Oct 272017
County Commissioners' Ethical Problems Get Worse

Taxpayers to Pay Up to $50k to Help Them Fill Out Simple Form by Rick Boettger……. News break—I just received a copy of Mark Herron’s contract from an attorney in County Attorney Bob Schillinger’s office.  Herron will get $300/hour plus expenses to vet not only the Commissioners’ but their “employees,” whoever that includes, but “. . .do not exceed $49,999.99.”  They say this is authorized by Section 2-58(b)(3) of the county code.  I, and if necessary my Harvard lawyer, will take a close look at [continue reading…]

Oct 272017
FEMA Rental Assistance Information for Irma Survivors and for Homeowners Who Want to Rent to Survivors

Hurricane Irma left many people without homes in the Florida Keys. Some of the displaced people have received or have been approved for FEMA rental assistance grants, which cover the first two months. Monroe County’s Irma housing task force worked with FEMA to increase the “continued” rental assistance provided to disaster survivors. FEMA recently approved rental assistance of a cap up to 300 percent the FY 2018 Fair Market Rent Figures, beginning in the third month – and provided the disaster survivor continues to meet FEMA [continue reading…]

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