May 052017
Wisteria Island: Nature's Champions or Schemers?

by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. Get out of the tent! Joe Sanders had just woken up to deputies yelling orders. As he peers through the slit in his tent his eye suddenly focuses on the barrel of a deputy’s gun 6 inches away and pointed straight at him. Now, according to the federal government, Joe had pitched his tent on public land.

May 052017
Good News! Federal Flood Insurance Will Cost Less

FEDERAL FLOOD INSURANCE PREMIUM DISCOUNTS INCREASE TO 25 PERCENT FOR MOST POLICYHOLDERS IN UNINCORPORATED MONROE COUNTY ON OCT. 1, 2017 Due to Monroe County’s efforts this past year in the voluntary Community Rating System (CRS), most of the nearly 15,000 National Flood Insurance Program policyholders in unincorporated Monroe County are expected to receive new premium discounts of 25 percent, beginning Oct. 1, 2017. These new premium discounts will save policyholders in unincorporated Monroe County about $4.6 million a year – an average of $293 per [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Firm Files a Motion for Stay of Citizens Rate Increases Pending Appellate Review

On April 21 Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe (FIRM) filed a motion with the First District Court of Appeal to stay windstorm insurance rate increases for Monroe County pending appellate review of the increases. “This motion states that since FIRM filed a timely Petition seeking a formal administrative proceeding on January 31, 2017, that petition renders the OIR’s approval of the February 1, 2017 Citizens Property Insurance rate increase to be non-final,” explained FIRM President Mel Montagne. It is FIRM’s position that rate increases without [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Man Wanted for Tagging Rampage

Key West Police have obtained a warrant for a Miami man who went on a tagging rampage in the Keys last weekend. Sunrise resident Tyler Edward Forgatsch, 23, is suspected for spray painting graffiti on several Old Town buildings on April 29th. A couple out walking downtown on April 29th noticed the smell of spray paint in the air. As they came around the corner of Front and Whitehead streets, they saw a man spray painting a wall. The witness quickly took a picture of [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested

The Key West Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit has arrested a suspected drug dealer who was operating on the 1000 block of Emma Street. Due to numerous complaints in the area, the detectives, with the assistance of the Monroe County Sheriff Office, conducted an undercover operation in the area. The undercover officer made contact with a subject identified as Samuel Farley on the 1000 block of Emma St. near Truman Ave. and purchased crack cocaine from Farley. As the undercover officer walked away, detectives who [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Sheriff's Crime Report

Miami men charged with illegal dumping Two men from Miami were caught in the act of dumping trash on the side of the road on Big Pine Key Friday. An alert citizen called the Sheriff’s Office to report seeing the men dumping trash from a trailer onto the side of the road on Chapman Lane, Big Pine Key at 12:15 p.m. Deputies Ken Fricke and Jon Riggs arrived in time to see the dumping taking place. They required the two men to pick the trash [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Mosquito Control Receives Zika Funding

Florida Keys Mosquito Control District [FKMCD] received additional funding this week from the Florida Department of Health to assist in Aedes aegypti control efforts. “Initially the District was not included in the Zika funding,” stated Andrea Leal, FKMCD Executive Director. “However, based on Zika risk factors in Monroe County, we have now received funding to be proactive with aegypti control as we approach mosquito season.” The Florida Department of Health will reimburse FKMCD up to $145,724 for Aedes aegypti control measures through June of 2017. Reimbursable [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Key West Art & Historical Society Distinguished Speaker Series to Examine Historic Jewish Underground in Key West

Key West Art & Historical Society welcomes Distinguished Speaker Series guest Arlo Haskell, writer, historian, and director of the Key West Literary Seminar, to the Tropic Cinema on Thursday, May 18 at 6:00pm. Haskell’s presentation will explore the little known world of Key West’s former Jewish Underground, and the smuggling of refugees from Cuba to Key West from 1918-1939. During the 1920s, as Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany’s Nazi Party, new immigration policies severely restricted the number of Jews allowed to immigrate into [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Blue Collar Review

by Kirby Congdon……. Al Markowitz and Mary Franke have produced another solid issue of their Blue Collar Review, Journal of Progressive Working Class Literature for Summer 2016 with a tidy sketch on its cover. Two men on their knees are giving attention to a third laying on his back. The perspective is accurate. We feel the tension on a man’s back, see the strain on the side of another man’s face while the man who is prone raises questions that are not answered. The suggestion of [continue reading…]

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May 052017
"National Security": The Last Refuge of Vote-Buying Politicians

by Thomas L. Knapp……. More than half a century ago, Congress passed the Trade Expansion Act of 1962. Since mid-April, US president Donald Trump has twice invoked one of the law’s nearly forgotten provisions, ordering Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross to investigate the possibility that steel and aluminum imports “threaten to impair the national security.” If Ross says they do and Trump agrees, the law empowers him to “take such action, and for such time, as he deems necessary to adjust the imports of such article and [continue reading…]

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May 052017
The Scandal Isn't Post-Presidential Speaking Fees, It's Political Pensions

by Thomas L. Knapp……. As former US president Barack Obama’s second term drew toward its close last July, he exercised his veto power for the eleventh of 12 times, shutting down “The Presidential Allowance Modernization Act of 2016.” The bill, which easily passed both houses of Congress, would have reduced former presidents’ pensions and staff allowances dollar for dollar if their other incomes exceeded $400,000 per year. In the wake of Obama’s decision to accept a $400,00 fee for a Wall Street speaking engagement this [continue reading…]

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May 052017
What Lies Ahead

by Kim Pederson…….  At the end of the 19th century, French commercial artist Jean-Marc Cote created a series of illustrated cards envisioning what the world would be like in the year 2000 (see examples here). Besides the classroom shown below, where the teacher grinds up books and feeds them electronically into students’ heads, Cote foresaw things like flying firemen, whale-powered submarine commuting, an electric floor scrubber, and a mobile home. These cards were first put in cigar and cigarette boxes and then printed as postcards. [continue reading…]

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May 052017
KWPD Mounted Unit Fundraiser at La te da

On Wednesday evening, April 26, 60 ticket holders experienced a four-course culinary adventure at La te da, impeccably served with select wine pairings and followed by a one-man all-live female impersonation show extravaganza presented by Tracey Towers (aka Trey Forsyth). Co-hosted by La te da proprietor Christopher Rounds and local businesswoman Jane Gardner, an estimated $25,000 raised at the event benefits a fund to purchase and donate new equipment for the Key West Police Department Mounted Patrol Unit horses. “The Key West City budget provides [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Remembering Deputy Killed in Traffic Accident 19 Years Ago

This week the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is remembering the death of Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Alexander, who was killed in the line of duty in a traffic accident May 3rd, 1998. Deputy Alexander had just left roll call at the Plantation Key Substation and was on the way to his duty station at the Ocean Reef Resort. He had pulled off of the highway and onto Val Jean Way, in Tavernier. He was stopped at a stop sign at Val Jean Way and Highway U.S. [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Blackburn to Showcase Photographic Works

Local photographer Larry Blackburn will show his photographic works on Friday, May 5th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. as part of the First Friday Upper Duval Art Stroll. The exhibit will feature new photographs of familiar sights around Key West as well as images captured in the South American country of Ecuador. The photographs are printed on different mediums including canvas, metal, metallic paper and acrylic. The exhibit will take place at the newest gallery in Key West, “The Salty Gallery” which is located [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Kinetic Coaches in Schools Program Helps Young Minds Move Forward

Adult artists, engineers, and other community creatives aren’t the only ones preparing their human-powered sculptures for the upcoming Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade. This year, multiple Key West schools and two “Kinetic Coaches” have joined in the craze, innovatively engaging in STEAM initiatives and the exploration of social commentary that parade namesake Stanley Papio was well known for— as they transform tricycles into Kinetic Sculpture Float entries for the May 6th parade. “A kinetic parade is the perfect amalgamation of STEAM subjects,” says Director of Education [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Kids Can Get Kinetic with These Family-Friendly Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade Events

With the Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade just around the bend, kids and their caregivers can easily join in on the fun with a bevy of events created just for them: “Kinetic Flash,” a free pre-parade workshop that also invites kids to march in the Saturday, May 6 parade, a Sunday, May 7 “Papio Picnic & Kinetic Kids Day” at Fort East Martello’s courtyard, and free museum entry into Fort East Martello Museum with a special exhibit tour of the Stanley Papio collection that same day [continue reading…]

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May 052017
The Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade and 7 Great Reasons to Roll

Key West Art & Historical Society invites artists, builders and assemblers to put their creative and engineering genius on display for the Second Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture and Art Bike Parade, set for Saturday, May 6th, with additional festivities on Friday and Sunday. Here are 7 great reasons you should roll yourselves there! IT’S FAMILY FRIENDLY, art-inspired, human-powered fun! Think art with parts that move. YOU CAN PUT SOME FUNK INTO YOUR JUNK. Excellent excuse for dumpster diving adventures and recycling your Fantasy Fest costumes [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Letter Carrier Food Drive Day

Mayor Craig Cates has proclaimed May 13th as Letter Carrier Food Drive Day to remind the community to support this important annual drive. The National Association of Letter Carriers sponsors the nationwide food drive and the local branch uses it to make a major impact on the supply of food in food pantries in Key West. Postal carriers are urging the community to help feed those in need by – on that Saturday – leaving non-perishable food items by their mailboxes for the local letter [continue reading…]

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May 052017
May 13th Speaker, Matthew Martin

Saturday, May 13th at 1:30pm: “Protecting Plants and Wildlife at Boca Chica Naval Base” is the topic presented by Matthew Martin, Natural Resource Manager, Naval Air Station Key West. Martin is a conservation biologist whose previous experience includes National Park Service, EPA, and Fish and Wildlife. These assignments took him to diverse East-coast habitats where he worked on projects involving many threatened or endangered species from land, air and water. Large swaths of Lower Keys’ habitat lie within restricted military reserves. It may be reassuring [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Photo Club Meeting: Wed. May 10th, 2017

Looking for a new adventure? We invite you to attend the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Photography Club meeting. We welcome everyone, from beginners wanting to learn, to experienced photographers who want to share their expertise. Together we’ll explore the natural areas of the Florida Keys looking for great photography opportunities and stories to share. Bring 3-5 photos to share. Learn about our upcoming field trips and photo classes. We’ll have all photos from the 2017 Refuge Photo Contest on display for your enjoyment. The [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Key West Mystery Fest Welcomes Renowned Spinners of Suspense and Intrigue

Interested in bloodstain pattern analysis, forensic science, how to craft the perfect crime – or just like to hang out with fascinating storytellers? Then follow the clues to the 4th Annual Mystery Fest Key West, set for June 16-18, 2017 at the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Grand Key. During a weekend of panels, presentations and social events, Fest guests will learn first-hand how to craft tales of crime, murder and mystery from a stellar line-up of mystery and suspense luminaries and true-crime experts and even [continue reading…]

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May 052017
Jazz-Age Retrospectacular

Mystery Dinner Moves to Blue Heaven Jazz-Age Retrospectacular: Mystery Dinner Theatre or call 305-290-2796 Blue Heaven Restaurant, 729 Thomas St. Key West FL, 33040 Saturday, May 6th, 2017 6pm-8pm Join a Mystery Game & Live Music, with Interactive Theatre. Mixdeity Presents the Jazz-Age Retrospectacular’s “Mystery Dinner Theatre Game”. This costume party & show is hosted by local vocalist, Rock Solomon. Arrive early to get your “character package” because interwoven between plot twists & live music, we need your help to solve this whodunnit. [continue reading…]

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