Oct 282016
Giant Property Tax Breaks For Some: But What About Long-Term Rental Owners?

by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. A few months back The Blue Paper discovered an infamous loophole by which the City of Key West rewards illegal vacation rental owners with transient rental licenses. This week a closer look at Monroe County’s property taxes revealed another troubling disparity: Some property owners have maneuvered to pay up to nearly 10 times less in property taxes than other owners of comparable properties.

Oct 282016
Ethics Commission on Neugent: It's Final—A Light Slap on the Wrists

by Rick Boettger……. I flew again to Tallahassee to attend the sentencing hearing for George Neugent’s three violations of our state’s ethics laws. I went to object to their absurdly light penalties—in particular, only a single $500 fine for not reporting his golf membership for years, missing dozens of quarterly reports of the $1,500 quarterly gift, 15 times the reporting requirement of over $100. The Ethics Commission had given George a separate violation and $500 fine for each of the two years he had filed [continue reading…]

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Oct 282016
Bank Robber Leaves with Cash, Buys a Drink Next Door and Returns to Bank When He Hears Cop's Sirens

A homeless man was taken into custody shortly after robbing the Whitehead branch of Centennial Bank on Tuesday. Stephen Daniel, 36, is being charged with robbery and falsely reporting an explosive device. Key West Police received a report of the robbery at 12:32 on Tuesday afternoon. According to witnesses, Daniel walked into the bank, demanded money and told the teller he had a bomb in his backpack. Witness say after the robbery Daniel left the bank and went over to a nearby bar for a drink. He paid [continue reading…]

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