Jan 132017
Oceanside Marina / Time for an Independent Opinion?

This article was updated on Feb 5, 2017 Editorial by Naja Girard……. For the past several weeks The Blue Paper has been reporting on the controversial new hotel that just opened at Oceanside Marina on Stock Island. “Have you seen this article?” asked Commissioner Heather Carruthers in an email to the Planning Director, Mayte Santamaria, “Are the premises correct? Have we been hoodwinked? Or do they not have all the information? I think this warrants a response.” This week Ms. Santamaria, produced a 22-page document. [continue reading…]

Jan 132017
Women's March on Duval Day

Commissioners Jimmy Weekley, Richard Payne and Sam Kaufman proclaimed January 21st Women’s March on Duval Day during last week’s City Commission meeting. “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes the inherent dignity and equal and unalienable rights of all members of the human family as the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,” reads the proclamation. The march is the local manifestation in support of a planned march on Washington the protection of women’s rights, safety, and health. The Women’s March on Washington [continue reading…]

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Jan 132017
Last Stand Annual Meeting Features Author Cynthia Barnett

Last Stand will hold its annual meeting on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 6:00 pm, at The Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton Street in Key West. This year’s program features award-winning environmental journalist and author Cynthia Barnett on the human relationship with weather and climate, and what that history has to tell us about adapting to future climate change. Ms. Barnett is the author of three books on water, including her latest, Rain: A Natural and Cultural History, longlisted for the National Book Award, [continue reading…]

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Jan 132017
In Honor Of Our WWII Veterans - National Wings Of Freedom Tour Landing In the Keys

The Wings of Freedom Tour of the WWII Vintage Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Consolidated B-24 Liberator, North American B-25 Mitchell and P-51 Mustang Announce Unique Display at the Florida Keys International Airport From January 30th to February 2nd. In honor of our WWII Veterans ~ The Collings Foundation’s Wings of Freedom Tour Brings Extremely Rare Bomber and Fighter Aircraft for Local Living History Display as Part of 110-city Nationwide Tour WHAT: Participating in the Collings Foundation’s WINGS OF FREEDOM TOUR, B-17 Flying Fortress “Nine O [continue reading…]

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Jan 132017
Woman Charged [Again] with Using Car as Deadly Weapon

A Key West woman is facing a felony charge and several misdemeanors after she attempted to run down a City employee with her car. Katerina Devlin, 37, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, criminal mischief and a municipal ordinance violation, all stemming from her wanting to use a private bathroom. Devlin was attempting to access private bathrooms at Land End Village, and public works employees directed her to the public bathrooms. Devlin became angry and began screaming at them, then [continue reading…]

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Jan 132017
Who's More Anti-American, Russia Today or the US Director of National Intelligence?

by Thomas L. Knapp……. Someone should take US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper aside for a talk. He desperately needs to be told that when you’re deep in a hole, the first step toward getting out is to stop digging. Clapper’s been in such a hole since 2013, when he got caught lying to Congress about the National Security Agency’s surveillance of and data collection on Americans. Oops. On January 6, he fired up a backhoe and dug himself six feet deeper when his [continue reading…]

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Jan 132017
Trump Inauguration

Dear Editor, As a yearly visitor to Key West, I understand the Conch Republic’s distance from worries of the Mainland. Still, I am shocked by the absence of any evidence of protest of the tainted election of an incoming bigot, homophobic, misogynist as President of the US (including all of Florida). What gives, Key West? Mindy Brown

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Jan 132017
Book Review: Don’t Read This Poetry Book

Book Review by Kirby Congdon……. Don’t Read This Poetry Book by Edgardo Alvarado-Vazquez Key West, Fl: Seastory Press, 2016 www.seastorypress.com ISBN 078-1-936818-36-5 This collection of drawings, obituaries and poems is a compendium, just now published in 2017. The flippant title suggests reticence about being in the public eye. However, as we get into this collection we become more aware of the depth of Mr. Vazquez’s life. There are references to Berlin, to the avantgarde artist, Keith Haring,  to the poet Rilke, to family, the Spanish [continue reading…]

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Jan 132017
Historical Theatrical Exchange

Although Key West sits 90 miles north of Havana, sometimes in the Florida Keys it feels like Cuba is more of a sibling than just a neighbor. Many of the oldest families in Key West are Cuban transplants, having come to the United States either before the two countries’ relations became strained or after, when it was a far more difficult and arduous journey. As a result, the island is imbued with a distinctly Cuban spirit and the Cuban cultural influence on local art and [continue reading…]

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Jan 132017
And Now for a Little, Very Little, Peace and Quiet

by Kim Pederson……. It’ everywhere, it’s everywhere! No, I’m not talking about Chicken Man. That’s “he’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!” I’m talking about noise pollution, one of the banes of living in developed societies that can drive you not just literally but actually crazy. You likely know what I’m talking about and if not, here’s the definition: noise pollution is “disturbing or excessive noise that may harm the activity or balance of human or animal life.” So what does noise pollution–generated outdoors mostly by machines, transportation [continue reading…]

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Jan 132017
Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

The City of Key West invites the community to join in celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, January 16th from noon until 4 p.m. at Nelson English Park at 300 Catherine Street. The family-oriented celebration will include free food, bounce houses, inspiring speeches, a parade and more in honor of the civil rights pioneer. Rev. Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his work in the civil rights movement. He was assassinated in Memphis in 1968 for his [continue reading…]

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Jan 132017
Marathon Friends of the Library Speaker Series

Friends of the Marathon Library Speaker Series Features Key West Mystery Writer Michael Haskins Michael Haskins, author of nine books in his Mick Murphy Key West Mystery series will be the featured speaker on Jan. 19. The location of the talk is St. Columba Episcopal Church, 451 52nd Street, Gulf side. Doors open at 1:30 p.m. Haskins’ writing career began with journalism and in 2008 his first book was published. At the time he worked as the public information officer for the City of Key [continue reading…]

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Jan 132017
Late Chief Assistant State Attorney Honored

Mayor Craig Cates and City Commissioners Richard Payne and Sam Kaufman have proclaimed January 7th through the 15th as Manny Madruga Week in honor the dedicated Chief Assistant State Attorney who died in November. Commissioner Payne, a retired judge, spoke compassionately to Madruga’s daughter Natalie and her mother Annie, remembering Madruga as a consummate public servant dedicated to justice. Chief Assistant State Attorney Manuel E. “Manny” Madruga, following graduation from the University of Miami Law School in 1990, served his entire 27-year legal career as [continue reading…]

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