Oct 132017
Four County Commissioners Fined for Sixteen Ethics Violations

by Rick Boettger……. All four admitted violating their sworn financial reporting requirements for the years 2012-2015. David Rice was fined $1,500 for each year; Heather Carruthers and Danny Kolhage, $1,250; and Sylvia Murphy, $1,000 for a total of $19,000 in fines, levied by the Florida Commission on Ethics. In addition, all hired lawyers to meet with the Commission’s investigator and, as I will discuss next week, help them prepare their amended Form 6X’s for all four years, 2012—2015. That was likely more expensive than the [continue reading…]

Oct 132017
Irma Preliminary Damage Assessment: 675 Destroyed and 583 Major Damage

Monroe County has completed a Preliminary Damage Assessment of residential structures in unincorporated Monroe County due to Hurricane Irma. The Preliminary Damage Assessment results estimate the following: 3,884 unaffected structures; 10,009 affected structures (this can include just landscaping damage); 2,739 minor affected structures; 583 majorly affected structures; and 675 destroyed structures These preliminary damage assessments were done visually from the street. The information is provided to FEMA to help the federal agency implement FEMA Individual Assistance to the community. These figures do NOT include assessments [continue reading…]

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Oct 132017
Key Colony Beach Officer Injured During Traffic Stop, Fires Gun at Suspect

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting incident involving a Key Colony Beach police officer who discharged his firearm after having his hand caught in the door of a vehicle during a traffic stop. (There were no injuries as a result of the firearm being discharged.) The KCB Officer, Charles Griffith, was acting as a backup officer on a traffic stop conducted by Sheriff’s Deputy Jose Hernandez just before 7 a.m. at the 61 mile marker of the highway on Duck Key. Deputy Hernandez initially stopped the [continue reading…]

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