Apr 282017

by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. By the time tragedy struck last year Depoo Hospital’s mental health staff had sent many distress signals. The Blue Paper has collected reports about staff being attacked by patients, disagreements with the police about carrying guns, understaffing, a security guard having a heart attack trying to protect staff. Finally, a patient committed suicide on camera. 

Apr 282017
Petit Theft at Marathon Publix / Detectives Need Help Identifying Young Couple

Deborah Johnson and Vincent Torres responded to Publix grocery store in Marathon Tuesday afternoon. The manager wanted to report a theft of groceries the day before. The manager produced a surveillance photo of a couple who came into Publix in Marathon at 6:45 p.m. on Monday. They had an empty shopping cart, as if shopping. They Walked around the store and filled a Publix plastic shopping bag with items. They also put items into the cart.

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Apr 282017
Tax Reform: Two Places to Start

by Thomas L. Knapp……. An anonymous announcement of a forthcoming public announcement: On April 26, an anonymous White House source says, the Trump administration “will outline our broad principles and priorities …. We are moving forward on comprehensive tax reform that cuts tax rates for individuals, simplifies our overly-complicated system and creates jobs by making American businesses competitive.”

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Apr 282017
Two Shopping Centers

by B. Vigilant……. Key West and Marathon have both Winn Dixie and Publix grocery stores. Should Big Pine Key also have two? The County is once again being asked if a Publix can replace the Big Pine Key flea market. This raises two questions: 1- Does this area ‘need’ a second grocery store? 2- How will the required commercial floor space be obtained? Shoppers will ultimately answer the ‘need’ question based on individual opinions about parking, checkout lines, products and service. The County will answer [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
8 Years is Enough

by Walter Lagraves……. We’ve got to give Phil Goodman of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Authority (Bug Board) huge kudos for strongly advocating term limiting the Bug Board. He’s the Chairman. Term limits are a principle that he has previously championed. Back then it was defeated by long term Bug Board incumbents. Term limits are a principle whose time has come here in Monroe County. The reasons for it are legion, not just for the Bug Board, but for all of our elected policy making [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
Every Breath You Take

by Kim Pederson……. My wife Kalo wrote a beautiful poem about searching for inspiration in various places (a donut shop, CVS, the public library) and not finding it and, in not finding it, finding it, despite her closing stanza lines “At my computer reading Bukowski: writing about writer’s block is better than not writing at all. Do I believe him? Do you believe him? If only.” So what is inspiration? Fortunately, you don’t have to depend on me to define the undefinable because David Brooks, [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
Is it Noble or Foolish - or Both?

by Ray Jason……. The wind arrived swiftly. The waves built more slowly – but also more dangerously. Suddenly AVENTURA was no longer gently tugging at her anchor. She was lunging and jerking perilously. I let out more chain to calm her, but the seas kept pounding us. The gorgeous little island with its massive coral formations had protected me from the prevailing winds for the last two days. But now that we had swung around 180 degrees, those reefs were a million-machete menace. I had [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017

Wolves were here when these woods crept to the precarious edge of town. How their tails would fly at each season’s count pinned on the walls of barns! So men cleared all their troubles out. Those dark dens are dooryards now; the foliage of the wilderness is trimmed; the last murky swamp, solid ground. New wolves wait, a more patient breed, at the other end of the well-trod stairs, behind the smiles for the cocktail hour, in proper rooms of barren mien, along the streets [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
Horse Donated to KWPD Mounted Unit

Meet Savannah, the newest member of the Key West Police Department’s Mounted Unit. The tall palomino draft horse was recently donated by Dr. Louis Spelios. Officers Mike Wolf and Matt Johnson rode to Island Dental this afternoon to present Dr. Spelios with a plaque in gratitude for this newest addition to the equine team. The Mounted Unit now consists of Officers Johnson and Wolf, along with Savannah, Scout and Shmoo. The mounted officers can be seen daily in their rounds around the island. Horses provide [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
Six Short Plays on Key West Personalities to Be Performed by Key West Fringe Theater

“Who’s that Key West character?”  That’s the question that will be buzzing among those who attend next Tuesday’s Key West Fringe Theater performances of six short plays.  They were written by participants in the Fringe playwriting workshop these past three months.  Led by Toby Armour, playwright and actor, the six play writers have honed each of their plays written for the seminar into a ten-minute exploration of the life and character of particularly interesting Key Westers.  The audience will not be told who they are, [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
"Art in the Garden" Opening May 3rd, 4-6pm

The famed gardens of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment included the art masterworks as counterpoint to the natural beauty of the botanical realm. Each year, the Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden on Stock Island emulates those storied sites by adding sculptural works by local artist. But while the classical gardens are usually statements about the power of humankind over nature, “Art in the Garden” emphasizes harmony with nature. Works are earth-friendly in the selection of materials (including recycled and natural “debris”) and themes. [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
Baltimore's Award-Winning Kinetic Sculpture Float Creator Frank Conlan to Give Special Presentation on Kinetics, Friday, May 5

Award-winning kinetic sculpture float creator Frank Conlan, shown here enjoying the view from “Fiah Twuck,” a Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race creation, will appear at the Custom House Museum Friday, May 5 at 6PM for a special Key West Art & Historical Society Distinguished Speaker Series presentation, followed by a short champagne reception on the porch. The self-taught artist and Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race veteran will discuss the history of the Baltimore race, its association with the American Visionary Art Museum and some of the in’s [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
Opening Soon at Marathon Community Theatre

Marathon, FL – The final mainstage production of the season at Marathon Community Theatre is scheduled to open May 4 and run through May 21, 2017. Bathroom Humor is a hilarious farce written by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore, also the authors of Love, Sex and the I.R.S. The entire play takes place in the bathroom of a swanky home during an office party. Everyone feels obligated to attend even though most would rather not be there. To escape the drunks and usual dumb [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
Cooking with Angelica of Grimal Grove

Grimal Grove has partnered with The Children’s School providing cooking classes, garden classes and composting. This week Ms. Angelica from Grimal Grove brought in a cocao and the students utilized cocoa butter and cocoa powder derived from the cacoa plant as well as bees wax to make lip balm.

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Apr 282017
Womankind Names New Executive Director

  Womankind’s board of directors has promoted Carolyn “Cali” Roberts to the executive director position effective May 1st.  Cali has served as the medical center’s assistant director for nine years. Board president Colleen Quirk stated: “Cali is brilliant and has worked hard for Womankind for many years, taking care of everything from fundraisers to IT issues to billing. She knows everything there is to know about our agency.  The board feels very fortunate she has accepted the position.  Our agency will be in great hands.” Current executive director [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
Dan Ayers-Price, KWAHS Director of Retail Operations Selected as New President of the Florida Chapter of the Museum Store Association

Shopping with the President—Dan Ayers-Price, Key West Art & Historical Society Director of Retail Operations, has been selected as the new President of the Florida Chapter of the Museum Store Association, which also covers all of South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda. Ayers-Price replaces outgoing President Terry Aulisio of the Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, Florida. The Society’s three museum stores—at the Custom House Museum, Fort East Martello, and the Lighthouse and Keeper’s Quarters— have seen a dramatic increase in sales and community presence [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
Anne McKee Artist's Fund Announces 2017 Grant Winners

The Board of Directors of the Anne McKee Artists Fund recently awarded 12 project-based grants to Florida Keys visual, performing and literary artists. The awards support specific creative projects proposed by each recipient. Established in 1994 by Anne McKee, a longtime Key West resident and supporter of the arts, the Fund assists talented individuals with qualified creative endeavors. Since its inception, the Fund has awarded over $250,000 to visual artists, writers and performing artists who live in Monroe County. The Fund’s 2017 grant recipients are: [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
Disney Conservation Fund Grant Supports Reef Relief

Reef Relief’s youth education programs grow thanks to Disney Conservation Fund grant! The Disney Conservation Fund focuses on reversing the decline of wildlife and increasing the time kids spend in nature. Since its inception in 1995, DCF has provided approximately $65 million to support conservation programs in 115 countries. For the 3rd year, The Disney Conservation Fund is supporting Reef Relief’s Coral Reef Youth Education Program including the Discover Coral Reefs School Program and Coral Camp for Kids Program. Reef Relief has provided the Discover [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
“29 Points of Interest” Historical Trolley Tours

The Matecumbe Historical Trust Presents the “29 Points of Interest” Historical Trolley Tours on the islands of Islamorada on Saturday, May 6th and May 20th starting at the Islamorada Moose Lodge, 81573 Old Hwy. A monitor is located at the front of the trolley showing photos of what things were like in the past and then you see what they are like today. The first tour begins at 10:00 am. Additional tours will be added to accommodate demand. Tours will take approximately one hour. Reservations [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
May Sands Montesorri Student Wins VFW Essay Award

May Sands Montesorri 8th grader Nico Concepcion is congratulated by Rod Delostrinos and May Sands Montesorri Principal Lynn Barras at a recent VFW reception for winning “The Patriots Pen,” a district-wide essay contest that the VFW sponsors annually. Concepcion was also awarded $500 for his essay, entitled “The America I Believe In.” May Sands Montessori is a free, lottery-based public school that is open to all children and strives to reflect the diversity of our community while guiding students in the development of curiosity, self-motivation and respect. For more information or to [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
“Be Happy Hour” at The Green Pineapple Wellness Center

The Green Pineapple Wellness Center’s “Be Happy Hour” — the Center’s mixer for like-minded people—continues on Wednesday, May 3rd from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, featuring a complimentary glass of champagne, organic wine and beer tastings, food and drink specials, music, special discounts on retail and services, and a place for those who are wellness-oriented to socialize and have some fun. Also featured will be live music from singer/songwriter Eric Levy, and a chance to learn more about the Key West holistic community and the people within [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
Turtle Nesting Season

It’s time again for one of the more spectacular natural events in the Keys — turtle nesting season. The City of Key West wants to remind residents and visitors to keep the lights out near the beaches so that turtles can lay their eggs in peace and the hatchlings can find their way safely to the water. Hatchlings naturally run toward light, so we’re asking that anyone living near the beach turn off the outdoor lighting and close your shades or curtains and if at [continue reading…]

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Apr 282017
KWAHS: Youth Education

Sara Ayers-Rigsby (center), M.A., RPA, Director of the Florida Public Archaeology Network’s, Southeast/Southwest regions, holds images of an earthenware vessel and a rat, set pieces in a game of archaeology based on the 1559 “Emanuel Point” shipwreck. Horace O’Bryant Middle School students learned how time and environment impact sunken ships and their cargo’s, and how wreck sites are documented and preserved at a Key West Art & Historical Society workshop taught by Ayers-Rigsby at Fort East Martello on Friday.

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Apr 282017
Hog's Breath Entertainment

Jimmy Parrish at The Hog’s Breath Saloon Jimmy Parrish will be at the Hog’s Breath Saloon, 400 Front St., May 1 – 7, from 5:30 – 9:30 p.m. A native Floridian, Jimmy has been singing and playing for twenty-seven years and performing actively along the east coast since 1990. After forming The Ocean Waves Band in 2000, his goal was to entertain the Parrot Heads and audiences throughout the region with an island style tropical flavor. Jimmy’s music has grown quite large in popularity over [continue reading…]

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