Dec 092016
Fight at Key West High / Student Arrested

IF PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE TO SURVIVE… Commentary by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. Last week’s Blue Paper report on the re-segregation of Key West’s public schools has generated a lot of comments and questions.  What makes the new charter schools so appealing to mostly white parents? The video of a recent fight at Key West High speaks for itself. Academics are a great concern for parents and so is safety. We had previously received similar reports of kids ganging up on a lone student: Four kids [continue reading…]

Dec 092016
The DNC’s Epic Fail

by Alex Symington……. I, like millions of other good people in this dubious democracy, woke up November 9 to the news that Donald Trump had garnered more Electoral College votes than Hillary Clinton. There still is the issue that HRC had a surplus of popular votes greater than Obama had to defeat Mitt Romney, but never mind that annoying fact. The rapturous joy of Trump supporters was equaled only by the incredulity of the DNC and members of the Democratic Party. The tsunami of conflicting negative [continue reading…]

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Dec 092016
Boeing's Iran Business: The War Party Versus American Jobs

by Thomas L. Knapp……. In June, US aerospace company Boeing inked an agreement with Iran Air to produce 109 passenger aircraft. Estimated value: $25 billion. The agreement represents the biggest business interaction between the US and Iran since that country’s 1979 Islamic revolution. On November 17, the US House of Representatives voted 243-174 to block the deal. The Senate seems unlikely to follow suit president Barack Obama would almost certainly veto the bill, but Boeing’s stock took a temporary 2% tumble on the vote. Why [continue reading…]

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Dec 092016

by Kirby Congdon……. Soliloquy Each branch was poised on the silent air. No leaf stirred and no bird sang but one crow called and then was still. The sky was dull but light seeped through. The ocean’s line, drawn, was far and long as the sad surf’s sound still drew the earth’s edge as firm where oceans end out there under another world that only sound’s silence can comprehend.   – Kirby Congdon

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Dec 092016
Amateur Night

by M.R. Willison……. Who are those scowling faces congealed from their resentful pasts? And smiling unctuous ones oozing from sanctimony? Or the tweeters and those who weave their fabrications into whole-cloth fantasy? They are disaster’s chorus who used to flutter at the screens but now have breached them by inattention and design to cluster at the incandescent source, to crackle their own and our skins, too in the game of power. The head conniver, having wrung concession from the prior prissy management convenes his random [continue reading…]

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Dec 092016
Icelandic Pentameter

by Kim Pederson……. So I was thinking about some reasons to move to Iceland today. One, Donald Trump would not be president there. Two, they have polar bears. Oh wait. They eat people. Scratch that one. Two, they have Jacuzzis everywhere (better known as hot springs). Three, they have Norwegian roots, as do I. Four, they have the Icelandic Phallological Museum (better known as the Penis Museum). Five, according to the island’s official website, “thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys a cool, temperate maritime [continue reading…]

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Dec 092016
Sex in the Pool at Parrot Key Resort Triggers Slap Fight Between Old Friends

The following is a true story taken from a KWPD incident report dated 12/7/2016. The names have been disguised to ensure Ms. X’s spouse doesn’t hear about it here – just in case this sort of thing would upset him…or her…. Ms. “X”, 48, told Key West Police Officer Kristopher Bouvier that she was sitting on the bed in the hotel room eating when her friend, Ms. “Y”, 52, entered the room and intentionally knocked the food out of her hand and called her a whore. Ms. [continue reading…]

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Dec 092016
Drug Sweep Nets Arrests

Key West Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit has been conducting undercover drug operations that have resulted in 26 recent arrests, and several more arrest warrants. The unit was assisted by Homeland Security Investigations, the DEA, the Monroe County Sherriff’s Office and Customs and Border Protection. The joint operations combine undercover detectives, special agents and confidential informants making narcotics purchases on the streets of Key West. Most of the resulting charges were for the sale of cocaine, however a few were for the sale of controlled [continue reading…]

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Dec 092016
Sheriff's Crime Report

Key West man faces drug charges A Key West man who was driving erratically is facing drug charges after a traffic stop Friday afternoon. Deputy Matthew Corey stopped the white Chrysler at 1:45 p.m. Friday after he spotted it speeding northbound at 17th Street in Marathon. He had received previous information from a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent who had seen the vehicle passing in a no passing zone at the 15 mile marker of the highway and driving carelessly on the Seven Mile [continue reading…]

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Dec 092016
New Coming-of-Age Novel Recalls South Florida in the Stormy 1960s

Author Book Signing and Q&A Friday, January 6 at 6:00 PM Books and Books at The Studios of Key West 533 Eaton St, Key West, FL 33040 Laced with humor and peopled with colorful characters, The Skinny Years, by award-winning author Raul Ramos y Sanchez, recalls South Florida during the 1960s, a decade rocked by the seismic shocks of the cold war, the civil rights movement and the hippie counter culture. Called “gritty and witty” by Foreword Reviews, The Skinny Years is drawn from memories [continue reading…]

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Dec 092016
Marines with Supra-Natural Healing Powers? Key West Author’s Debut Novel Says Yes!

M. N. SNow (sic), a former Marine Corps NCO and Key West resident, is excited to be releasing a debut novel, The Helper, just in time for the holiday season! The Helper combines contemporary, speculative fiction/magical realism with an ambiguous spirituality. Two parts Stephen King, one part Dennis Lehane/Mystic River, the story explores relationships between lovers, friends, families, and what Powers of Good there may be. The novel travels from the gritty Lake Superior port-cities and Indian Reservations of northern Wisconsin to the Jewish neighborhoods [continue reading…]

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Dec 092016
City Attorney Marks Ten Years of Service

Mayor Craig Cates and the Key West City Commission this week paid tribute to City Attorney Shawn Smith for a decade of dedicated service. “He serves the community with honesty and integrity and is a constant professional,” said Cates. “Though he does sometimes like to crack a joke and tease.” “I appreciate the trust and confidence you have shown me,” said Smith. “It truly is an honor.” Commissioner and former Judge Richard Payne noted that he watched Smith grow up in Key West and that he [continue reading…]

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Dec 092016
Cruises to Cuba with Stop in Key West – Beginning May 2017

Empress of the Seas Cruises to Cuba Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas has been rebuilt with Cuba in mind with special Boleros Salsa Club and an expanded Cigar Lounge. The new itinerary will include a round trip cruise from Tampa to Cozumel with stops in Key West and Havana. On Thursday the company requested dockage reservation for Mallory Square dock for May 21st, 2017, 12:30 – 19:00.

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