Dec 232016
In Search of the Hospital District Subsidized "Primary Care Clinic"

by Martha K. Huggins, Ph.D……. Be Compassionate and Giving; Welcome the Stranger.  The sacred texts of major world religions—Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism—talk of the inherent goodness of the poor and extol followers to welcome the stranger and assist the needy.  Capitalism– in most of the modern world–elevated to that of a religion, considers poor people risky, a nuisance, and fiscally dangerous: Mere ‘things’ requiring “risk management.” Contracts are written and legal opinions delivered, to protect corporate wealth and its very well-paid executives [continue reading…]

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Dec 232016
Radio-Collaring of Key Deer to Begin Soon

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and our partners will begin putting radio collars and tags on Key deer beginning around the new year, and will continue through the month until the goal is met. The primary objective of this effort is to monitor females during the fawning season for screwworm infestation, and if needed, to facilitate the administration of preventative treatments and/or moving them to holding pens. The tags will also provide data to improve our ability to estimate the population, and identify [continue reading…]

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Dec 232016
Secret Santa

Some Key West residents got a big surprise on Wednesday when Key West Police Officers pulled them over but, instead of ticketing them, gave them $100 bills! A generous and anonymous donor provided the Department with $5000 for a community give-back program. This afternoon, led by Chief Donie Lee and Captains Sean Brandenburg and JR Torres, officers approached random members of the community and gave them cards containing the money and this message, which came from the donor: “Greetings, My wife and I have the money [continue reading…]

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Dec 232016
Sheriff's Crime Report

Teen flees from traffic stop, is stopped with stinger spikes An 18 year old from Washington D.C. fled from a traffic stop on Summerland Key Thursday night; he was finally stopped in Marathon when deputies used Stinger Spikes to puncture the tires on his vehicle. Just before 10 p.m. Sheriff’s dispatchers received information a blue Ford Mustang was driving recklessly at a high rate of speed northbound from the 17 mile marker of the Highway. Deputy John Gabay spotted the car as it passed the [continue reading…]

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Dec 232016
Capital Punishment: Can we Cut it Out Already?

by Thomas L. Knapp……. The Hill reports that capital punishment is fading away in America. Government employees have ceremonially killed fewer prisoners this year (20) than in any year since 1991, and fewer criminals (30) have been sentenced to death than in any year since the option became available again in 1976 (after a US Supreme Court ruling resulted in a four-year national moratorium). There seem to be several reasons for the precipitous decline, ranging from difficulty getting the drugs used in executions (manufacturers and [continue reading…]

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Dec 232016
Raid Encryption: This Should Be The New Normal

by Thomas L. Knapp……. “When government agents raid Uber’s offices,” Business Insider reports, “the company springs into action with an immediate response: it shuts everything down and encrypts all its computers.” That claim comes from documents filed by former Uber forensic investigator Samuel Ward Spangenberg, who’s suing the company for age discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, and defamation. Merits of the lawsuit aside, the details of Uber’s raid response protocol are fascinating. They should be standard practice for every company which electronically stores and transmits sensitive information [continue reading…]

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Dec 232016
Florida a Leader in Suspending Drivers’ Licenses for Non-Driving-Related Drug Offenses

By William Patrick/From……. Florida suspends more drivers’ licenses as a result of drug convictions than almost any other state in the country, but the punishment creates more problems than it actually solves, according to a criminal justice reform group. New research by the Prison Policy Institute, a national nonprofit dedicated to reducing mass incarceration, shows Florida suspends on average about 24,430 drivers’ licenses a year due to non-driving-related drug offenses. Only Michigan and Virginia suspend more. In a report called “Reinstating Common Sense,” author [continue reading…]

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Dec 232016
Norm Higgins Remembered

Dear Editor: Mere words are unable to describe the brilliance, magnitude and unyielding compassion possessed within the personhood of Norman Higgins. His uncompromising love and ability to forgive, under all circumstances, were qualities he was never without. Mr. Higgins is a far better man than I. To a certain extent we were cut from the same cloth. Born and raised in big cities, he from Chicago, myself from New York City; we both enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served combat tours in [continue reading…]

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