Nov 252016
Thanksgiving Celebrated at Homeless Shelter in Shadow of Terrible News

The homeless man was found face down on Smather’s Beach with his throat cut. Detectives are investigating. SHAL Raising Funds for Homeless Bus Tickets From SHAL’s Press Release: The Southernmost Homeless Assistance League (SHAL) is asking for community support for its popular reunification program this holiday season.

Nov 252016
Profitability of Advanced Placement Courses

by Larry Murray……. We are all familiar with the profitability of Advanced Placement courses for students. That is their main purpose. First of all, students receive a higher level of instruction in AP classes than is ordinarily the case. Because of the additional training given to TEACHERS, the quality of instruction is much higher. Equally important is the fact that students who score a 3 or higher on a 5 point scale are usually given college credit for the class. The net is that they [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Healthcare: Can it Survive the New Administration?

by John Hobbins, MD……. The mushroom cloud has cleared enough to see behind it. The exit polls have shown that the most common reason for voting for Trump was “the economy”, a euphemism for “what’s in it for me”. So a business man has been chosen to provide more for the “me’s” in our country. Never mind that this political neophyte’s rhetoric reeks of misogyny, racism, religious bigotry, and, ironically, a lack of respect for the very people this billionaire professes to represent – the middle [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Numbers of Key Deer Deaths Stabilizing

The number of Key deer deaths due to New World screwworm infestation has remained stable at 132 for more than a week; however, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) officials are remaining diligent with protection measures to save this endangered species. The screwworm outbreak has increased the normal mortality rate within the small population of this subspecies of white-tailed deer only found in the Florida Keys. As a result, USFWS has been working to determine population estimates to provide guidance for future operations to prevent [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
The Washington Post vs. "Fake News": Pot, Meet Kettle

by Thomas L. Knapp……. “Freedom of expression is a bedrock of American democracy,” the Washington Post’s editorial board writes in a November 18 jeremiad, “but its irresponsible exercise can distort and destabilize our politics.” The Post’s editors, mining the bottomless pit of mainstream media excuses for not predicting Donald Trump’s victory in November’s presidential election, think they’ve hit the mother lode with their newfound focus on “fake news” stories going viral in social media. The Post coming out against “fake news?” That’s rich, especially given [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Sheriff's Crime Report

Man arrested for armed robbery with knife A Stock Island man was arrested early today for robbing a Stock Island convenience store. 26 year old Israel Drago entered the Tom Thumb convenience store at 5:15 a.m. He was wearing a dark colored hooded jacket, a hat with a dark colored bandana over his face. He was armed with a large knife which he used to threaten the clerk in the store. He forced the clerk to hand over the money in the cash register and [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Confined--Unaware & Content...

by John Donnelly……. So filled with delusion and ignorance. Bound to ego consciousness and anger, unable to separate the wheat from the chaff. Violent in our thoughts and judgments, we’ve not learned much of anything, say to strike out and find fault. The manner in which the United States and most nations of the world educate their young stinks; and has stunk for a very long time. Thus, a steady stream of war and violence. In one American city the murder rate doubles that of [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Never Fear. All Is Well...Sort Of

by Kim Pederson……. Not surprisingly, many people here in the United States have been searching desperately for silver linings since November 8 (as many others celebrate finding theirs unexpectedly). So I went looking for TTCMUs (things to cheer me up) the other day and came across some news that, while not exactly good in nature, might be considered to have a silver hue by those desperate enough. Just to give you a clue, the title of the article I stumbled on is this: “One in [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Review of Key West Fringe Theater: "Alice's Parlor"

Key West Fringe Theater: “Alice’s Parlor” Nov. 16 – 20, 2016 St. Paul’s Parish Hall, 401 Duval Street Theater Review by Malcolm Willison……. Have you wondered what women put up with, and then didn’t, a hundred years ago? This year’s short run of Key West Fringe Theater’s season opener was indeed an eye-opener. The annual editions of the Fringe’s “Alice’s Parlor” until this year had been plays by Alice Gerstenberg and her colleagues in early 20th-century Chicago. This year the Fringe, under its new Artistic [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016

Window A holly branch, dodging shade, seeks its share of light as I, impatient, stare, unable to rearrange chance and change that a winter made. An artist invents a world that remains the same. The permanent keeps us sane. Even stars exfoliate gladness like some inner light expelled to mend a bad moment gone more sad that the universe, so big and easy! went mad. Kirby Congdon

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Nov 252016
Smith is Not a Scientist But He Did Try to Play One on TV

by Walter Lagraves……. Dear Editor: A recent Facebook video put up by NEVER AGAIN FOUNDATION LLC (slick name isn’t it!) featured a Mr. Smith damning the use of GMM to protect the public against Zika is worth checking out. Just for the record, Never Again Foundation LLC is a brand new group dedicated to halting the use of GMM in protecting you and I from Zika and other diseases. Smith immediately began misleading the viewer by stating that he was “down here testifying.” I don’t think [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Raining on the Sunshine

Public Comment by Captain Ed Davidson, Monroe County School Board, District 3……. Board comments at last evening’s school board meeting raise some serious, cautionary concerns about impending potential violations of Florida’s Government in the Sunshine law. When the issue of extending Superintendent Porter’s contract was raised, Andy Griffith stated that he wanted to vote on it at the very next meeting, though Chairman John Dick responded that the board had not yet publicly discussed the issues involved. This pressure to immediately extend the existing superintendent [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Just Another Bull Shit Artist?

by Eugene E. Nanay Jr…….. An Open Letter to President Elect Trump: Sir, you ran on a platform of LAW and Order. It was the people’s hope that elected you, myself included, that you were the New Hope. You would stop Americas slide down the drain, you would begin the repairs to the Constitution that eight years of attacks and the prospect of four more of the same might bring. Now it appears that you’re just another sleazy politician. Here’s a person in the most sensitive [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Monroe County BOCC Elects Neugent as Mayor and Rice as Mayor Pro Tem

The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners approved a resolution to elect Commissioner George Neugent as Mayor and Commissioner David Rice as Mayor Pro Tem at the Nov. 22, 2016 meeting in Key West. Both are one-year terms. This is the fourth time Neugent has been elected Mayor. He also held the position in 2000-2001, 2008-2009 and 2012-2013. Neugent replaces Heather Carruthers, who remains on the Commission. She was re-elected in August to another four-year term. “Mayor Carruthers, I would just like to applaud you [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
World AIDS Day, Thursday, December 1: Leadership, Commitment, Impact

On World AIDS Day, Thursday, December 1, at 4:30 PM please join the Friends of the AIDS Memorial, city and county officials and Key West residents and friends in front of the New City Hall (formerly the Glynn Archer School) on White Street.  There will be a short candlelight march to the only official AIDS Memorial in the United States at the Edward B. Knight Pier. The World AIDS Day theme this year is: “Leadership, Commitment, Impact.”  Backed by the United Nations the campaign runs [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Giving Thanks...

It has been brought to our attention that the beautiful stories and poetry that Barbara Mungovan so eloquently shares with our “Marine Corps Birthday” audiences each year, has gone for the most part unrecognized. Ms. Mungovan’s brilliant prose and poetry, captures the essence of the Marine Corps. Her impassioned and spirited delivery embodies our time tested traditions. She touches the hearts and souls of all in attendance, year after year. We’re certain that Barbara Mungovan’s two grandsons, both United States Marines, are basking in the [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Firm Awarded Grant from Community Foundation of The Florida Keys

Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe (FIRM) has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys (CFFK) as part of its Vision 20/20 Grant Program. “FIRM Keys: Mitigation and Floodproofing Outreach” will consist of a series of workshops in conjunction with workshops held by the County Sustainability Advisory Board. The workshops, which will be open to the public and include collaboration from government agencies and stakeholders throughout Monroe County, will provide a centralized source of information, resources, tools and expertise on [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Key West Montessori Charter School Gets New Name, Hopeful for Lease Renewal Agreement

On Friday, November 18, Key West Montessori Charter School gathered for a name dedication ceremony, with Superintendent of Schools Mr. Mark Porter and School Board Member, District 1 Mr. Bobby Highsmith in attendance. The public school has legally changed their name to May Sands Montessori, a measure made to honor the Key West educator and Maria Montessori while anticipating their new lease renewal agreement at the old May Sands school location and to distinguish themselves from the small, private Montessori school only two blocks down [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
FOL Book Sale Sat., Dec. 3

Friends of the Key West Library will sponsor their first book sale of the season on Saturday, December 3, 9:30 am to 1:30 pm, in the Palm Garden next to the library, 700 Fleming Street. This first sale has plenty of books. You’ll find lots of art, biography, cookbooks, history, hobbies, pet care, nature, geography, novels and non-fiction by your favorite authors, and many other categories. Children’s and coffee-table books are at super low prices. Many DVDs and CDs. Think Christmas! Baked goods supplied by [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Season Opening Party and KWPD Mounted Police Unit Fundraiser at Jane Gardner Interiors

Thursday, December 1, from 5:30-7:30 p.m., Jane Gardner of Jane Gardner Interiors at 328 Simonton Street invites the public to a Season Opening Cocktail Party to celebrate a plentitude of events: the holidays; the debut of her latest design project – a Key West inspired, whimsical new fabric called ‘Paradise’; a name change for her retail showroom from Jane Gardner Interiors to ‘jane’ and a new fundraising campaign that she has launched for the benefit of the KWPD Mounted Police unit horses. Guests attending the [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Ten Ways to Get Dressed for Key West Art & Historical Society’s “Back In Time” Costume Fundraiser

Break out your costumes and step “Back In Time” with Key West Art & Historical Society’s formal fundraiser with a history twist held Wednesday, November 30 from 5pm – 10pm at the Custom House Museum and Westin Resort. “Back In Time” celebrates 125 years of the Custom House with event proceeds to support the building’s ongoing preservation needs. Find your flair and dress to impress for this evening of revelry and eclectic festivities featuring a cocktail reception on the Custom House veranda with an open [continue reading…]

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Nov 252016
Last Chance to See Rebecca Bennet's Work at Salt Gallery

“Blue Shutter,” oil on oil paper, 7.5” x 11”, is among 20 realist abstractionist oil on paper paintings by artist Rebecca Bennet currently showing at SALT Gallery on 830 Fleming Street. Bennett’s exhibit —proving popular among collectors and newcomers alike—features more than 20 small realist abstractionist works of oils on paper framed in shadow boxes, highlighting her deft plein-air ability to merge light, space, memory, and observation via the geometric forms of Key West’s cottages and homes. Gallery owner Jeffrey Cardenas features a new artist [continue reading…]

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