Feb 242018
HOB Coverup: KWPD Chief Reportedly Furious...

HOB Coverup: KWPD Chief Reportedly Furious… Decides To… by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. Confidential sources inside HOB (Key West’s Middle School) told The Blue Paper that a student was reported for having made very explicit death threats but that no action was taken. That student, they claimed, benefited from special protection, both from school administrators and from KWPD. The Blue Paper obtained a screen grab of an image showing the student pointing a gun at the camera; a caption read: “[I’m] gonna bust a cap [continue reading…]

Feb 242018
Why Pay for Anything That's Free?

by Rick Boettger……. Air is free.  Water is almost free. The Blue Paper has been free for 20+ years.  Why do we want you to pay us for it now? So far, only a small percentage of our readers are contributing, so far less than a hundred.  Please, do not stop reading here if you are not among them.  I’m NOT going to guilt-trip or even ask any of you for your money.  I want to ask those who do contribute why they do so, [continue reading…]

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Feb 242018

  by Bert Sise……. To the Editor, The events of this past week have proven, without question, the power of money! NRA money to be specific. If I hear one more politician say “thoughts and prayers”, I might have to be restrained!!! What can we do? For one thing we can ask every candidate what their stance is on the issue and if they have taken money from the NRA. We can also make sure we vote out of office every one of the “now [continue reading…]

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