Oct 132017
Key West Artist Rallies Relief Teams for Middle Keys

“I don’t know how long it takes to build a house, but it only took us two days to remove the shattered remains of what appeared to be an entire one that landed in Doug McLean’s front yard,” said Christie Fifer, a Key West artist and former High School teacher who has been leading an assorted team of Key West volunteers in efforts to literally excavate homes and properties from beneath mountains of hurricane debris on Big Pine Key and surrounding areas, following Hurricane Irma. [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Local Girl Commended for Heroic Act

Mayor Craig Cates, Commissioner Richard Payne and Police Chief Donie Lee joined in commending 18-year old Jerika Rudolph for her recent heroic efforts to help victims escape a car that had crashed into the nearshore water. On August 24th, Rudolph was driving on South Roosevelt Blvd when she saw a silver SUV veer toward her. She saw the vehicle continue past her lane, jump up on the sidewalk and fly over the seawall. The vehicle crashed upright in the middle of a channel and began [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017

Monroe County School District officials have activated a Hurricane Relief Fund via the Monroe County Education Foundation. With the help of an $80,000 donation from the Edward B. and Joan T. Knight Foundation, the MCEF initiated the relief fund to help students and teachers replace items lost in the storm that FEMA or insurance agencies will not be able replace, said MCEF Board President, Bryan Green. “Hurricane Irma has adversely impacted both teachers and students.   Many are now struggling in temporary or severely damaged [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Health Officials Asking Residents to Help Prevent Mosquito Breeding

Monroe County, FL – The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County and the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District are continuing to work together to keep you informed and up to date about the importance of preventing mosquitoes from breeding. As we move to the next level following Hurricane Irma, it is important that we remind everyone to “Drain and Cover” to keep all residents safe from mosquitoes.

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Oct 062017
Vice Mayor of Marathon Gets Help from Mormon Helping Hands

Marathon, Florida — Michelle Coldiron and her daughter, Mallory, were just getting their home-based business established when their office, along with both of their homes, were devastated by the floodwaters of Hurricane Irma in Marathon, Florida. Their houses, along with many others in the Florida Keys, were built in the ’70s in a declared “under flood” zone, meaning that they are ineligible for flood insurance. While living so close to sea level does carry inherent risks, the Coldiron family has called the small island home [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Hurricane Debris and Regular Garbage/Recycling Collection Update for Unincorporated Monroe County

Regular collection schedules for recycling and garbage has resumed in unincorporated Monroe County. This includes all areas that are accessible by collection trucks. The County asks residents to please make sure recycling put in bins is not contaminated with hurricane debris. Regular yard waste collection in unincorporated Monroe County has not resumed because hurricane debris yard waste is still being collected by contracted haulers as part of the emergency response.

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Oct 062017
Take Action to Minimize Mold and Dampness in Water-Damaged Buildings

MONROE COUNTY, FL— The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County urges the public to take precautionary measures to avoid indoor air quality problems can that occur in storm damaged homes and buildings. Moisture from leaks or flooding can promote mold growth inside buildings.  Mold can cause disease, trigger allergic reactions, and continue to damage materials long after the storm.  Failure to control moisture and mold can present short and long-term health risks. TIPS TO CLEAN UP MOLD AND PROTECT YOUR HEALTH Protect yourself: Put on [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Keys Helping Keys

Tobias collecting items for distribution throughout Keys Key Wester Chris Tobias of Keys Helping Keys is accepting contributions of non-perishable food items, cleaning supplies, and other necessities for distribution throughout the Keys, in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Parties interested in contributing to this grassroots effort can drop supplies at Tobias’ home, at 1332 Atlantic Blvd. Tobias and several volunteers have been distributing supplies throughout the Keys since Sept. 15. For more information, contact Tobias at 954-214-4891, email sbagoxs@gmail.com, or visit https://www.facebook.com/Keyshelpingkeys/

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Oct 062017
GOP Tax Plan: Hardly "Reform," But Tax Cuts "Cost" Nothing

by Thomas L. Knapp……. The Trump administration and congressional Republicans released their grandiosely titled “Unified Framework for Fixing Our Broken Tax Code” on September 27. The plan looks a lot more like a grab bag designed by lobbyists than like any kind of carefully considered plan for “tax reform.” It’s full of smoke and mirrors. For example, the one-page highlight sheet brags that “the framework roughly doubles the standard deduction so that typical middle-class families will keep more of their paycheck.” I’d hoped that this [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Veterans Express Dismay at "Vietnam War" Series

St. Louis, MO. –  With the conclusion of the Burns/Novick “The Vietnam War” series, veterans express dismay over the lack of attention paid to civilian deaths and the legacy of the war on Vietnam. Veterans For Peace, (VFP) founded after the prominent days of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), featured in the series, has actively opposed every U.S. military adventure since its founding in 1984.  Starting with the Reagan administration’s “contra war” against Nicaragua, to Bush, Obama and now Trump’s wars in Iraq and [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Time to Stop Squeezing The Juice

by Thomas L. Knapp……. A few minutes after midnight on October 1,authorities at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center released O.J. Simpson on parole after the former football great had served nine years of a 33-year sentence for criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, assault, robbery, and using a deadly weapon. Simpson, who faces several years of parole/probation restrictions, says he’d like to move back to Florida, where he lived before his conviction. Florida’s attorney general, Pam Bondi, who never misses an opportunity to grandstand, says that “should not be an option.” [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Bach & God

by Kirby Congdon……. Mr. Marissen gets a couple of ideas off his chest before we get into his project. His Preface states, “This book is scholarly but not devotional.” Page 2 of the Introduction asserts, “I am an agnostic.” The subject of all the essays is the text of Johann Sebastian Bach’s cantatas, their history, translations, interpretations and grammatical definitions. The language is English but the reader’s knowledge of German, as well as access to recordings, can be helpful. The librettos of the cantatas may discriminate [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Is Black Black?

by Kim Pederson……. It seems ages ago already, but it has been just a few short weeks since we time-traveled back to the Dark Ages thanks to Hurricane Irma. By Dark Ages, I mean no electricity, no communications other than talking or shouting, and no running water. We were not, fortunately, forced to resort to dumping chamber pots out the window. Toilets still flushed as long as we hauled buckets from the filling pool (formerly the swimming pool) to replenish their holding tanks. Notably, the [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Monroe County Schools to Recapture Up to Two Weeks of Missed Class Time After Irma

Monroe County School Officials have begun the process of recapturing days lost in the classroom during Hurricane Irma. Superintendent Mark Porter has announced October 16th as the first reinstated full student contact day. The 16th was initially a professional day for school staff, but the day will now serve as a full instructional day for students. Mr. Porter has also suspended all early release days for elementary and secondary school students in traditional schools until further notice. Mr. Porter said students returning back to school via the [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Key West Burlesque's “Taking it Off to See The Wizard: A Burlesque Parody”

“Taking it Off to See The Wizard: A Burlesque Parody” Friday, October 20 – October 27 Waterfront Playhouse, 310 Wall Street, Key West For Tickets go to waterfrontplayhouse.org or call 305.394.7445 CONTACT: Christa Hunt, 305.619.2862 There’s No Place Like Home: Key West Burlesque Performance Season Kicks Off as Planned Fans of the infamous ruby slippers are invited to kick off the season by following the yellow brick road to Key West’s Waterfront Playhouse, 310 Wall Street, for “Taking it Off to See The Wizard: A [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Fantasy Fest Masquerade Marchers to Roam Key West’s Old Town Oct. 27

  Thousands of masked and costumed partiers are to unleash their free-spirited alter egos during the Fantasy Fest Masquerade March, a lively walking parade set for Friday, Oct. 27. The march through Key West’s historic Old Town is a highlight of the island city’s Fantasy Fest celebration, a lavish annual costuming and masking festival set for Friday, Oct. 20, through Sunday, Oct. 29. The 2017 festival is themed “Time Travel Unravels,” with participants encouraged to depict colorful characters from past and future eras. The masquerade march typically attracts [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Fantasy Fest Pet Masquerade to Star ‘Party Animals’ Oct. 25

Dozens of masquerade contests, parties and other spectacles are to challenge the creativity of mask and costume designers during Key West’s Oct. 20-29 Fantasy Fest — but none more than the Pet Masquerade. Scheduled Wednesday, Oct. 25, the family-friendly costume competition is designed for barking, meowing and squawking participants and their human companions. The offbeat event typically draws entries ranging from costumed pet-and-person duos to animal-and-human ensembles staging choreographed performances. Many entries are likely to reflect the 2017 Fantasy Fest theme of “Time Travel Unravels,” with furred and [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
Key West’s Fantasy Fest Brings Costumes, Creativity and Craziness Oct. 20-29

Attendees at Key West’s renowned annual Fantasy Fest can anticipate creative costuming, offbeat artistry and a blend of colorful new events and longtime favorites for masked and costumed revelers. Themed “Time Travel Unravels” and scheduled Friday, Oct. 20, through Sunday, Oct. 29, the 2017 festival features several dozen masquerade balls, costume contests, exotic parties and showcases for quirky creativity, all climaxing in the lavish Bud Light Fantasy Fest Parade. Event organizers encourage participants to “time-travel” to any past or future era to find inspiration for their costume [continue reading…]

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Oct 062017
U.S. Coast Guard Signs Memorandum of Agreement with Virginia State University as Part of Minority-Serving Institutions Partnership Program

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Coast Guard signed a memorandum of agreement with Virginia State University Wednesday as part of the Coast Guard’s Minority-Serving Institutions Partnership Program. This partnership agreement is designed to optimize outreach and engagement efforts and have them work in conjunction with the Coast Guard’s overall civilian and military officer recruitment efforts. This agreement will also assist VSU, a Historically Black University, by providing additional tuition-saving choices and academic options and solutions for VSU students. In addition, this agreement provides significant research opportunities for [continue reading…]

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