Jan 162015

by Naja and Arnaud Girard The worst picture you could ever imagine of your car would probably be the one where it’s stopped in the middle of the highway, at night, with the handlebars of a bicycle sticking out from beneath your tires. “I didn’t see him. A guy on a scooter just started yelling at me….So I looked over there.” the driver told us. He said he just heard the kid bump the car and out of the darkness a shirtless kid went tumbling and [continue reading…]

Jan 162015
Last Minute Moratorium Saves Offshore Islands From Deregulation

by Naja and Arnaud Girard The elephant was back in the room during last Wednesday’s County Commission meeting. Its name is Wisteria Island, but everyone pretended they were innocently debating the issue of restrictive development on offshore islands without ever mentioning the $100 Million + aspirations that Roger Bernstein has for the famous desert island in Key West harbor. What had occurred was a remarkable exercise in special interest maneuvering followed closely by counter measures made by opponents. Let us explain. The County has spent over [continue reading…]

Jan 162015
Cuba Abierto

by JD Adler After confirmation of the release of 53 political prisoners earlier this week, the US  Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) published official amendments to its Cuban regulations today. This publication, in turn, arrives just one week prior to the Assistant Secretary of State heading to Havana to discuss potentially re-opening the US embassy there. For airlines, travel agents, telecom companies, banks and Cuban citizens, these changes are tremendously beneficial. For anyone else, little has changed.  The White House is [continue reading…]

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Jan 162015

by Dennis Reeves Cooper This is a followup to my letter to the editor that was published last week. It was in reference to the massacre of eight employees at a small newspaper in Paris by Islamic terrorists. The newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, which specializes in satire, had published cartoons that made fun of the Prophet Muhammad. Reportedly, however, the newspaper’s editors are equal opportunity satirists, routinely ridiculing powerful people in government and business as well as political, corporate, social– and religious organizations. All religious organizations, [continue reading…]

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