Dec 262014
What is Normal Anyway?

by JD Adler Recently I was sitting in a local restaurant, with the editorial board of KWTN, when one of our breakfast neighbors suggested an article about how Key West culture has gone so far afield there is no sense of “normal” anymore. Then he went on to list a series of anecdotes that he found upsetting primarily because they were dismissed by people as, “that’s just Key West,” without consequence for their actions.

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Dec 262014

by Alex Symington Wow. In just a few days since my essay on Dick Cheney, sociopaths and torture in last Friday’s Blue Paper, a segment of the American people has been polled and the polls have indicated torture to be an acceptable practice.

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Dec 262014
Police Endangering Police

by Rick Boettger The recent assassination of two innocent New York cops by a crazy man who wanted revenge for the killing of Eric Garner by other New York officers has appropriately outraged the nation. No one defends the revenge killing. I hope and pray nothing like it happens again.

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Dec 262014
Thank You Citizen Review Board!

Thank you, Tom Milone, Joe Pais, Robert Cintron and the CRB for taking the action you did to involve the DOJ in the Charles Eimers case and the Matthew Murphy case! Finally, these two families might get some justice in the deaths (might as well say Matthew is deceased, since he is described as being in a vegetative state, a place of no viable brain activity) of their loved ones. I know Tom has been trying to get the CRB to take action for a while [continue reading…]

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Dec 262014
Return "Casa Cuba" [the San Carlos] to the Cuban People!

To the Editor: Predating the Spanish-American war, the city of Key West has long enjoyed a special relationship with the people of Cuba. Cuban expatriates fleeing Spanish domination of their island established the San Carlos in Key West. Famed patriot, freedom fighter and poet Jose Marti appeared and spoke there often, helping to raise awareness of and money for the Cuban fight for Independence. He called the San Carlos “Casa Cuba.” Years later Fidel Castro and a small band of rebels grew in size and strength to finally, in 1959, overthrow [continue reading…]

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Dec 262014
The Deep Well Debate:  An Open Letter to the BOCC

The following letter was sent to the named public officials on December 18, 2014 To: Mayor Danny Kohlage; Mayor Pro Tem Heather Carruthers; Commissioners Sylvia Murphy, George Neugent, and David Rice Copy to: County Manager Roman Gastesi; and County Attorney Bob Shillinger Additional Copy to: Kirk Zuelch, FKAA Executive Director; Robert Feldman, FKAA General Counsel; Fred Springer, FKAA counsel; Diana Lee Davis, counsel for Sugarloaf Shores Property Owners’ Association and Cudjoe Gardens Property Owners’ Association From: Caron Balkany, Esq. By email Re: Cudjoe Regional Wastewater Treatment [continue reading…]

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Dec 262014
School District Partners With <Monroe /> COMPUTE$

The Monroe County School District participated in the Hour of Code which is a global movement to reach tens of millions of students in over 180 countries. The Hour of Code is a one hour introduction to computer science where the basic components of coding are introduced.

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