May 122017

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May 122017

by Ray Jason……. The waters of the Archipelago of Bliss have been a wondrous reservoir of inspiration for me as I meander through my Middle Years. My secluded life amidst these tranquil islands has blessed me with a perspective and clarity that is difficult to attain by those chained to the cacophony of the Real World.

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May 122017
The US Postal Service is Dying. Let it.

by Thomas L. Knapp……. Like most monopolies, the US Postal Service isn’t interested in changing its business model. An enterprise hemorrhaging cash in a free market would cut prices, improve service, look for new revenue streams, or simply close its doors. The USPS solution, as usual, is to raise prices and hope for the best. Alternative proposal: Let’s put it out of its misery. The Service posted losses of $562 million in the first quarter of 2017, the Associated Press reports. This year will likely [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Congress Should Just Say No to Trump's Afghanistan Surge

by Thomas L. Knapp……. With the US occupation of Afghanistan well into its sixteenth year and the country no closer to becoming a stable democracy than it was in late 2001, reports that this isn’t an “all options are on the table” scenario. President Donald Trump seems to have rejected the idea of withdrawing US troops and ending the war. Instead, he intends to become the third president in a row to roll the dice on a “surge” — that is, to send in [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Expanding Lower Duval Zoning to a Single Property Owner on Greene Street Sets Bad Precedent

by Gregory M Lloyd……. Dear Editor, On May 16th, the City Commission will hear the first reading for the expansion of lower Duval Street Zoning (HRCC-1, Historic Residential Commercial Core) to include the Mel Fisher Museums located at 200 Greene Street between Front and Whitehead Streets. The Mel Fisher Museum is at the cultural heart of our City, surrounded by Truman Little White House, Audubon House, Customs House, Historic Clinton Square with the Aquarium and Shipwreckers Museum and a mere stones throw from there is [continue reading…]

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May 122017

by Eugene E. Nanay Jr…….. Editor, Lately there has been stories about alligator attacks in Florida–small boy eaten by Gator at Disney resort, golfer’s arm bitten off by Gator when reaching for ball in water hazard, 10 year old girl opens Gators jaws to escape. It appears that Alligators are the # 1 Hazard in Florida. But hold your horses— Since 1948 there has been 388 attacks and 24(as in twenty four) deaths by Alligators. That’s 24 deaths in 69 years, that’s terrible. Now let’s [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Financial Class Discrimination in Monroe County

by Eugene Nanay…… Editor, Back in 2008 or whenever The Gov. proclaimed all properties in the Keys Shall be connected to a Public Sewer System or whatever. So? How many properties are we talking about here? Well, from the Office of the Tax Appraisers Office I was provided with the following–51,307 Residential Units and 17,472 Businesses with physical addresses. From the Office of the Tax Collector, there were 53,001 Trim Notices sent out last November. Now in the Counties plan for The Lower Keys, the [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Monroe County BOCC Presented with Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2018

MARATHON, FL – At Monroe County’s first public budget meeting for Fiscal Year 2018 on Wednesday, the Board of County Commissioners was presented with a very preliminary proposed budget that funds the rising costs to maintain the County’s upgraded community parks and facilities, and day-to-day operations – and also provides enhanced County services and more resources to stop illegal vacation rentals. The proposed budget, which would levy $87.9 million in ad valorem (property) taxes, is only a modest increase over last year – about $16 [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Single-Engine Aircraft MIshap Causes Runway Closure at Marathon Airport

MARATHON, FL – A single-engine aircraft’s nose gear collapsed at 1:10 p.m. Thursday while landing on runway 7 at Florida Keys Marathon International Airport. Two people, pilot, Steven Toffler, 53, and passenger Diane Toffler, 49, were aboard the Cirrus SR22 with tail number N941CS. Both people were uninjured, according to Marathon Airport director T. J. Henderson. Crews took only 50 minutes to clear the runway and reopen it. During this time, four international arrivals circled the airport, waiting to land.

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May 122017
Sheriff's Crime Report

Woman charged with aggravated child abuse A 43 year old Key Largo woman was arrested Friday, charged with aggravated child abuse. The four year old female victim showed up at her Upper Keys school with injuries on both her arms. She told school officials 43 year old Melodie Starr had caused the marks to her arms “because she had been bad”. The marks were highly visible red diagonal marks and bruises up and down her right arm and on the back of the girl’s left [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Law Enforcement Day Memorial Service

People all over the nation sleep a little easier at night knowing that law enforcement officers are out there keeping them safe. These officers dedicate their lives protecting and serving their communities so that residents lives are safe and peaceful. Yet, every year some of them make the ultimate sacrifice for the ease and the security the rest of us enjoy. On Friday, May 19th the community will have the opportunity to pay tribute to those brave men and women who have fallen in the [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Crime Stoppers Donation

Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys presented a check for $11,000 to the Russel F. Sullivan Scholarship Fund. The scholarship enables members of the law enforcement community to further their education. Crime Stoppers board members Steve Torrence and Stanley Rzad presented the check to Scholarship Fund Chairwoman Nancy Bunch.

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May 122017
Now? There Is No Now. Only Then.

by Kim Pederson……. Thought to ponder, from John Banville’s novel ancient light: Even here, at this table, the light that is the image of my eyes takes time, a tiny time, infinitesimal, yet time, to reach your eyes, and so it is that everywhere we look, everywhere, we are looking into the past. If you’re thinking “he [me] must be reading that Time Travel book again,” you’d be right. If you are exceedingly discerning and/or prescient, you might even be thinking “now he’s going to [continue reading…]

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May 122017
A Summer School Kids Actually Want to Attend

In the US, most kids have a very long summer break, during which they forget an awful lot of what they learned during the school year. This “summer slump” affects kids from low-income neighborhoods most, setting them back almost three months. TED Fellow Karim Abouelnaga has a plan to reverse this learning loss. Learn how he’s helping kids improve their chances for a brighter future.

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May 122017
Haitian Heritage Month And Flag Day

Many members of Key West’s Haitian community got up to receive a proclamation by Mayor Craig Cates and Commissioner Sam Kaufman recognizing Haitian Flag Day and Haitian Heritage Month. The proclamation notes that “the growth and prosperity of the City of Key West is due in part to an ethnic diversity that includes a substantial and rapidly increasing Haitian population.” Haitian President Dumarsais Estimé started the Flag Day celebration with parades, cultural and athletic events in many cities in Haiti in the 1930s, when he [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Firm Seeks Nominations for Board of Directors Positions

The Board of Directors of Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe (FIRM) is now accepting nominations of individuals interested in serving on their Board of Directors. FIRM, a grassroots organization formed in February 2006 is composed of homeowners and residents united to fight against excessive, discriminatory and unaffordable residential, condominium and commercial property insurance rates. Additional information on FIRM membership and activities can be found at This is a very dynamic Board with active committees such as legislative, communications, and fundraising. Responsibilities include monthly Board [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Key West Art & Historical Society’s Overseas to the Keys: Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railway Exhibit

Take a journey on the Florida East Coast Railway’s Key West Extension – an overseas train they said couldn’t be done – with Key West Art & Historical Society’s exhibit Overseas to the Keys: Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railway. The newly-renovated permanent exhibit will debut with a special opening event Friday, May 26 from 6:00pm-7:30pm on the second floor of the Custom House Museum located at 281 Front Street. The exhibit celebrates an important part of Florida Keys history and the incredible engineering feat that joined [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Unity of the Keys Presents Nimo in Concert

Saturday May 20th at 7:00 pm 1011 Virginia St. Key West 305-296-5888 Nimo comes to Key West with his Empty Hands tour on May 20th , featuring songs and music based on themes of kindness, gratitude and universal love. After a career on Wall St. and fame and fortune as a MTV rap star, Nimo has finally found his true calling. Nimo is now writing, singing and living a life of practicing and sharing small acts with great love. His intention is that as [continue reading…]

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May 122017
NOW Meeting - Friday, May 19

Key West National Organization for Women will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, May 19. This meeting is open to anyone interested in supporting gender equality issues. A social hour follows the meeting. KWNOW gathers on the third Friday of every month in the back dining room of Shanna Key Irish Pub, 1900 Flagler Ave., Key West. For more information or to join, email:

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May 122017
Papio Parade Photos

Key West Art & Historical Society’s Second Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture & Art Bike Parade rolled through downtown Key West on Saturday, featuring some two dozen Kinetic Sculpture Floats and Art Bike entries crafted by people of all ages. Co-produced by Wonderdog Studios, the annual rolling cavalcade is held in honor of the late Key Largo folk artist Stanley Papio, a rebellious welder-turned-artist who explored recycled materials long before it was hip to be rusty. An exhibit of more than 100 of Papio’s sculptural objects [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Disney's High School Musical at the Key West Theater

High School Musical Opens This Weekend The Key West High School Drama Club and Key West Theater have teamed up to present Disney’s “High School Musical” live on stage at the Key West Theater at 2pm and 7pm this Saturday, May 20th, and at 7pm on May 21st. The entire cast is made up of students from Key West High School with the production team led by Key West Theater’s Juliet Gray, Phillip Cole White, and Alexandra Zeto. The live show is based on Disney [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Veterinarian Recognized for His Service

At an employee awards ceremony held on Friday, Sheriff Rick Ramsay presented a special award to Veterinarian Dr. Doug Mader. “Dr. Doug” as he is affectionately known, is co-owner of the Marathon Veterinary Hospital and is a world renowned Veterinarian. Sheriff Ramsay thanked him for his 20 years of service to the Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm, where he cares for all of the farm animals, giving them regular checkups and treating injuries and illnesses. “We are extremely grateful for the services he provides to our [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Cops N Kids 5K Walk/Run

The Key West Police Athletic League and the Key West Police Department is urging the community to participate in Saturday’s Cops N Kids 5K walk/run starting at 8 a.m. at Horace O Bryant School. Participants can sign up on line at or sign up the morning of the event. PAL’s programs are designed to get children involved in sports and in educational programs. It provides a safe place where kids can go after school and on weekends. It encourages teamwork and strong self-esteem. Members [continue reading…]

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May 122017
One Mystery Fest Key West Guest Will Nab Cameo Role in Author Meg Muldoon’s Next Novel

In a startling plot twist, organizers of the upcoming Key West Mystery Fest have announced that one Fest guest will walk into the pages of bestselling author Meg Muldoon’s next “Christmas River” series novel. Muldoon, a former news reporter and author of more than a dozen “cozy” mystery titles, is slated to be a featured panelist at the upcoming “Murder & Mayhem in Paradise” themed Key West Mystery Fest, a gathering of true-crime, mystery, and suspense writers and fans to be held in Key West, [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser

15th Annual One Particular Harbour fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club promises a classic Duval Street party For information contact Dan Dombroski: 305-797-5258 15th Annual One Particular Harbour fundraiser Margaritaville, 500 Duval St. Sunday, May 21 from 5 to 8 p.m. Ready to party and raise money for the largest childcare provider in the Florida Keys? The Boys and Girls Club of the Keys Area invites all to its largest fundraiser of the year, the 15th Annual One Particular Harbour event, set for Sunday, [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Speaker Series Presents: Protecting Plants & Wildlife at Boca Chica Naval Base, Sat. May 13th 1:30 PM at the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden

Protecting Plants and Wildlife at Boca Chica Naval Base Saturday, May 13th at 1:30 pm The Nature Chapel at Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden US 1 at College Road, Stock Island Matthew Martin, Naval Engineering Facilities Command Natural Resource Manager, Naval Air Station Key West. Martin is a conservation biologist whose previous experience includes National Park Service, EPA, and Fish & Wildlife where he worked on projects involving many threatened or endangered land, air and water species. Large swaths of Lower Keys’ habitat [continue reading…]

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May 122017
Employees of the Quarter

On Friday, the Sheriff’s Office held its quarterly Employee Awards ceremony in Marathon. Employees were recognized for their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service to the agency. Sheriff Ramsay also recognized his Employees of the First Quarter, 2017. These employees received this award for exemplary and outstanding service to the agency and to the citizens of Monroe County.

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May 122017
Think Safe - Be Safe

by Maritza Rodriguez……. SAFETY Activities, meal times, and lessons should always be planned taking safety in consideration to avoid injury, illness or harm to any child in your care. Safety extends into nearly all aspects of a registered home daycare, or a facility. FIRST AID All childhood educators should have up to date First Aid and C.P.R. qualifications in order to provide the best possible care. The emergency kit should always be accessible, it should be checked on a regular basis and restocked if needed. [continue reading…]

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May 122017
National Day of Prayer

U.S. Navy Chaplain Scott P. Mason was the keynote speaker in Key West’s observance of National Day of Prayer at City Hall Thursday. The observance was attended by clergy representing many local places of worship, community members, including Vice Mayor Clayton Lopez and Commissioners Margaret Romero and Sam Kaufman. Reverend and First Lady Magwood of Bethel AME Church took the lead on organizing this gathering sponsored by the Interfaith Ministerial Alliance of the Lower Keys and hosted by the City of Key West.

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May 122017
Hog's Breath Entertainment

West Texas Singer-Songwriter Cliff Cody Plays the Hog’s Breath Saloon West Texas singer-songwriter Cliff Cody plays the Hog’s Breath Saloon, 400 Front St., mid-shift gig – 5:30 – 9:30 p.m. May 15 – 21. “Chasin Whiskey,” Cody’s first recorded cut was recognized as a highlight of Julie Roberts’ album “Men and Mascara” by Rolling Stone Magazine. Since first playing the Key West Songwriters Festival, Cody has become a favorite and regular performer in the Keys. His soulful voice and story telling style of writing has [continue reading…]

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