Feb 112018
Bizarre but True 'Undying Love' to Debut in Key West on Valentine's Day

BUY TICKETS: tskw.org In 1930s Key West, a man who called himself “Count von Cosel” fell in love with a terminally ill girl named Elena Hoyos. Her death was the start of a bizarre but true love story that unfolds for theater fans in “Undying Love: A Key West Musical,” debuting on Valentine’s Day at The Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton St. Both macabre and darkly humorous, the stranger-than-fiction musical saga was written by Key West author and musician Ben Harrison. Harrison previously penned a nonfiction [continue reading…]

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Feb 042018
Kathy Reitzel's Pain and Suffering

by Rick Boettger…….. Kathy’s Reitzel’s long whistleblower lawsuit against the School District is coming to a head. There was a blip in a preliminary hearing on whether she could claim non-economic damages, that is, pain and suffering, emotional distress, etc. (hereinafter “suffering”). The school board’s hired, expensive outside attorney, Michael Burke, succeeded with a deft plan to block non-economic damages.  In what at first was a bit of a surprise, in the pre-trial hearing in early February, he admitted for the first time in the [continue reading…]

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Feb 042018
Animal Control: Corruption or Stupidity?

by Margaret Blank……. The image above is a screen shot from the Florida Inspectors General website.  Is the Florida Keys Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (FKSPCA) over-charging the taxpayers to run the Marathon shelter?  Sure looks that way. Are county officials benefiting somehow?  There’s no smoking gun, but documents that would shed light on how much it cost the previous operators to run the shelter are mysteriously unavailable.  And the state attorneys office has made it abundantly clear they cannot be bothered to properly look [continue reading…]

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Feb 042018
Over-Development To Begin

by John Donnelly……. Monroe County Commissioners, County Administrator Roman Gastesi & Planning Director Mayte Santamaria are on the verge of executing a plan that will end life as we know it in our beloved island homes, neighborhoods and communities. My message to them is as follows: I’m at the Miami VA and unable to attend this important meeting. I adamantly oppose and will do all within my power to resist these specious, fallacious and unconstitutional changes under consideration that will destroy our way of life [continue reading…]

Feb 042018
Blue Collar Review. Vol. 21, Issue 1 (2917)

by Kirby Congdon……. Editors often put their best material near the front of their productions to catch the attention that is most worth it. Was this happening in the current Blue Collar Review? The poem on page 2, “Jackie Kennedy’s Hats” by Robert Cooperman out there in Denver is clear and memorable. When Jackie loses her hat as the President is shot, the poet’s father, a hat maker, responds, “There goes my business.” The poem ends this way: “…Dad couldn’t help but love Kennedy’s beautiful [continue reading…]

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Feb 042018
We and FEMA Swindled Out of Millions—Maybe You Too?

by Rick Boettger……. Well, Homeland Security finally got back to me on my post-Irma FEMA swindle. In brief, 250,000 cases like mine this year in FEMA disaster areas see crooks steal just enough of your identity to claim a FEMA benefit on your behalf, and have it sent to THEIR bank account—in my case, $500. I found out about this in October when a nice fellow knocked on our door one morning.  Boy, was he glad to find us, because he had called five times [continue reading…]

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Feb 042018
"Treatment We Associate With Regimes We Revile as Unjust ..."

by Thomas L. Knapp……. On January 29, US District Judge Katherine B. Forrest ordered the release of immigrant rights activist Ravi Ragbir from pre-deportation detention. Ragbir, who came to the US from Trinidad in 1991 and got his “green card” in 1994, has been fighting deportation over a fraud conviction since 2006.  Earlier this month, while checking in with immigration authorities to renew his annual extension, he was detained and jailed. Ragbir’s is an interesting and compelling story, but this column is about Forrest and [continue reading…]

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Feb 042018
Protectionism: Trump's Tariff-ic Attack on Your Wallet

by Thomas L. Knapp……. On January 22, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer fired the first shots of the Trump administration’s 2018 trade agenda: Tariffs of 30% on imported solar panels, and tariffs starting at 20% on imported residential washing machines. In the name of “protecting” jobs — “America First!” — the administration is dead-set on making you poorer. Yes, the tariffs may benefit a few people (stockholders and employees of American solar panel and washing machine makers), if foreign governments  don’t retaliate in kind and [continue reading…]

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Feb 042018
#ReleaseTheMemo -- And Then Some

by Thomas L. Knapp……. On January 29, the US House Intelligence Committee voted to publicly release a four-page memo on the “Russiagate” inquiry, authored by committee chair Devin Nunes (R-CA).  Republican sources tell The Hill  that the memo alleges “‘shocking’ surveillance abuses” by the Department of Justice. By the time you read this, we’ll  all know much of the memo’s contents, as President Trump has reportedly signed off on the decision to release it with redactions. While the memo may be a bombshell, whats more [continue reading…]

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Feb 042018
Save the Date - Commissioner Margaret Romero's Community Meeting

Please save the date and join me for another of our community meetings. Commissioner Romero Community Meeting Tuesday, February 20 Marriott Beachside Hotel 6:00 PM  Agenda  will be sent out approximately 1 week prior to the event If you want a particular topic included, please let me know. As with previous meetings, this one is targeted to last 1 hour. You are welcome to share this note with others – all in the city are welcome. You are encouraged to participate with your questions and suggestions. [continue reading…]

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