Aug 252017

See comments from Monroe County Commissioner Heather Carruthers about the issues brought up in this documentary by clicking here. [Commissioner Carruthers was traveling and unable to participate in a video interview.] See the acceptance letter and application for the inclusion of the African Cemetery at Higgs Beach [including the area of the Little Dog Park] in the National Register of Historic Places by clicking here. See the Higgs Beach Park Master Redevelopment Plan by clicking here.     Below is a follow-up comment from Corey [continue reading…]

Aug 252017
Monroe County's TDC and 11 Other Florida TDC's Accused of Deliberately "Hiding From Transparency"

***BREAKING NEWS*** Tallahassee, FL—Today, Speaker Richard Corcoran sent letters to 12 local tourism development councils who have severed ties with Visit Florida. Corcoran accuses the TDC’s of doing so, “under the false presumption that such an action would shield them from legislative oversight.” Upon sending the letter Speaker Corcoran said, “Let me be painstakingly clear, if you spend one dime of taxpayer money you will do it in a transparent and accountable way. These TDCs are sadly mistaken if they think Florida’s families don’t deserve to [continue reading…]

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Aug 252017
Ocean Walk Apartment Complex Sells for $101.5 Million

Passco Companies, a privately-held California based real estate company that specializes in the investment, acquisition, development and management of commercial properties throughout the U.S., has acquired Ocean Walk Apartments, a 297-unit multifamily community in the Monroe County of Key West, Florida for $101.5 million, the largest single-asset transaction in the firm’s history.

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Aug 252017
Commissioner Kaufman To Hold Community Forum on Need for Field Space for Youth Sports and Recreation

Key West City Commissioner Sam Kaufman, District 2, will host a community meeting on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 5:30 P.M. at the Poinciana Elementary School cafeteria to discuss the need for more field space in Key West for youth sports. The status and proposals concerning Little Hamaca Park/Hawks Missile Site will be a topic for community members to address as well. Members of the City of Key West staff and leaders of various youth sports organizations are expected to attend. A Facebook event has been created.

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Aug 252017
Charlottesville Haters: Test Case for the Internet as Public Square

by Thomas L. Knapp……. In a recent column, I celebrated the phenomenon of “Social Preferencing” and the boost Charlottesville gave to an online, crowdsourced, social media version of it, “@YesYoureRacist,” which makes it easy for everyone to “ostracize a Nazi.” That column received quite a bit of pushback from readers with a darker view of the situation, pointing to the likelihood of shattered innocent lives (due to mistaken identity or intentional fraud) and predicting an era in which unpopular views are suppressed by the digital [continue reading…]

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Aug 252017
Wartime Economies Rock...

by John Donnelly……. The euphemisms of counter-terrorism have morphed into quaint mellifluous slogans, concealing the savagery and  barbarity of their murderous content. The dispositional matrix (America’s kill list), extraordinary rendition (Kidnapping & imprisonment without due process), enhanced interrogation (torture), black sites (disavowed torture chambers) and targeted killings (assassinations); have become widely accepted as appropriate terms and methods for use in combating  terrorism. These practices have been described as “legal and justifiable conduct” by our government. Accommodating and consenting to engage in unrestricted violent behavior  because  [continue reading…]

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Aug 252017
Trump's Assault on the EPA - In Case You Missed It

Trump rolling back safeguards affecting water, air and pesticides EPA’s Scott Pruitt is rolling back a rule that limits how much toxic waste power plants can release into water, threatening drinking water supplies with chromium, lead, and mercury contamination. New documents show that Scott Pruitt’s EPA obeyed industry requests to reverse a proposed ban on a pesticide linked to autism and ADHD. Citing “unnecessary regulatory burdens,” the Trump EPA is delaying action on lead contamination in drinking water like that which threatened Chicago in 2015. The Trump Administration is planning rolling back greenhouse gas [continue reading…]

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Aug 252017
Environmental Defense Fund [EDF] State of Risk Report, Florida

State of Risk: Florida, a new report from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), catalogues far-reaching and grave threats to air, water and land, and to the people and economy of Florida if President Trump’s proposed 30 percent cut to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) budget is enacted this fall. Such cuts would move the agency funding radically backward to its lowest level since the mid-1970s. The report provides an extensive overview of the EPA’s footprint in Florida and examines how the proposed cutback plans threaten public health as well as [continue reading…]

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Aug 252017
Labor Day Service To Honor the Civilians and Veterans Who Perished in the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane

Islamorada Hurricane Monument Monday, September 4th 9:00 am The service will include the invocation, presentation of colors, recognition of special guest,singing of the national anthem, guest speakers, history of the hurricane and monument, theplacing of the memorial wreath and the benediction. We encourage everyone to attend in honorof those who perished. For more information please contact Barbara at 305-393-0940 We thank Centennial Bank for sponsoring the wreath, and all our guest speakers and volunteers.

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Aug 252017
Monroe County To Survey Lower Keys Neighborhoods That Repeatedly Flood

MONROE COUNTY TO SURVEY LOWER KEYS NEIGHBORHOODS THAT REPEATEDLY FLOOD TO EXPLORE MITIGATION SOLUTIONS AND EARN FLOOD INSURANCE DISCOUNTS Beginning this week, Monroe County staff and their contractors will survey Lower Keys neighborhoods where properties have experienced repetitive flood damage. The County has completed surveying Upper Keys neighborhoods. This “Repetitive Loss Area Analysis” is part of an ongoing effort to obtain greater discounts for most of the 15,000 flood insurance policy holders in unincorporated Monroe County through the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System [continue reading…]

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