Sep 232016
“In other words, this was all a setup to give the contract to somebody else.”

by Rick Boettger……. County Attorney Bob Shillinger on Destroying SUFA: “In other words, this was all a setup to give the contract to somebody else.” That was his response in an attorney-client closed session to Commissioner George Neugent’s question, “Where do we stand right now?” This was in April of 2012. The County had destroyed Stand Up For Animals, which had an outstanding record of animal control in the Middle Keys for 7 years, by freezing their funds. The Third District Court of Appeals had ruled [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
An Open Letter To The School Board

Gentlemen: At your recent Board meeting, you received a report from your Human Resources Department. The undated report was entitled “2015-2016 New Employee End of the Year Survey Results” and included ” Employee 2015-2016 Survey Results Comparison”. (The District continues to have problems properly titling and/or dating documents, particularly reports.) When I first saw this report, I was pleased and complimented HR Director Dr. Ramon Dawkins. It appears that my compliment was premature. That is what I learned when I read the “2015-2016 New Employee [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
ZIKA Is On The March / GM Mosquitoes Are Safe

Dear Editor, My thanks to Mr. Bethune for taking the time to comment on the ZIKA crisis. I must note that I disagree with nearly everything that he put forward. I’ll do my best to keep it brief and to respond to each point, paragraph by paragraph. First and most important: ZIKA is on the march. As this is written there are at least 874 cases in Florida. One out of 10 persons who has been tested has been found to be positive. At least [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Detectives Looking for Missing Woman

A 50 year old woman from Key West has been reported missing by family members. Detectives say they are attempting to locate her. 50 year old Robin Ford was reported missing by her sister on September 10th. Her sister said the last anyone heard from her was on August 27th. Ford was last known to be living on Wisteria Island, in Key West Harbor. She reportedly failed to show up for a court appearance on the 30th of August. The court appearance was regarding a [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Monroe County Mayor Carruthers Testifies Before House Committee in Washington

MONROE COUNTY MAYOR HEATHER CARRUTHERS TESTIFIED BEFORE U.S. HOUSE COMMITTEE REGARDING LOCAL VIEW OF FEMA’S ENDANGERED SPECIES REGULATION WASHINGTON – Monroe County Mayor Heather Carruthers testified Wednesday before the U.S. House of Representative’s Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure at a hearing for “An Examination of FEMA’s Limited Role in Land Use Development Decisions.” Carruthers testified that Monroe County and other local governments around the country already work daily to craft land use policies that comply with the Endangered Species Act. She said advancing species protection [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Key West Art & Historical Society Launches New Program to Support Homeschoolers

Homeschooled children and their parents can add a new adventure to their curriculum—museums! Key West Art & Historical Society launches their latest education program— Museums for Homeschoolers— offering a unique, two-hour workshop on the first Tuesday of every month for homeschooling families this Fall. Society Director of Education Adele Williams will guide participants in a day of museum antics and hands-on, inquiry-based learning and provide families with opportunities to explore the various museums and their artifacts, dioramas, and immersive exhibits. “Studies show that students who [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Monroe County Removes 16 Derelict Vessels from Public Waters Using FWC Grant

MARATHON – Over the summer, the Monroe County Office of Marine Resources has removed 16 derelict vessels – including a 50-foot cabin cruiser and a 32-foot steel sailboat – from public waters of the Florida Keys using a $99,924 grant from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. “We are thankful for the FWC grant, which made it possible for Monroe County to remove these abandoned boats,” said Rich Jones, Monroe County’s Marine Resources Administrator. “This effort helps to improve recreational boating access, eliminates navigation [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Sheriff's Crime Report

Woman arrested for aggravated assault, DUI A Key Largo woman was arrested Thursday night for driving drunk and for attempting to hit two people with her car. Deputies responded to Hibiscus Park in Key Largo just before 10 p.m. A caller to Sheriff’s dispatchers said a woman was “trying to kill people with her vehicle.” The caller said the vehicle was an older beige colored sedan and it was “going over 100 miles per hour.” Sgt. Scott Ward was first to arrive and he spotted [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
@Snowden: Give That Man a Medal, Not a "Pardon"

by Thomas L. Knapp……. In the days leading up to the official premiere of Snowden, Oliver Stone’s eponymous biopic of America’s exiled whistleblower, an international movement came together to pressure US president Barack Obama for a pardon. Executive absolution would make it possible for Edward Snowden to return from Russia without facing a show trial and a life (or even death) sentence for his heroism. It’s a fine idea. I support it. But I think it does get things backward and sends the wrong message [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Lies, Damned Lies, and Hewlett-Packard Printers

by Thomas L. Knapp……. September 13 was an unlucky day for an unknown number of Hewlett-Packard printer owners. Instead of going dutifully to work, their printers displayed the error message “One or more cartridges appear to be damaged. Remove them and replace them with new cartridges.” The cartridges weren’t damaged, though. The printers had been sabotaged with, for all intents and purposes, malware. And the saboteur was Hewlett-Packard itself. The company built a digital time bomb into its firmware to stop owners of HP printers [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Beware the Croc in Beach Clothing

by Kim Pederson……. There are times when I don’t believe the old saying “there’s a word for everything.” That’s usually when I make up a word to fill the gap, a process I call “partermition.” There are other times when I’m not so sure there’s not a word for everything. I had this thought the other day when Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day popped up as “eclogue.” An eclogue is a poem in which shepherds converse. That’s right. There’s a word made up just to [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Simple Consolations

by Ray Jason……. It was the silhouette hour. A cayuco came paddling towards me in the deep dusk as I sat with my back against AVENTURA’s mast. The oarsman’s stroke was smooth and strong. There was a child in the back tending the fishing line as her dad rowed. When they were 20 yards away I realized that it was not a father – it was a grandmother. Even though she was as ancient and weathered as her hand-carved cayuco, she propelled it like a [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Dancing Through The Betrayal...

by John Donnelly……. Some journalists and authors from established media outlets, to include “The New York Times”, have devolved into proliferating merchants of misery for anyone thinking differently than they. If a real or imagined challenge threatens the sanctity of their beliefs, a reflexive conditioned response will provoke them to unleash an iron-fisted attack upon the perceived menace; collateral damage be dammed. Although such conduct has become all too familiar and accepted, it’s not the mark of an accomplished publication that has boasted of only [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Florida Insurance Commissioner Altmaier Denies FIRM’s Request to Delay Citizens Rate Increase

Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier has denied a leading consumer advocate group’s request to delay the 8.9% rate increase for 2017 windstorm property insurance for Monroe County proposed by Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens). Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe (FIRM) requested the delay during a public hearing last month because of a wide disparity in the results of the four hurricane loss projection models approved by the Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology (the Florida Commission). The four models vary from one indicating a [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
1200+ Archeologists, Museum Directors Urge Obama Administration to Halt Dakota Access Pipeline Destruction of Cultural Resources

“The destruction of these sacred sites adds yet another injury to the Lakota, Dakota, and other Indigenous Peoples who bear the impacts of fossil fuel extraction and transportation.” In a new letter sent to the Obama administration, over 1,200 museum directors, archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians expressed solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in its fight against the Dakota Access pipeline. In response to a groundswell of opposition to the pipeline project both on the ground and across the country, the administration released a statement [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Five Marathons in Five Days for Young Carers

On October 31, 30 brave Brits are heading to Florida to walk four marathons and run a fifth in just five days to raise money for the award-winning UK arts charity Create. The intrepid team, all staff from London-based diner chain The Breakfast Club, will start the challenge, dubbed The Beast, in Key Largo on October 4 and finish by taking part in the Southernmost Marathon in Key West on October 8 – an incredible total of 4,030 miles walked and run for Create. Create, [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Key West Theater Concert List

  All shows on sale now Blues Traveler Thursday, November 10th, 2016 8pm Marc Cohn Tuesday, March 7th, 2016 8pm Jim Breuer Friday, March 10th, 2016 7pm & 10pm UPCOMING SHOWS: newly added/changes in dates are bolded below 09.29 David Cook 10.08 Edwin McCain with Nick Norman 10.09 David Wilcox 10.19 The Nighthawks 10.22 The Psychedelic Furs 10.27 The English Beat 10.31 The Little River Band 11.09 Delta Rae with Liz Longley 11.10 Blues Traveler 11.21+22 Leon Russell with Dave Giffin 11.27 The Sunday Ramble 12.05 [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Womankind's Chocolate Bars

Sandra Ballard, center, is flanked by Womankind medical assistants Anisleidy Caridad, left, and Dianelis Borges, right. Sandra is holding the Hershey’s chocolate bar she received for being a patient at the medical center. Executive Director Kim Romano got the idea after reading an article describing how the sense of an ending shapes memory:”If you want people to remember you fondly, it’s best to engineer things so that the last thing they remember of you is something other than paying a bill.”

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Sep 232016
Deputy Honored by Marlins

Deputy Josh Gordon was selected by Sheriff Rick Ramsay to be honored at the Marlins Heroes event Monday night in Miami. He and his family were treated by the Marlins baseball team to VIP seats and parking and Josh was recognized during the game. Deputy Gordon was shot on duty last October attempting to apprehend a robbery suspect on Stock Island. He was saved from serious injury by his bullet proof vest. Thanks to the Marlins’ organization for their recognition of the heroes in our [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
City Commission Commends U12 Boys Travel Team

Mayor Craig Cates and the entire City Commission last night proclaimed Southernmost Soccer Association U12 Boys Travel Team Day. The team won the Bronze Medal at the 2016 American Youth Soccer Organization’s National Tournament. The U12 group consisted of 24 teams traveling from as far as Hawaii, California, Michigan and Illinois. The Key West team competed in several tournaments around the state, taking first place in the Hurricane Cup, where they proudly representing the City of Key West and earned the invitation to participate in [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Thanks to Volunteers for the Hard Work Cleaning Beaches!

Thanks to volunteers for Saturday’s cleanup of National Key Deer Refuge and Key West Refuge beaches. We wanted to say thanks to the more than 60 people who volunteered their Saturday morning, September, 17th to help clean up the public (National Key Deer Refuge) portion of Long Beach on Big Pine Key as part of the 2016 International Coastal Cleanup. At 9:00 am, Long Beach was a complete mess, full of plastics and other hazards to wildlife; by 12:00 pm it was beautiful and free [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Zonta Pier House Goes PINK! Party to Benefit Zonta's Local Mammogram Program

Zonta 24th Annual ABC Walk/Run Fundraiser to Combat Breast Cancer Again Gets A Boost From Pier House Partnership Upcoming Pier House Goes PINK! Event Kicks Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month On October 6th, the third annual Pier House Goes PINK! party and live concert on the beach will kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month and benefit the annual ABC Walk/Run fund which supports women in our community. The event will be held from 5:30 to 8:00pm at the Pier House Resort and Spa, One Duval [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
New Fort Adventures for Toddlers & Parents to Begin at Fort East Martello

How does a play date at a 150-year-old fort sound? Registration is now open for this fall’s Parent & Me classes at Fort East Martello, a new education program offered by Key West Art & Historical Society that celebrates hands-on, inquiry-based learning while inviting children and parents to explore the Fort and its artifacts, dioramas, and immersive exhibits. “The idea behind providing a weekly parent and me class at Fort East Martello is to offer parents and toddlers alternative options for social interaction and provide [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Last Call to See Rick Worth's Newest Collection

WORTHy EXHIBIT AT SALT GALLERY: LAST CALL TO SEE RICK WORTH’S NEWEST COLLECTION: Rick Worth fans will delight in “Mad Jack’s Love Shack,” 20 x 30, enamel on masonite, one of more than a dozen new works by the renowned painter exhibited at SALT Gallery in Key West this month. The exhibit, aptly entitled “Island Light,” features new paintings on wood, found objects, roofing tiles, and canvas that celebrate the spirited, self-taught artist who arrived on the island in 1985. “It only takes a little [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Just Announced: Blues Traveler at Key West Theater

Blues Traveler at the Key West Theater on November 10th. Tickets on sale Wednesday at 12PM. After selling millions of records and logging thousands of miles on the road, GRAMMY award-winning band Blues Traveler continue to chart new musical directions evident on their upcoming record Blow Up The Moon. A clever collaboration between various artists, Blow Up The Moon sees Blues Traveler keep an open-minded perspective on making music and enlists an eclectic mix of songwriters influenced but the band’s remarkable 25+ year career. Tickets [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Migration Mania, September 23-25

MIGRATION “MANIA” RETURNS TO KEY WEST TROPICAL FOREST Our feathered friends begin their journey to their winter retreats long before our “snowbirds” friends. By late September, the Keys are hosts for species that are either passing through to destinations closer to the equator or are settling in for the cooler months. Greet these visitors this coming weekend – Friday, September 23 through Sunday, September 25th at the Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden and the National Key Deer Refuge. Whether you are an avid [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Florida Keys Council of the Arts Cultural Calendar

Thursday, September 22 thru Wednesday, September 28 Visit, Cultural Calendar for more listings and events throughout the Keys. KEY WEST HAPPENINGS Tennessee Williams Play Study with Laurie Sansom Tuesday September 27, 2016 5:00 PM  – 8:00 PM The Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458. These classes are an opportunity to read and discuss some of the short dramas by Tennessee Williams. Lead by UK theatre director Laurie Sansom, who directed the European premier of Tennessee Williams’ first full length play Spring Storm [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Florida Keys Children's Group Meets to Discuss Challenges Affecting Keys Families

The Florida Keys Children’s Group will meet Friday, September 30, 2016, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon at the Marathon Government Center in the BOCC Room, 2798 Overseas Highway in Marathon. The topic of this meeting is school based health and wellness programs. The Florida Keys Children’s Group, serving under the Monroe County Community Alliance, meets quarterly to facilitate communication and integration of services for children and families in Monroe County, and makes information available to other professionals that support children’s needs, as well as identifying [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
AAA: Children Under Age 13 Should Ride in the Back

SAFETY BASICS KEEP KIDS SEATED SAFE AND SECURE National Child Passenger Safety Week Sept. 18-24 As part of National Child Passenger Safety Week, AAA – The Auto Club Group and its Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation join organizations nationwide to encourage parents and caregivers to make sure their children are riding safe and secure. “This week serves as a good reminder for parents and caregivers to keep safety basics in mind when it comes to traveling with children in a vehicle,” said Amy Stracke, [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Animal Rescue Fundraiser

CoCo’s Monkey Athleisure Wear Store Hosts a Fundraiser For Animal Lovers On Friday September 30, 2016, from 5-8:00pm at CoCo’s Monkey, 209 Simonton St., will host a fundraiser with hopes to raise money for our furry friends. Funds will be donated to the prevention of cruelty to animals & to locally operated Pawadise Pet Rescue. Pawadise is bringing ADOPTABLE PUPPIES in search of forever homes. Over $2,000 in prizes will be raffled off & some items available for bid in a silent auction. Free beer [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Free Alcohol Tests Available to Parents

Parents can request free mouth swabs to determine if their child has been drinking alcohol. As part of the No One’s House campaign to curb underage drinking, the Monroe County Coalition is offering Alco-Screen 02, a rapid, highly-sensitive saliva test strip that detects a blood alcohol level at or above .02 percent. The easy-to-use test takes only a few seconds to administer and delivers results in four minutes. When surveyed, more than half of Monroe County youth, who consumed alcohol in the past 30 days, [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
Sigsbee National Junior Honor Society

September is Micro Plastics Awareness Month. Reef Relief is proud to report that Sigsbee Middle School’s National Junior Honor Society brought 15 students and 3 adult volunteers to clean up small plastics on Boca Chica Beach for International Coastal Cleanup Day September 17. These hard working students collected over 65lbs of marine debris off of the beach, most of which was tiny pieces of plastic. Special thanks to Sigbee Educator Roxann Fournier for coordinating with Reef Relief to make this special event such a success. [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
National Waste & Recycling Association Honors the Very Best in Recycling Innovation, Education and Partnerships

Industry Professionals from throughout The Nation Gather to Celebrate Innovators, Changemakers and Trade Advancements at the Second Annual Waste360 Recycling Summit (Austin, Texas) The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) honored innovators and leaders in recycling at the 2nd Annual Waste360 Recycling Summit in Austin, Texas. Four awards and three honorable mentions were given to companies that have made substantial contributions to American recycling through partnerships, public education, innovations in recycling equipment and innovations in recycling facilities. Winners were selected by a panel of judges [continue reading…]

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Sep 232016
FKHSC Announces Car Seat Appointments in Key Largo and Marathon and Upcoming Quarterly Board Meeting

Car Seat Appointments Available in Key Largo and Marathon Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition is working hard to make child safety education and supplies available to all Keys parents. Certified car seat technicians are available to help parents by checking installation on car seats already installed as well as providing new, low cost car seats for Monroe County children. Appointments are available on Wednesday, September 28, from 12:30-2 pm in Key Largo or on Wednesday, October 12, from 11:30 am-1 pm in Marathon. Appointments must [continue reading…]

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