Mar 032017
Officer Reprimanded for "Attitude Arrest " of Homeless Man

by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. A Blue Paper report about the rough arrest of Kristopher Knight in front of Key West’s Publix grocery store last month created quite a stir among our readers. The initial bystander video showed Mr. Knight screaming in pain while Key West police officers were handling him. His hands were already cuffed and his legs had been tied with some sort of leash [a hobble strap]. It was not clear what kind of resistance the short 25-year-old would still have been able to [continue reading…]

Mar 032017
Guest Column: Key Haven Failures and New Development

by Margaret Blank……. Update: I emailed county staff asking about this one. I copied members of the Keys media, too. That’s my new thing. If I hear anything (doubtful!) I’ll let you know. I was perusing Monroe County’s Comprehensive Plan Update the other day and I saw something very interesting. Objective 901.1 Monroe County shall ensure that, at the time a certificate of occupancy, or its functional equivalent is issued, adequate sanitary wastewater treatment and disposal facilities, including wastewater treatment facilities and onsite sewage treatment [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
The Last Open Lot

by Ben Volpian……. It appears that in the near future there will be a combined meeting of the Key West City Commission, the Bahama Village Redevelopment Advisory Committee (BVRAC) and the Truman Waterfront Advisory Board (TWAB), of which I am a member, but writing here as a private citizen. I’m not sure if this meeting will be a tug-of-war or a food fight (build vs. don’t build – build vs. don’t build), because I’m guessing that the main topic to be discussed will be – to [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
Synopsis of Commissioner Romero's Community Meeting & Questionnaire Responses

Dear Community Members, I apologize for the delay in putting together and getting out to you the synopsis of our community meeting held on February 6th. I have previously tried to have the synopsis out to you within two weeks. I hope you will be understanding of the delay. I spent many hours in research and data preparation, as well as question preparation, for two major recent items – the amphitheater item and the use of a City Hall property for $1.00 per year as [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
Sanctuary Cities and Immigrant Rights to Headline ACLU Town Hall/Forum in March

The Florida Keys Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of will hold a town hall forum, “Key West: Sanctuary City? A Conversation about Immigrant Rights,” on March 9 from 7 – 9 PM at the Harvey Government Center, 1200 Truman Ave, Key West. The forum is free and open to the public. Panelists are: FIU Professor Erik Camayd-Freixas; Key West Immigration Attorney Wayne Dapser, Jonathan Fried, executive director of We-Count! ; and Howard Simon, Executive Director of the ACLU of Florida. Former Columbia [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
The War on Marijuana is Ending. Disarm Jeff Sessions.

by Thomas L. Knapp……. Jeff Sessions doesn’t “think America is going to be a better place when more people of all ages and particularly young people start smoking pot.” He’s worried about the possibility of “marijuana being sold at every corner grocery store.” Because, you see, “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” America disagrees. A majority of US states (28) have modified their laws to recognize the medical benefits of cannabis over the last two decades. More recently voters in eight of those states, representing 25% [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
The Immigration Enforcement Police State is Here

by Thomas L. Knapp……. February 7: Muhammad Ali, Jr., returning to the US from a speaking engagement in Jamaica, is detained for two hours at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and questioned about his name and religious beliefs. February 22: Passengers disembarking from a domestic (San Francisco to New York) flight at JFK airport are held up by US Customs and Border Protection agents demanding their IDs. February 24: Jeffrey Tucker of the Foundation for Economic Education clears the usual security checks at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
Man Found Dead on Lower Matecumbe Key

A man reported missing from Winter Garden, Florida was found dead in a wooded area of Lower Matecumbe Key Monday afternoon. The Sheriff’s Office received a call from Winter Garden Police regarding missing person Eric Russel Noyes, 53 years of age. They said they had information from a cell phone ping that Noyes was on Lower Matecumbe Key. They had information he might be staying in a wooded area near the Safari Lounge and Caloosa Cove Marina. Just south of that area, Deputy Ralph Williams [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
Amphitheater Construction Underway

The community could almost hear the strummin’ of the six-string today as they gathered at the Truman Waterfront Park for the groundbreaking for the new amphitheater. Among the shovel-toting dignitaries were members of the City Commission as well as J.L. Jamison, Jimmy Buffett’s stage manager. Jamison has been working as with the City regarding the sound design of the new facility. The amphitheater, which will provide a gathering space for a variety of community events, is expected to be completed in late September.

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Mar 032017
A Pantheist Makes a Pilgrimage

by Ray Jason……. My heroes do not score touchdowns or lead armies or star in movies. Instead, those in my Pantheon think deeply and dream elegantly and write poetically. They are secular saints, who tried to decipher the mysteries of the human condition and who shared their discoveries with all of us. Out of reverence for their quests, I have tried to visit some of the places that were crucial to their personal and artistic development. I sat on the stone foundation of Thoreau’s tiny [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
Deepity Doodoo

by Kim Pederson……. The day after President Trump’s first state of the union address that for some reason they don’t call the SUA for a first timer, it seems appropriate to bring up the concept of deepity (thanks, Randy!). Deepity is a word not coined but adopted by philosopher Daniel Dennett. According to Wikipedia, Dennett used “deepity” for a statement that is apparently profound, but is actually trivial on one level and meaningless on another. Generally, a deepity has two (or more) meanings: one that [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017

What features are there to see when a creature’s size is beyond recall and the smallest measuring stick ignores the larger need for human sight to detect details as a face with eyes if that body’s head can only be defined as a period’s pin prick dropped from some forgotten page? Should we revere a nonentity with neither name nor thought or ever envy those who fly when we see how bugs, given wings, identify their annoying lives with the gift of flight by flying [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
Open Letter To The School Board

by Dr. Larry Murray……. I have repeatedly raised the issue of MCSD having appropriate policies for the processing of Public Records Requests. After several conversations, it occurs to me that I may have been using the wrong term and thus confusing matters. Yes, MCSD does have very general policies regarding Public Records. What it does not have are WRITTEN PROCEDURES for processing Public Records Requests. There is nothing that identifies to whom a request should be sent and who is responsible for both the processing [continue reading…]

Mar 032017
Many Questions about Purchase of Fish House on Stock Island

An Open Letter to the County Mayor and County Commissioners Dear County Commissioners: Before you buy the fish house on Stock Island what is your business plan? Some Questions: 1. Will the docks and land be “free” to the fishermen? 2. If not then what will be the charge per square foot of land and or the dock space assigned to each boat? 3. Will taxes be assessed and paid for by the users or tenants. 4. Will the “sales tax” revenues being used to [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
Key West - Welcoming City?

by M.J. Taylor……. At least 10 US cities have reaffirmed their status as Sanctuary Cities in recent weeks, despite being in Trump’s crosshairs – and Key West, while not officially a Sanctuary City, reaffirmed its motto, One Human Family in early December. One city commissioners, Jimmy Weekley, would like to see the city declare itself a “Welcoming City” if not a Sanctuary City, per se. Key West police officers already have a “hands off” policy when it comes to immigrant status. It is not routine [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
Captain Ed's Public Comment on Spin Doctor Hire

by Capt Ed Davidson, Chairman, Fl Keys Citizens Coalition, former SclBd Dist 3……. Draft notes of School Board mtg Public Comment Tue 28 Feb by Capt Ed Like many other expensive new positions added to the School District payroll by the Porter Administration (more than a few in the $100,000 range), the long-sought-after Spin Doctor is going to be paid a lot of tax payers’ money to perform duties that were formerly part of Mark Porter’s original job description, but have now become part of his [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
Former FHP Trooper Arrested

Former FHP Trooper, Dentist and Body Shop Owner Charged Alleged Hit and Run with Serious Injury, False Police Report and Insurance Fraud Lead to Arrests MIAMI DADE, Fla. – As a result of a joint investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol, Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, the Miami Beach Police Department, the Miami-Dade Police Department and Florida’s Division of Insurance Fraud. Former Florida Highway Patrol Trooper David Casillas, automobile body shop owner Ariel Perera, and Miami Beach dentist Jesus Enrique Del Valle have been charged with [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
Second Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture and Art Bike Parade—Call for Artists, Builders, Assemblers

The Key West Art & Historical Society invites artists, builders and assemblers to put their creative and engineering genius to play and on display for the Second Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture and Art Bike Parade, set for May 5-7. Small and simple or elegantly engineered, teams of any number and age are welcome to enter this pedaled or pushed sculpture parade. Registration is $25 for kinetic sculpture floats and $15 for art bikes, with registration fees waived for Society members. Cash prizes will be awarded [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
Transit Job Fair

Don’t miss the bus! Learn what it takes to become a City of Key West bus driver and earn a starting wage of $15.39 per hour. The City of Key West is holding a two job fairs to recruit drivers for our transit system. There are full time and part time positions available and training for qualified applicants. The job fairs will be held from 10 a.m. until noon on Thursday, March 8th and 10 a.m. until noon on Saturday, March 11th at the Transit [continue reading…]

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Mar 032017
Go Play Outside! Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges’ Outdoor Fest Offers Lots for Kids of All Ages

Over the last few years, studies in science indicate that spending time in nature comes with many benefits, including physical health and mental wellness. When it comes to kids, the benefits can also help develop a sense of connection — not only to the plants and animals around them, but to themselves, each other, and their families. For kids living in and visiting the Florida Keys, there are plenty of year-round reasons to get outside, and with all that’s offered in the four Florida Keys [continue reading…]

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