Nov 172017
December Featured Poet: Arida Wright

Arida Wright, President of Powerlines Healing by the Sea Ministries lives her philosophy of self-empowerment, which for her is a lifelong mission of spirituality. She is a Minister of Metaphysics and a Traditional Reiki Master. Arida is a columnist with Key West The Newspaper (The Blue Paper). Her work has also been published in the Key West Citizen. An example of Arida’s poetry will be featured in Key West Laureate, Flower Conroy’s upcoming anthology entitled Poets in the Garden, published through a grant by the Anne McKee Fund. Arida began writing poetry in the sixth grade and became involved with the Key West Poetry Guild by reading an original [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
ETHICS VIOLATIONS / Commissioner Carruthers: "Flabbergasted!"

“….a hundred thousand dollars does sound like a lot of money to a lot of people . . .” by Rick Boettger……. County Commissioner Heather Carruthers had the grossest amount of financial misreporting, at $7,427,421, and an additional 138 errors of form between 2012—2015. But before we get into the continuing grim recitation of the details of our county commissioners’ 700+ form errors plus over $15 million dollars in misreported financials, something was brought to my attention that offers a rare splash of humor.

Nov 102017
Veterans Day: "Appropriate Homage"

by Thomas L. Knapp……. In 1926, a concurrent resolution of the US Congress held it “fitting that the recurring anniversary of [the armistice which brought World War One to an end] should be commemorated with thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed to perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations …” In 1938, Congress enshrined November 11 of each year as an American holiday “dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be hereafter celebrated and known as ‘Armistice Day.’” Somewhere between 15 and [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Veterans Reclaim Armistice Day, Warn Against War with North Korea

Veterans For Peace Send Letter to Trump and Kim Jong-un People’s Peace Treaty with North Korea Signed by Thousands St. Louis, MO.  This weekend, veterans all around the U.S. will celebrate Veterans Day by reclaiming the original November 11holiday, Armistice Day, which marks the end of World War I.  Veterans, family members and supporters in at least 30 U.S. cities will march in Veterans Day parades, hold vigils to remember all who have died in U.S. wars, and solemnly ring bells on “the eleventh hour of the eleventh [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Understanding FEMA Verified Loss

ORLANDO, Fla. – You may be eligible for FEMA help to restore your home to a safe, sanitary and functional condition following a disaster, if you don’t have insurance coverage – or if you have received an insurance settlement that is less than the cost to make your home habitable. FEMA assistance is not the same as insurance. Assistance only provides the basic needs for a home to be habitable. Once you register for assistance, FEMA is required to verify losses to determine your eligibility for [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Historian Tom Hambright to Receive 2017 Scotti Merrill Preservation Award at Key West Art & Historical Society “Back In Time” Fundraiser

The Key West Art & Historical Society is honored to announce Tom Hambright as this year’s Scotti Merrill Preservation Award recipient and will celebrate him at their annual “Back In Time” fundraiser on Wednesday, November 29 from 5:00pm – 10:00pm, a festive, themed costume event that supports the building’s ongoing preservation needs. The official county historian is considered one of the foremost preservationists of Key West history, known for his encyclopedic memory and historic storytelling.  He came to Key West “courtesy of the US Navy,” assigned as a [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
A Look at Florida 60 Days after Hurricane Irma

Florida continues making efforts toward recovery from Hurricane Irma’s severe impact on the entire state – spanning 65,755 square miles from Pensacola on the west end of the Panhandle, Jacksonville on the east coast, south to Key West. Affected communities and disaster survivors are repairing and rebuilding better, stronger and safer with the help of neighbors, friends, family members, voluntary groups, faith- and community-based organizations and local, county, state and federal governments. Recovery takes the whole community. The following are highlights of the progress made [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION’S Disaster Assistance Loan Program

In the wake of hurricanes and other physical disasters, the government entity almost always front and center is the Federal Emergency Management Agency – or FEMA ; But there is another agency that works hand-in-hand with FEMA, helping businesses, homeowners and renters with low-interest disaster loans. Many people are not aware of the U.S. Small Business Administration and the assistance SBA offers. If a business has sustained damage from Hurricane Irma – whether it is physical damage, economic damage or both, then SBA could be [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Abnormally High Tides Since Spring Solstice / What about you?

by Dr. Larry Murray……. The king tides are abundantly clear in the canal behind our home on Big Pine Key. However, that is nothing new. We have had exceptional high tides all summer, at least since the Spring Solstice. I do not know what is going on, but it concerns me. There is no indication that the tide in my canal is going to return to “normal”, 3-6″ lower than the current state of affairs. I wonder how many others are having a comparable experience.

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Nov 102017
The JFK Assassination: A Summary of Key Points and Theories

by Ben Volpian……. In remembrance of the anniversary of the JFK assassination [November 22, 1963], I present a summary of key points and theories, of which some findings are new and brought to light after decades of research and the use of state-of-the-art technology: 1) The Magic Bullet Theory that a single bullet hit both JFK and Gov. Connally has been proven to be entirely possible. The jump seat that Gov. Connally was sitting in was actually to the left of JFK and lower and [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Twilight of the Clods

by Kim Pederson……. Last Friday marked the blockbuster opening of the blockbuster weekend of the blockbuster film Thor: Ragnarok. I won’t go into the intricacies of the movie’s plot other than to say it involves something called the Infinity Stones, Thor being imprisoned by a fire demon and then escaping, and then all hell breaking lose for the Norse god and friends. The latter phrase, “all hell breaking lose,” sums up Ragnarok, an event many Thor fans probably were unfamiliar with before the film drew attention [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Florida Hate Crime Coalition Urges Senate Committee Chair To Hear Hate Crime Bill, Launches Online Petition

Boca Raton – The Florida Hate Crime Coalition (FHCC) recently sent a letter to Senator Randolph Bracy, Chair of the Florida Senate’s Criminal Justice Committee, urging him to agenda SB 588 for a hearing before the Committee, and it launched an online petition for Floridians to contact the Senator about the bill. SB 588 would strengthen Florida’s current hate crime statute by fixing critical gaps in the law. The letter advises Senator Bracy that “[c]ountering the hate and violence on display in Gainesville, Charlottesville, VA and other [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Keeping Track

Keeping Track I try to cross the tracks as the engineer honks his horn. “Get out of the way,” he calls. I watch my step to arrive upright on the other side. “You don’t count,” the engine warns. “I know,” I, resigned, respond. Safely on the other side, I feel the rush of wheels roll on by. The engine, disappearing, cries, “Count, count, count. Count, count, count. “Next time, stand your ground, “Only heroes overcome this trip’s sound “of Grind, grind, grind.” When the tracks [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Key West Art & Historical Society Distinguished Speaker Series Guest Rick Smith to Share Colorful History of Florida’s Past at Tropic Cinema

On Thursday, November 16 at 6:00pm, Key West Art & Historical Society welcomes Distinguished Speaker Series guest Rick Smith at the Tropic Cinema where he is to present a multimedia showcase of his late father’s works, entitled, “Patrick Smith’s Florida is a Land Remembered.” The author of seven novels and nominated three times for the Pulitzer Prize, Patrick Smith is considered Florida’s “literary ambassador.” Rick Smith presents an unforgettable multimedia show about his father and the experiences that led him to write his novels, with special [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Young Entrepreneur Appearing on ABC's Shark Tank Speaks to Monroe County Schools Students

MONROE COUNTY, Fla. – Founder and CEO of Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces, Jack Bonneau spoke to students at Horace O’Bryant School, Key Largo School, Plantation Key School, and Sugarloaf School to offer advice and words of encouragement. The 11-year-old entrepreneur spoke to more than 1,600 students recently to give them advice on how to thrive in the marketplace. He shared lessons he learned from beginning his own lemonade stand and words of encouragement post Irma. The 7th-grader from STEM Lab School in Colorado said MCSD students [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Sheriff Awards Deputies for Saving Lives

Three deputies received Sheriff’s Medals for lifesaving at an employee awards ceremony held on Friday. Deputies Jean Gonzalez, Ignacio Molina and Dave Campbell received the awards; Deputy Gonzalez was actually honored twice for saving two lives in recent months. Deputy Campbell could not be present at the ceremony to accept, but all of the award recipients will receive a letter of commendation and a ribbon to wear on their uniforms. Deputies Jean Gonzalez and Ignacia Molina were honored for their swift and crucial actions when responding [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Sheriff Receives Recognition for 30 Years of Service

Sheriff Rick Ramsay received a plaque in recognition of his 30 years of service to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at an employee awards ceremony on Friday. Former Sheriff Rick Roth presented the award. Sheriff Ramsay began his career with the Sheriff’s Office upon graduation from the Florida Keys Institute of Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Academy in November of 1987. He has worked in almost every area of the Sheriff’s Office since then, including patrol, investigations, special operations and corrections. He ran for Sheriff and was [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Health Department Releases Two Premier Health Guides Featuring Monroe County

The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County is happy to showcase the release of two booklets:  Monroe County Community Health Almanac and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).  Both are available at  Limited hard copies are available at the Gato Building in Key West. Monroe County Community Health Almanac:  this 40-page document provides reader-friendly information about conditions that impact the health of the Florida Keys as a community and the myriad of interrelated factors that influence these conditions.  The almanac also describes the components that [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Key West Art & Historical Society Offers In-Depth Look at “Overseas to the Keys: Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railway” Exhibit During Curator-Led Tour

On Wednesday, November 15 from 10am -11am, Key West Art & Historical Society Curator Cori Convertito, Ph.D., will offer a special curator-led tour of the newly renovated Key West Art & Historical Society Custom House Museum exhibit “Overseas to the Keys: Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railway.” The permanent exhibit celebrates an important part of Florida Keys history and the incredible engineering feat that joined mainland Florida to Key West— an overseas train they said couldn’t be done. Convertito will guide guests through a detailed look at some of [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
South Florida Symphony Orchestra - Mozart Meets Hemingway & Siudy Flamenco Soiree Concert

The South Florida Symphony Orchestra kicks off the 20th Masterworks Season with a Soiree at the Ernest Hemingway House on December 14, 2017 followed by a Concert on December 16, 2017 brim full of diverse music and internationally acclaimed artists.  At the Soiree, immerse in the writings of Hemingway as the Symphony brings to life four of his beloved stories in the four movements of the Grammy Award winning Tales of Hemingway.  Music Director Sebrina Maria Alfonso presents: Zuill Bailey, cellist extraordinare and Grammy Award winner, performing the Grammy Award winning Tales [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Buddy Poppy Days

Key West Mayor Craig Cates, during this week’s City Commission meeting, proclaimed November 7 – 11 as Buddy Poppy Days, in honor of Veterans of Foreign Wars. The poppy has been named the official memorial flower for Veterans of Foreign Wars, as it represents the blood shed by American Service members. Since 1922, the VFW has been making and distributing these symbolic reminders to reiterate that the VFW will never forget their sacrifice. With Veteran’s Day approaching, members of the VFW will be distributing them around town. [continue reading…]

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Nov 102017
Winners of the 4th Annual Sugarloaf Showdown

26 boats, 60 people, 3 days of fishing Benefiting our Community After an exciting 3 days of fishing around picturesque Sugarloaf Key, points were tallied and stories were told, and victory was determined. Everyone was happy and healthy at the end, which makes us all winners, but some also received awards and acclaim as well. The Tournament: This three-day, catch and release tournament is always open to all anglers and is a fundraising event for the Guides Trust Foundation which supports local guides. This year, 26 [continue reading…]

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