May 192017
'ARE YOU ILLEGAL?" Immigrant Bicyclist HIT BY CAR and Handed Over to Border Patrol on the Spot

First published on May 19, 2017 CORRECTION: The original headline for this article stated, “Immigrant Bicyclist Hit by Car and Handed Over to ICE on the Spot”. That was incorrect. The immigrant was arrested by Border Patrol, a division of Customs and Border Protection. Of interest from other sources: Click here to see the incident report.

May 192017
Deputy Wants Help Identifying Theft Suspects

Deputy Shannon Jones says she wants the public’s assistance identifying suspects in a theft case. The theft took place May 13th at a business called Cool Guys Stuff, LLC on 23rd Street in Marathon. Employees called the Sheriff’s Office after they noticed items missing from the store. Before calling, the employees reviewed video from the store’s surveillance cameras. They found two suspects who were seen taking the items from the store. The video shows a young man and a young woman walking into the store [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Donald Trump and the Politics of Whine

by Thomas L. Knapp……. “No politician in history, and I say this with great surety,” US president Donald Trump told Coast Guard Academy graduates on May 17, “has been treated worse or more unfairly” than himself. A day later, in the wake of the US Justice Department’s appointment of former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate allegations of “Russian meddling” on his behalf in the 2016 presidential election, Trump once again offered a grandiose reference to his place in history, this time [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Seth Rich, the DNC, and WikiLeaks: The Plot Thickens

by Thomas L. Knapp……. According to the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department, the nation’s capital reported 135 homicides last year. One of those homicides, the killing of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich on July 10, 2016, continues to make news ten months later. Who killed Seth Rich, and why? We may never know for sure. On the other hand, a significant piece of the puzzle may have just fallen into place. Fox News, citing a federal investigator as source, reports that Rich may [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Key West NOW Continues After Connie, Meeting at Shanna Key at 5:30 Tonight.

by Rick Boettger……. The late, great Connie Gilbert was the hearty soul of the Key West chapter of the National Organization of women since she moved here and started it in 1996. While it had a dues-paying membership in the dozens and had dozens proudly wave signs on Women’s Suffrage and Roe v. Wade days, the required monthly meetings had dwindled to Connie and just a couple of other regulars. With Connie’s death and the moving away and illness of the other two board members, [continue reading…]

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May 192017
The Faster I Go, the Slower I Get

by Kim Pederson……. Few things in life are constant. One of them, or so I thought, is the speed of light (186,000 miles per second in a vacuum). The uncertainty about light speed gets raised in “Understanding the Speed of Light, How Much Do We Know?” by Ryan Young. Young notes that the speed of light might be affected by something called “quantum vacuum fluctuations,” which is not, as I initially thought, what happens to my Hoover whenever there’s a power surge. No, QVFs, in [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Love Is All You Need

by John Donnelly……. High browed Psychiatrists and Psychologists, along with many credentialed mental health professionals; frequently lack an ability to relate, understand and identify with their disturbed patients. Outside a clinical or classroom setting, their deficiencies are highlighted by an experiential absence and ineptitude, which diminishes their capacity to grasp the underlying realities of mental illness. An understanding that can best be awakened via wounds endured on the firing line of life. Friction generated by the rubber meeting the road, creates the requisite heat for [continue reading…]

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May 192017

  Butterfly Against the eager surf pounding the monuments of stone, unperturbed, a butterfly in pantomime carves a yellow arabesque – a hieroglyphic script engraved with an instant’s wing on the oblivious air. I, reading the runic sign, would hope or, God willing, would be certain just as I am certain I should be sure – oceans and insects, like men, for seasons or eternities, equally, as they say, endure. Kirby Congdon

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May 192017
Florida Voting Rights Activist to Rally in Key West

SAY YES TO SECOND CHANCES: CAMPAIGN TO RESTORE FELON VOTER RIGHTS COMES TO KEY WEST Florida Voting-Rights Activist to Speak at Coral City Elks Lodge Florida is the largest of only three states that permanently bars citizens with felony convictions from voting in all cases except with approval through the clemency process. Mr. Desmond Meade, an attorney and president of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, will be speaking at the Coral City Elks Lodge, 1107 Whitehead St., on Saturday, May 27, at 4 p.m. The [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Term Limits

by Walter Lagraves……. Dear Editor, Term limits are on the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Authority board meeting next Tuesday. The meeting will be at 10:30 AM in their Stock Island offices/boardroom. The Bug Board is considering term limiting themselves. It’s hard to think of a more courageous or worthwhile endeavor on the part of any elected public officials. The effort is being lead by Board Chair, Phil Goodman. Mr. Goodman attempted to put term limits in place a number of years ago, but long term [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Simonton & Greene Street Parking Garage Proposals: Community Meeting

Key West City Commissioners have been receiving a significant number of e-mails from community members concerning the proposals to build parking garages in Old Town Key West. Community meeting on June 1, 2017 at 5:30 P.M. at the Waterfront Brewery. Hosted by Commissioner Sam Kaufman, District II. See the details on the Facebook event page. JOIN OTHER MEMBERS OF THE KEY WEST COMMUNITY TO SHARE VIEWS AND LISTEN TO OTHERS ABOUT THE PARKING GARAGE PROPOSALS. SOME IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: Should the City build a parking [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Sheriff's Crime Report

Warrants Issued for illegal dumping in state park / one arrest made Sgt. Joel Slough would like the public’s assistance locating two suspects in an illegal dumping case. On May 2nd just before noon, Sgt. Slough was at Curry Hammock State Park checking on a report of an illegal campsite set up on park property. He located the campsite along with its two occupants, 46 year old Tillman Erwin and 42 year old Candice Lee. They were warned they were trespassing on park property. Sgt. Slough [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Highlights from Monroe County's BOCC May 2017 Meeting

MONROE COUNTY BOCC APPROVES STEPS TO MORE AGGRESSIVELY ENFORCE VACATION RENTAL ORDINANCE, A MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR GULF SEAFOOD PROPERTY AND TERMINATION OF ENERGY 3 YARD WASTE CONTRACT The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners held its monthly meeting Wednesday at the Harvey Government Center in Key West. Here are some highlights: Commission takes several steps to more aggressively enforce the County’s vacation rental ordinance. The Commission directed County staff to begin filing complaints with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation against real estate [continue reading…]

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