Feb 062015
Fantasy Financing

by JD Adler…… As pressure continues to mount on the Key West City Commission to find a way to reform Fantasy Fest, the details of its operations start to come under greater scrutiny. Included under the looking glass are its marketing decisions, the relationship with The Bahama Village Goombay Festival, and general financing. The Key West Friends of Fantasy Fest have been taking the lead on critiques of the marketing of Fantasy Fest; requesting an approach more focused on creative costuming rather than an “adult [continue reading…]

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Oct 312014
Ebola: Are We Ready?

by Naja and Arnaud Girard “What do you think? Of course we are preparing for the possibility of the Ebola virus.” That was Randy Detrick last Tuesday. Detrick is the PR Director for Lower Keys Medical Center.  What The Blue Paper wanted to know was whether our local hospital has the necessary isolation units and whether it is stocked with the full protective gear which could have saved Dallas hospital nurses Nina Pham and Amber Vinson from contracting the Ebola virus. Detrick promised a written [continue reading…]

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Aug 082014
The Keys' Dirty Little Secret

by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. According to some irritated homeowners, two lower Florida Keys sewage treatment plant operators are playing dirty tricks in their permit applications to inject over a million gallons a day of sewage into shallow injection wells on Cudjoe Key and Stock Island. They claim that FKAA is using unrealistic old data projections from 2008, advertised it’s legal notices to Monroe County residents in Lee and Broward Counties and would have you believe that “we drink water worse than we‘re producing with Advanced [continue reading…]

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Jul 182014
Goombay:  Another Betrayal?

by Arnaud and Naja Girard Conspiracy theories are running wild over the City Commission’s decision to give control of the African-Caribbean Goombay Festival to a group dominated by white businessmen.  “This decision was a slap in the face,” says Glenwood Lopez. He is Chairman of a group supported by eleven Bahama Village non-profit organizations that came together to reclaim the event. “They took away the 6.6 acres and now it’s Goombay,” says David, a resident of Bahama Village. One belief is that the decision was somehow [continue reading…]

Mar 282014
Some Burning Questions About Offshore Islands

by Naja and Arnaud Girard Sore throats, red eyes, Old Town storeowners worried about the smell of smoke on their garments, sailboats evacuated… One way or another a lot of people were affected last week by the fire raging on Wisteria Island.  The Key West Fire Department had given up the fight on Monday and the fire continued on, burning through trees for six days.  In the end the flames were extinguished only after a group of volunteers took the matter into their own hands [continue reading…]

Mar 072014
Sunken Tug Tilly Could Cost Half-Million Dollars!  Why Was Nothing Done?

by Naja and Arnaud Girard The storm forecasted for Thursday of last week arrived during the night.  For those who knew of the Tug Tilly, the gusts of wind unraveling through the trees on the island meant that a few miles offshore, in the dark of night, completely exposed to the waves building against the tide, the abandoned tugboat would probably meet with the end of its voyage. What was going to happen was no secret.  In rough seas the tug would soon start shoveling [continue reading…]

Nov 012013
Simonton Street Trailer Park Update: "Dear Pope Francis..."

Every night after work, after the landlord had gone home, ‘M’ snuck back into her locked up trailer with no electricity and no water and slept in there.  She knew how to get in and leave no trace.  She would then beg a shower off her neighbor in the am before leaving again for work. The above account is the ‘inside scoop’ delivered to us by another tenant who is taking part in the great “relocation program” established for those being evicted from the Simonton [continue reading…]

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