The normal randomness and chaos of everyday life sometimes catches me off guard. To even attempt to make sense of tragedy feels like a form of arrogance. Acceptance is the desired goal when facing the unimaginable, but it’s the process that is hellish. Having children opens up new worlds of bitter-sweet life experience and a portion of our little universe was cracked open and its axis made wobbly by the death of a beautiful young man from our community. His spirit of joie de vivre and sense of humor were his trade marks and death could not have been further from the mind.

His parents are two of the most loving and intelligent people I know and their love for their son and his sister is boundless. They have built a life full of solid friendships and sense of community and are now surrounded by the love they have generated. Their strength astounds me. Continue reading

My Heart Will Be There For All Of You And The Eimers Family

Thanks as always for your great reporting! The Eimers case is still such a sad thing to read about. Such a senseless death at the hands of the KWPD. And to learn the cops deleted a tourist’s video of the murder – no other way to describe it from this layman’s point of view – is very upsetting. I believe the sooner Donie Lee fires the responsible cops, the better. Having known him when I lived there, it is still difficult for me to wrap my head around his condoning this kind of behavior from his officers, and if he doesn’t do something about it, then maybe I have been wrong about him all these years and the city commission should step in and get a new police chief. I hope it doesn’t come to that, because I still want to believe he’s one of the good guys. I hope one day the Eimers family will receive some kind of justice for their father, who only wanted to experience paradise now that he was free to visit Key West. He experienced paradise, all right, and was sent directly to Heaven! I hope you all have the Thanksgiving night candlelight service. I will be unable to drive down for it, but know that my heart will be there with all of you and the Eimers family.

God bless,

Peggy Butler

Walking On Egg Shells…

Dear Editor:

This is my response to the feature story (Nov. 7)  “Charles Eimers Update: Police, Death, and Missing Videotapes” by Arnaud and Naja Girard.

After a cursory reading I’m rather out of breath – such an astonishing codification of events surrounding Key West’s most sickening incident of police violence, which has received national media attention.

After a second scanning I am left with a sense of thankfulness that (1) we have a citizen-authors concerned enough to research and articulate the topic, and that (2) we have a publisher who is willing to challenge Key West’s power base. Without this combo we’re at the mercy of the same sinister and corrupt government styles that thrive in all apathetic societies.  Thank goodness for our First Amendment guarantees of free speech and a free press. Continue reading

For Everything There Is A Season

Dear Editor:

While this is my response to Alex Symington’s Nov. 7 column entitled “Big Picture, Small Pond”, I must say the opening of his first sentence arrested me:  “When I write, my inclination is to focus on national or global big picture issues…”  Well, this so triggered my imagination, that I’m only impelled to address our national and/or global “big picture”.

Robinson Jeffers, Walt Whitman and Carl Sandburg, America’s most prophetic poets, all advocate a cyclic world-view: birth, growth, death, decay and rebirth. These cycles happen generationally, seasonally or on a daily basis – if one believes in microcosms… and, I do.

So, why don’t we realize this cyclic reality on a political level?  Why did Thomas Jefferson say in so many word that there should be a revolution in government every 20 years?  That’s a cycle to be sure. Continue reading

In response to a Sept. 5 column by Alex Symington, “Just Sayin”


I’m concerned about your recent take on the problems of the world.  [“Just Sayin”, Sept 5, 2014] While you concentrate — this time — on the general inequality of all humans, I’d like to point out that’s only a surface issue.

The real problem, it seems to me, is  with people’s predisposition to “me-firstism” and greed, which have and alway will trump all the sad human endeavors on earth, which masquerade as civilization. Maybe that’s why Halloween is so popular — we get a chance to pretend we’re better than we are.

Unbridled egoism and greed has been the bane of our human existence since pre-historic myths to contemporary politics of marginalizing and slaughtering people who impede our lust for self-gratification.  That’s why all the advocates of love, mutuality, and sharing have been executed: it violates the intrinsic, hereditary predisposition toward survival, which is encoded as domination for wealth and power.  All attempts at altering the human condition have failed.  Maybe genetics can remove our greed gene?

No amount of editorial or philosophical speculation can alter that fact.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em is the mantra of the self-interested optimists on this planet. Nevertheless, I cast my early voters ballot for the lesser of two evils.


John N. Gish Jr.

Key West

Concerns For Keys Foster Children

Dear Editor,

The Monroe County Jail Website reported that a 49-year-old male was arrested for two felonies of “Battery or Domestic battery by strangulation, and Kidnap-False Imprisonment – Adult” at 1621 Spalding Court, Key West on November 4, 2014. This male has a multi-Monroe County arrest record.

Most caring Floridians wouldn’t know that under this four-apartment-Spalding-Court roof are 14-licensed-beds for foster children by the Department of Children and Families.

When will DCF remove this institutional foster children’s license that is surrounded by homeless male adults that many are transitioning out of jail and the 38-bed living facility for homeless adults living with serious mental illness?

Mike Sawyer

Master of Divinity

B.S., Social Science

Denver, CO 80221

References– Continue reading

Money is Available for a Top Notch Sewer System / Enough is Enough…

We are Monroe County. We are the people. Many of us have served the visitors, tourists and winter residents one way or another over the years. Without us there is nothing. We pay the taxes, we bring in the money. We are the reason the money is available for a top notch Central Sewer System. The money is not for other projects. How dare these arrogant people assume that a dozen or so should benefit and the rest of us pay the price as they break the law, break peoples spirits and destroy the environment and everything we have worked so hard for. It is time to get the people who don’t care about what we want out of here. It is time to get the people working on their own agenda out of here. Those of you who have payed attention have a good idea what is going on. Remember this when you vote. Enough is enough…………………….

Susan Marburger,

Summerland Key


Mosquito thumbnail

How do you know if you are getting value from a public utility or taxing district that is not regulated by a Public Service Commission?  Over the last few years that question has been asked by many regarding the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD).  The answer has always been that the FKMCD is the most advanced, effective and admired agency of its kind in the US!  The Management and some Board members have worked hard to convince us that they are both operationally and cost effective in performing their function.  It is generally difficult to prove that this is not the case; however, recently the free market has demonstrated just how expensive our service in the Florida Keys really is.  Continue reading

Incredulous! Is This The Same Pablo Rodriguez?


I was incredulous when I saw the photo of Key West Police Chief Donnie Lee smiling and shaking hands with Sgt. Pablo Rodriguez, honoring Rodriguez for his fifteen years of service. Is this the same Pablo Rodriguez involved in the Charles Eimers case? Is this the same Pablo Rodriguez video recorded enthusiastically assisting fellow officer Mark Siracuse in the illegal public anal cavity search of Glenn Hanes in Bahama Village? Is this the same Pablo Rodriguez that cost the tax payers of Key West $ 287,500 in an out-of-court settlement for intimidating a fellow officer that refused to destroy video evidence of Officer Rodriguez intentionally driving his cruiser into a suspect on a bicycle?

There seems to be a lot of damage control “honoring” by Chief Lee lately. Credibility of and faith in the KWPD is rapidly diminishing and that is tragic for a community that calls itself one human family.

Alex Symington  

Key West

Speaking For Monroe County’s Most Vulnerable Kids

Dear Editor,

The Key West Golf Course community of 350 members is screaming to the City of KW that they will do whatever it takes to stop the possible construction of a nearby homeless shelter. In a published letter the KWGC expressed that it would be reckless and dangerous to create the shelter near their KWGC residential community, a grade school, a college, hospital, senior residential home, and businesses. (An open letter to Mayor Cates and City of KW Commissioners—The Blue Paper )

Now, I want to speak for those in KW without voices that have been placed in a “reckless and dangerous” place for years. From 2008 to 2013, my wife and I were house parents for the two Department of Children and Families’ licensed foster homes in the Poinciana apartments of Key West that are sandwiched directly between two institutions for homeless adults. (See children shelters address @ 1621 Spalding Court, Key West, FL ) Continue reading