Oct 142016
Federal Agency's Illegal Piggy Bank Broken Up

Auditors Find Reclamation “Wasted” Millions in Drought & Wildlife Relief Funds Washington, DC — A federal water agency misspent millions of dollars intended for fish and wildlife and drought relief in the Klamath Basin on irrigator subsidies, according to new audit report which confirms charges leveled last year by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). The federal agency, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, disputes these findings and, while the payments have ended, it refuses to change its practices to prevent future abuse or to recoup [continue reading…]

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Oct 142016
It Warn't So. I Tried It.

by Kim Pederson……. The September 2016 issue of Scientific American features an editorial titled “The Tweets We Hold to be Self-Evident.” The op-ed subtitle reads “The US presidential election shows how far the political conversation has degenerated from the nation’s founding principles of truth and evidence.” The editors go on to quote Huck Finn saying “It warn’t so. I tried it.” and call this “one of the most powerful lines in American literature because “a respect for evidence is not just part of the national [continue reading…]

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Oct 142016
The Huxlandia Trap

by Ray Jason……. In my previous essay I tried to convince you that two of the great masterpieces of 20th Century literature have been disturbingly accurate in predicting the Human Trajectory. In George Orwell’s iconic 1984, he argued that humankind faces a totalitarian future where every individual is controlled and monitored by the State. “Submit or die” might be the most accurate way to describe his dark vision. Aldous Huxley, in his prophetic BRAVE NEW WORLD, suggested that the State would dominate the masses not [continue reading…]

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Oct 142016
Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste death but once. - - - - William Shakespeare "Julius Caesar" (2.2)

by John Donnelly……. The 200,000 + children and civilians murdered in Syria, have not fared very well under the Obama and Clinton Regime. Of note, 25% of those killed by explosive weapons in this hell hole have been women and children. Since Obama publicly threatened the Syrian leader, while Clinton was Secretary of State, with his “Red Line” strategy; the slaughter of “Innocence” has exponentially increased. Obama’s targeted drone strikes and bombings of at least 2 “Doctors Without Borders Hospitals”, along with assorted civilian deaths [continue reading…]

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Oct 142016

Perspectives We know the room where we live and the window’s familiar view. Here is where a space, confirmed, is the place a mind can feel at home as its body speeds with each day’s turn on the very edge of this earth’s rim. A spider also spins and, suspended, hangs its weight before my face. With studied care it takes me in as some distant kin that floats like him as we stare immersed at our busy worlds of boundless air where even silence [continue reading…]

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Oct 142016
Get Your Eerie On at Fort East Martello with “Night of the Living Dead” Outdoor Film Showing

What’s better than a good horror film at Halloween than a nighttime, outdoor viewing of a classic at a haunted fort? Pack your lawn chairs, blankets, and courage and head over to Fort East Martello on Wednesday October 19 from 6pm – 8pm for Key West Art & Historical Society’s Fort Fright Night, featuring “Night of the Living Dead,” the enduring 1968 classic that helped define the zombie film genre. Director George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” was an instant monster hit nearly fifty [continue reading…]

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Oct 142016
DID YOU KNOW? Five Fantasy Fest Fun Facts to Get the “Royal Retrospective” Party Started

No matter how many mojitos you might have had during former Key West Fantasy Fests, the spectacle of colorfully-costumed people and the steady stream of looming, Mardi-Gras-like floats cannot be easily forgotten. But how much do you actually know about this world-renowned island festival and some of the very important people within it? Carouse your way over to the Custom House Museum and join the Key West Art & Historical Society in celebrating Fantasy Fest with Fantasy Island: A History of Fantasy Fest, an exhibition [continue reading…]

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Oct 142016
34th Annual Headdress Ball

Business Guild Presents 34th annual Headdress Ball, The Premier Gay and Lesbian Event of Fantasy Fest. Revelers hoping to make “headlines” in Key West can take center stage Thursday, Oct. 27, at the 34th annual Headdress Ball. The glamorous gala is to be held under a gigantic tent at Key West’s Truman Waterfront, located at the end of Southard Street beyond Truman Annex. Entrants wearing elaborate masks, cowls, bonnets and other headgear — many decorated with feathers, sequins and unexpected or bizarre accessories — are [continue reading…]

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Oct 142016
Sheriff's Crime Report

Second man charged after fleeing from detectives A second suspect was arrested in connection with a search warrant, served on September 22nd in Tavernier. The warrant was served at 582 Beach Road in Tavernier. 37 year old Francisco Guevara was arrested at the scene on multiple drug charges. Jeremy Haigh, 40 years old of North Rock Harbor fled on foot from the residence when detectives arrived. As he fled, he threw a cigarette box toward a canal behind the house. The box landed on a boat [continue reading…]

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Oct 142016
King Tides Causing Nuisance Flooding in Low-Lying Areas of Monroe County

Monroe County, FL – For the next week, nuisance coastal flooding will occur in parts of Monroe County due to “King Tides.” These tides occur each spring and fall when the locations of the Earth, moon and sun combine to produce the highest tidal effects of the year. This year, the tides are compounded by a full moon (Hunter’s Moon or Super Moon) on Sunday as well as winds, Gulf Stream current and atmospheric pressure. The tides are expected to reach their maximum predicted levels [continue reading…]

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Oct 142016
Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe Press Release Contesting Citizens Rate Increase

Residents’ Advocacy Group Formally Contests Windstorm Insurance Rate Increase as Excessive On behalf of property owners across Monroe County, Florida, Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe (FIRM) formally petitioned Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens) to request relief from its proposed 8.9% windstorm insurance rate increase. In his letter dated October 7, 2016 (available at FIRMKeys.org) FIRM President Mel Montagne asserted FIRM’s contention that the proposed increase is excessive, discriminatory, and actuarially unsound. Extensive data in support of FIRM’s assertion is included. As Florida’s property insurer of last resort, Citizens is [continue reading…]

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