May 192017
'ARE YOU ILLEGAL?" Immigrant Bicyclist HIT BY CAR and Handed Over to Border Patrol on the Spot

First published on May 19, 2017 CORRECTION: The original headline for this article stated, “Immigrant Bicyclist Hit by Car and Handed Over to ICE on the Spot”. That was incorrect. The immigrant was arrested by Border Patrol, a division of Customs and Border Protection. Of interest from other sources: Click here to see the incident report.

May 192017
Deputy Wants Help Identifying Theft Suspects

Deputy Shannon Jones says she wants the public’s assistance identifying suspects in a theft case. The theft took place May 13th at a business called Cool Guys Stuff, LLC on 23rd Street in Marathon. Employees called the Sheriff’s Office after they noticed items missing from the store. Before calling, the employees reviewed video from the store’s surveillance cameras. They found two suspects who were seen taking the items from the store. The video shows a young man and a young woman walking into the store [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Donald Trump and the Politics of Whine

by Thomas L. Knapp……. “No politician in history, and I say this with great surety,” US president Donald Trump told Coast Guard Academy graduates on May 17, “has been treated worse or more unfairly” than himself. A day later, in the wake of the US Justice Department’s appointment of former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate allegations of “Russian meddling” on his behalf in the 2016 presidential election, Trump once again offered a grandiose reference to his place in history, this time [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Seth Rich, the DNC, and WikiLeaks: The Plot Thickens

by Thomas L. Knapp……. According to the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department, the nation’s capital reported 135 homicides last year. One of those homicides, the killing of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich on July 10, 2016, continues to make news ten months later. Who killed Seth Rich, and why? We may never know for sure. On the other hand, a significant piece of the puzzle may have just fallen into place. Fox News, citing a federal investigator as source, reports that Rich may [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Key West NOW Continues After Connie, Meeting at Shanna Key at 5:30 Tonight.

by Rick Boettger……. The late, great Connie Gilbert was the hearty soul of the Key West chapter of the National Organization of women since she moved here and started it in 1996. While it had a dues-paying membership in the dozens and had dozens proudly wave signs on Women’s Suffrage and Roe v. Wade days, the required monthly meetings had dwindled to Connie and just a couple of other regulars. With Connie’s death and the moving away and illness of the other two board members, [continue reading…]

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May 192017
The Faster I Go, the Slower I Get

by Kim Pederson……. Few things in life are constant. One of them, or so I thought, is the speed of light (186,000 miles per second in a vacuum). The uncertainty about light speed gets raised in “Understanding the Speed of Light, How Much Do We Know?” by Ryan Young. Young notes that the speed of light might be affected by something called “quantum vacuum fluctuations,” which is not, as I initially thought, what happens to my Hoover whenever there’s a power surge. No, QVFs, in [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Love Is All You Need

by John Donnelly……. High browed Psychiatrists and Psychologists, along with many credentialed mental health professionals; frequently lack an ability to relate, understand and identify with their disturbed patients. Outside a clinical or classroom setting, their deficiencies are highlighted by an experiential absence and ineptitude, which diminishes their capacity to grasp the underlying realities of mental illness. An understanding that can best be awakened via wounds endured on the firing line of life. Friction generated by the rubber meeting the road, creates the requisite heat for [continue reading…]

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May 192017

  Butterfly Against the eager surf pounding the monuments of stone, unperturbed, a butterfly in pantomime carves a yellow arabesque – a hieroglyphic script engraved with an instant’s wing on the oblivious air. I, reading the runic sign, would hope or, God willing, would be certain just as I am certain I should be sure – oceans and insects, like men, for seasons or eternities, equally, as they say, endure. Kirby Congdon

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May 192017
Florida Voting Rights Activist to Rally in Key West

SAY YES TO SECOND CHANCES: CAMPAIGN TO RESTORE FELON VOTER RIGHTS COMES TO KEY WEST Florida Voting-Rights Activist to Speak at Coral City Elks Lodge Florida is the largest of only three states that permanently bars citizens with felony convictions from voting in all cases except with approval through the clemency process. Mr. Desmond Meade, an attorney and president of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, will be speaking at the Coral City Elks Lodge, 1107 Whitehead St., on Saturday, May 27, at 4 p.m. The [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Term Limits

by Walter Lagraves……. Dear Editor, Term limits are on the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Authority board meeting next Tuesday. The meeting will be at 10:30 AM in their Stock Island offices/boardroom. The Bug Board is considering term limiting themselves. It’s hard to think of a more courageous or worthwhile endeavor on the part of any elected public officials. The effort is being lead by Board Chair, Phil Goodman. Mr. Goodman attempted to put term limits in place a number of years ago, but long term [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Simonton & Greene Street Parking Garage Proposals: Community Meeting

Key West City Commissioners have been receiving a significant number of e-mails from community members concerning the proposals to build parking garages in Old Town Key West. Community meeting on June 1, 2017 at 5:30 P.M. at the Waterfront Brewery. Hosted by Commissioner Sam Kaufman, District II. See the details on the Facebook event page. JOIN OTHER MEMBERS OF THE KEY WEST COMMUNITY TO SHARE VIEWS AND LISTEN TO OTHERS ABOUT THE PARKING GARAGE PROPOSALS. SOME IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: Should the City build a parking [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Sheriff's Crime Report

Warrants Issued for illegal dumping in state park / one arrest made Sgt. Joel Slough would like the public’s assistance locating two suspects in an illegal dumping case. On May 2nd just before noon, Sgt. Slough was at Curry Hammock State Park checking on a report of an illegal campsite set up on park property. He located the campsite along with its two occupants, 46 year old Tillman Erwin and 42 year old Candice Lee. They were warned they were trespassing on park property. Sgt. Slough [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Highlights from Monroe County's BOCC May 2017 Meeting

MONROE COUNTY BOCC APPROVES STEPS TO MORE AGGRESSIVELY ENFORCE VACATION RENTAL ORDINANCE, A MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR GULF SEAFOOD PROPERTY AND TERMINATION OF ENERGY 3 YARD WASTE CONTRACT The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners held its monthly meeting Wednesday at the Harvey Government Center in Key West. Here are some highlights: Commission takes several steps to more aggressively enforce the County’s vacation rental ordinance. The Commission directed County staff to begin filing complaints with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation against real estate [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Food Schleppers* Needed

Southernmost Homeless is again in need of few more “Schleppers” to make a quick trip from the old Soup Kitchen to the Homeless Shelter every afternoon. Volunteer Schleppers bring the wonderful food the St. Mary’s volunteers prepare out to serve the men and women who are staying that night at the Homeless Shelter on Stock Island. The pickup & 2 1/2 mile trip can be completed in about half an hour or so at any time from 5:00 to 7:00pm and you are welcome to [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Adding Canopy to Naval Properties

A recent study by the City of Key West with a grant made possible by the U.S. Forest Service and the Florida Division of Forestry identified government facilities within the city of Key West as having only 19 percent tree canopy coverage. The island overall has almost twice as much shady space. Now the City and civilian volunteers are helping the Navy raise the bar by planting trees on Navy property.

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May 192017
Survivor's Party Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Join the Sister Season Fund at La Te Da on Memorial Day for the 40th Annual Survivor’s Party! This year’s event is bigger and better than ever and will include a small plates buffet, cash bar, live entertainment, silent auction, and door prizes. Enjoy music by DJ Rude Girl and a variety show in the cabaret with MC Laurie Thibaud featuring performances by some of your favorites, including Beatrix Dixie, Chad Newman, Joanie Sullivan, QMitch, Rock Solomon, Ronnie Carruthers, Shawn Montgomery, and Trey Forsyth. The [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Winner Named in 2017 Mystery Writers Whodunit Writing Competition

Mike Pettit of Gulf Breeze, Florida, has been named First Place winner in an international competition to claim the 2017 Mystery Writers Whodunit Award, to be presented at the 4th Annual Mystery Fest Key West, set for June 16-18 in Key West, Florida. Supported by the Marion Stevens Fund at the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys and sponsored by Absolutely Amazing eBooks, Pettit’s winning entry “Key West Flashpoint” wins him a Whodunit Award trophy, book-publishing contract with Absolutely Amazing eBooks, complimentary Mystery Fest Key [continue reading…]

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May 192017
SAVE THE DATE!! M Ensemble Company Presents FLYIN' WEST, June 8-25

FLYIN’ WEST by Pearl Cleage Directed by Jerry Maple, Jr. June 8-25, 2017 Sandrell Rivers Theater At Audrey M. Edmonson Transit Village 6101 NW 7th Avenue Miami, Fla. 33127 Dear Readers, Contributors & Friends, As President of the Board of Directors, for The M Ensemble Theater Company, I invite you as my guest, to come and join us for our Opening Night Performance on June 8th at 7:30 PM. After the show we will have a cast party, buffet dinner and dance music for your [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Key West Art & Historical Society ArtCamp! at Fort East Martello offers new sessions for teens aged 10-16

This summer, youth aged 10-16 can join in on the cultural immersion fun while engaging in their passion for the arts and the environment with Key West Art & Historical Society’s ArtCamp!, beginning June 12th through June 30th with three sessions: Teen Fossil Camp June 12– June 16, Pinhole Photography Camp: Technique June 19- June 23, and Pinhole Photography Camp: Creating a Body of Work June 26-June 30. The Teen Fossil Camp guides students in learning how to sculpt and cast bones working with tools [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Camp Squirt, Gay Pride, Key West 2017

  Producer MoonFire Tower is happy to announce his partnership with the Side Bar in Key West, Florida, to bring his long running Fine Art and Entertainment Extravaganza titled: Camp Squirt to this exciting new venue, opening Gay Pride on June 7th, 2017 from 6pm to 4am. The show begins on Wednesday June 7th at 6pm with an exhibit by international sculptor Bryce LeVan Cushing, who is fresh off the show: Drap Art, 20 Years in Pittsburgh, sponsored by the Andy Warhol Museum. Cushing is [continue reading…]

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May 192017
8 Killer Reasons to Register for Mystery Fest Key West 2017 Now

The 4th Annual “Murder & Mayhem in Paradise” themed Mystery Fest Key West will take place June 16-18 in Key West, Florida. Here are 8 “killer” reasons to register now: 1) With celebrated authors of action/adventure, true-crime, cozies, noir and more, it’s a mystery genre cornucopia! 2) Sensational star power: Liaise with headliners John Hemingway, Clifford Irving, Randy Rawls, and Charles Todd, featured presenters Lisa Black, James O. Born, Nancy J. Cohen and Heather Graham, and panelist authors David Beckwith, Robert Coburn, Bill Craig, John [continue reading…]

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May 192017
American Dream Concert to Benefit Habitat for Humanity

Kick off Memorial Day weekend early at the 3rd Annual American Dream Concert on the beach at the Pier House Resort and Spa on Thursday, May 25th from 6pm – 9pm. The evening features live music by Bill Blue and the Nervous Guys and benefits Habitat for Humanity of Key West and Lower Florida Keys.In addition to great music, guests will enjoy light fare, raffles, games, prizes, a silent auction, and dancing on the beach. Habitat appreciates the generous support of the Pier House, which [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Author Kenneth D. Michaels to Debut “Only in Key West”: A Nick and Norm Gay Detective novel on June 9 at 801 Cabaret in Key West

Author Kenneth D. Michaels to Debut “Only in Key West”: A Nick and Norm Gay Detective novel on June 9 at 801 Cabaret On Friday, June 9, from 5-7pm, author Kenneth D. Michaels will debut his latest mystery, “Only in Key West” at the 801 Duval Street Cabaret above the 801 Bourbon Bar. “Only in Key West” is a sequel to Michaels’ first novel, “The Gay Detective,” which earned kudos in 2106: the International Readers Favorite Book Award and the Reader Views Award. He was [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Key West Art & Historical Society Offers In-Depth Look at “Overseas to the Keys - Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railway” Exhibit During Curator-Led Tour

On Wednesday, June 7, from 10-11am, Cori Convertito, Ph.D., will offer a special Curator-led tour of the newly renovated Key West Art & Historical Society Custom House Museum exhibit “Overseas to the Keys – Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railway.” The tour is free, but museum admission rates apply (KWAHS members enjoy free museum admission). Reservations are required, limited to first 15 registrants. The permanent exhibit celebrates an important part of Florida Keys history and the incredible engineering feat that joined mainland Florida to Key West, an [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Hemingway Rum Company Unveils New Key West Rum Distillery & Experience Center

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s Spirit of Adventure, the Makers of Papa’s Pilar® Offer Rum Enthusiasts a New Adventure Destination Hemingway Rum Company, the makers of Papa’s Pilar® premium sipping rums, which were inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s spirit of adventure, will officially open its Rum Distillery & Experience Center to the public on Saturday, May 20, 2017. The new facility pays homage to the legendary adventurer who once proudly called Key West home. Nestled in the heart of Key West at 201 Simonton St. (the corner [continue reading…]

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May 192017
This Saturday, Bubble Play for Children and Adults on the Oldest House Lawn

This Saturday, May 20, from 10:00-11:30am, Key West Art & Historical Society and the Oldest House Museum welcome children and their adults for a fun-packed morning of bubble play on the Oldest House lawn, 322 Duval Street. Free for KWAHS and Old Island Restoration Foundation members and $5 for non-members. Coffee will be provided; families are encouraged to bring their own snacks and blankets. For more information call Adele Williams, Director of Education at 305.295.6616 extension 115. Your museums. Your community. It takes an island.children

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May 192017
Special Olympics Florida Summer Games- State Bound for 30 Athletes, Bocce, Cycling and Soccer

Monroe Special Olympics Athletes, Partners and Coaches to participate in Special Olympics Florida State Summer Games 42 athletes, coaches and volunteers from Monroe County will travel to Special Olympics Florida State Summer Games at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando May 18-22, 2017. Over 2000 athletes, State Wide will be competing in Soccer, Cycling, Bocce, Track and Field, Tennis and Volleyball. Athletes will compete in Bocce, Cycling and Soccer in traditional and Unified Events. A total of 30 athletes, with coaches and volunteers will [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Unity of the Keys Presents Nimo in Concert

Saturday May 20th at 7:00 pm 1011 Virginia St. Key West 305-296-5888 Nimo comes to Key West with his Empty Hands tour on May 20th , featuring songs and music based on themes of kindness, gratitude and universal love. After a career on Wall St. and fame and fortune as a MTV rap star, Nimo has found his true calling. Nimo is now writing, singing and living a life of practicing and sharing small acts with great love. His intention is that as he [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Hog's Breath Entertainment

Dave Coleman at the Hog’s Breath Saloon Nashville rocker Dave Coleman will play solo at the Hog’s mid-shift gig, 5:30 – 9:30 pm, May 22 – 28. Catch the more personal side of Dave the singer-songwriter. Coleman’s CD, “Nowhere’s Too Far,” was called an eclectic rock record that’s a raucous as Saturday night in East Nashville. Chicago’s Biscuit Miller And The Mix At the Hog’s Breath Saloon Biscuit Miller and The Mix play the Hog’s Breath Saloon, 400 Front St., May 22 – 28, taking [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Key West Police Week

Key West Mayor Craig Cates has proclaimed this week Key West Police Week, and Friday May 19th as Law Enforcement Memorial Day. On Friday, May 19th the community will have the opportunity to pay tribute to those brave men and women who have fallen in the line of duty. The annual Law Enforcement Day Memorial Service begins at 5:30 p.m. at Bayview Park in Key West. Hosted by the Key West Police Department and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, the ceremony includes a traditional laying [continue reading…]

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May 192017
Maritime Heritage Day

In recognition of the vital role that our merchants and seamen play in Key West’s history, culture and economy, Mayor Craig Cates proclaimed May 22nd Maritime Day during this week’s City Commission meeting. In times of war and peace, the American Merchant Marine has been dedicated to the orderly flow of goods and materials to and from the shores of our nation. May 22nd marks the anniversary of the day the SS Savannah sailed from U.S. shores in 1819 to Liverpool on the first successful [continue reading…]

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