May 122017

Dear Readers: We must apologize.  None of the many investigations The Blue Paper is currently pursuing are ready for publication this week.  However, we invite you to visit the link below which will take you to a gallery of our past featured documentaries.  Enjoy!

May 122017

by Ray Jason……. The waters of the Archipelago of Bliss have been a wondrous reservoir of inspiration for me as I meander through my Middle Years. My secluded life amidst these tranquil islands has blessed me with a perspective and clarity that is difficult to attain by those chained to the cacophony of the Real World.

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May 122017
The US Postal Service is Dying. Let it.

by Thomas L. Knapp……. Like most monopolies, the US Postal Service isn’t interested in changing its business model. An enterprise hemorrhaging cash in a free market would cut prices, improve service, look for new revenue streams, or simply close its doors. The USPS solution, as usual, is to raise prices and hope for the best. Alternative proposal: Let’s put it out of its misery. The Service posted losses of $562 million in the first quarter of 2017, the Associated Press reports. This year will likely [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Congress Should Just Say No to Trump's Afghanistan Surge

by Thomas L. Knapp……. With the US occupation of Afghanistan well into its sixteenth year and the country no closer to becoming a stable democracy than it was in late 2001, reports that this isn’t an “all options are on the table” scenario. President Donald Trump seems to have rejected the idea of withdrawing US troops and ending the war. Instead, he intends to become the third president in a row to roll the dice on a “surge” — that is, to send in [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Expanding Lower Duval Zoning to a Single Property Owner on Greene Street Sets Bad Precedent

by Gregory M Lloyd……. Dear Editor, On May 16th, the City Commission will hear the first reading for the expansion of lower Duval Street Zoning (HRCC-1, Historic Residential Commercial Core) to include the Mel Fisher Museums located at 200 Greene Street between Front and Whitehead Streets. The Mel Fisher Museum is at the cultural heart of our City, surrounded by Truman Little White House, Audubon House, Customs House, Historic Clinton Square with the Aquarium and Shipwreckers Museum and a mere stones throw from there is [continue reading…]

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May 122017

by Eugene E. Nanay Jr…….. Editor, Lately there has been stories about alligator attacks in Florida–small boy eaten by Gator at Disney resort, golfer’s arm bitten off by Gator when reaching for ball in water hazard, 10 year old girl opens Gators jaws to escape. It appears that Alligators are the # 1 Hazard in Florida. But hold your horses— Since 1948 there has been 388 attacks and 24(as in twenty four) deaths by Alligators. That’s 24 deaths in 69 years, that’s terrible. Now let’s [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Financial Class Discrimination in Monroe County

by Eugene Nanay…… Editor, Back in 2008 or whenever The Gov. proclaimed all properties in the Keys Shall be connected to a Public Sewer System or whatever. So? How many properties are we talking about here? Well, from the Office of the Tax Appraisers Office I was provided with the following–51,307 Residential Units and 17,472 Businesses with physical addresses. From the Office of the Tax Collector, there were 53,001 Trim Notices sent out last November. Now in the Counties plan for The Lower Keys, the [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Monroe County BOCC Presented with Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2018

MARATHON, FL – At Monroe County’s first public budget meeting for Fiscal Year 2018 on Wednesday, the Board of County Commissioners was presented with a very preliminary proposed budget that funds the rising costs to maintain the County’s upgraded community parks and facilities, and day-to-day operations – and also provides enhanced County services and more resources to stop illegal vacation rentals. The proposed budget, which would levy $87.9 million in ad valorem (property) taxes, is only a modest increase over last year – about $16 [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Single-Engine Aircraft MIshap Causes Runway Closure at Marathon Airport

MARATHON, FL – A single-engine aircraft’s nose gear collapsed at 1:10 p.m. Thursday while landing on runway 7 at Florida Keys Marathon International Airport. Two people, pilot, Steven Toffler, 53, and passenger Diane Toffler, 49, were aboard the Cirrus SR22 with tail number N941CS. Both people were uninjured, according to Marathon Airport director T. J. Henderson. Crews took only 50 minutes to clear the runway and reopen it. During this time, four international arrivals circled the airport, waiting to land.

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May 122017
Sheriff's Crime Report

Woman charged with aggravated child abuse A 43 year old Key Largo woman was arrested Friday, charged with aggravated child abuse. The four year old female victim showed up at her Upper Keys school with injuries on both her arms. She told school officials 43 year old Melodie Starr had caused the marks to her arms “because she had been bad”. The marks were highly visible red diagonal marks and bruises up and down her right arm and on the back of the girl’s left [continue reading…]

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