Mar 242018
HOB School Safety Update

by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. The School District has finally provided The Blue Paper with copies of its “policies and protocols” regarding gun related incidents. It took 5 weeks and the threat of criminal prosecution under the Florida public records law… ~~~~ HOB school administrators had justified the apparent disparate treatment of two students by referencing a “zero-tolerance policy” on guns that even includes colorful plastic toy guns. We wanted to read for ourselves whether that “toy gun zero-tolerance policy” was real or merely a [continue reading…]

Mar 112018

by M. R. Willison……. (Seattle: Lake Union Publishing, 2018) In a dramatically cinematic opening, this latest of Rosalind Brackenbury’s beautiful novels begins in a part of Paris transformed into a move set an earlier 1950s. Like Brackenbury’s previous novel, “The Third Swimmer,” the novel is not only set in France, but it too uncovers an English family mystery. There is a conundrum—in fact, several–to be solved. true of any novel, of course, but this is about a family, aux Mystère Frontenac of Mauriac. The narrator, [continue reading…]

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Mar 112018
Review of Gildea Gallery Current Show

by Malcolm R. Willison……. Another fine show at the Gildea Gallery, 552 Southard, opened on February 26, with the two featured artists in attendance, and the show will continue during March. Its focus is on Nancy Tankersley’s wide selection of sensitive portraiture and figurative paintings, in strong, contrasting colors, and on The Studios of Key West artist-in-residence Jean Pederson’s striking range of coloring and approach. Interestingly, both have been much influenced, they say, by their introduction to Key West’s light and its rich panoply of [continue reading…]

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