, Pulley Ridge, where spectacular plate coral colonies blanket the seafloor and red groupers actually help create habitat. Scientists believe this ecosystem, which lies 33 miles northwest of the western most boundary of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, serves as a source of invertebrate and fish larvae riding the Loop Current’s easterly and southward curvature from Florida’s coast to the sanctuary. The deepest known photosynthetic coral reef off [continue reading…]

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Jul 312015
Water Quality Disaster: Whistleblower Accuses Department of Health

by Bud Meaker and Arnaud Girard……. A whistleblower claims the Department of Health (DOH) has turned a blind eye for years on thousands of gallons of sewage that has been seeping into Florida Keys waters. “It’s their duty, their legal obligation under Florida Statutes to monitor the performance of all on-site sewer systems in the Keys, but they don’t do it,” said the insider to The Blue Paper, “It makes me sick.” The source asked to remain anonymous, but this is what we have been able [continue reading…]

Jul 242015
The Code of the Sea Gypsy Tribe

by Ray Jason……. This is the conclusion of my short trilogy dealing with the Sea Gypsy Tribe in a post-Apocalyptic scenario. In order to understand it, I would encourage you to take a few minutes and read my two prior installments entitled The Stranger Arrives and The Shattering. ******* Hello again, Stranger. Our medical volunteers have informed me that yesterday, for the first time since your arrival, you were able to speak. That delighted our tribe immensely. However, we were even more pleased to learn [continue reading…]

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