Sep 162016
Saying No to Amendment 1 Says Yes to Solar

by Michael Welber……. “Masquerading as a pro-solar energy initiative, this proposed constitutional amendment, supported by some of Florida’s major investor-owned electric utility companies, actually seeks to constitutionalize the status quo.” Those are the words of Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente who wrote a strongly worded dissent back in March when Amendment 1 came up for approval by the court. She went on to call the proposal “a masquerade and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

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Sep 162016
Mayday!! Fishing Boat Lands on Top of Rock Jetty [video]

The U.S. Coast Guard responded early Tuesday morning to a Mayday call on vhf radio sent by fishing vessel “Little Angenette.” About an hour before sunrise the “Little Angenette” missed the entrance to Key West harbor. The captain initially reported that he’d hit a channel marker and was sinking fast.

Sep 162016
New Tool for Battling Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes Approved

The EPA has just released a permit for a cutting-edge technology designed to control the disease carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito. The technique, pioneered out of the University of Kentucky, under the leadership of Dr. Scott Dobson and his team, is based on an all-natural solution to mosquito control. Male mosquito eggs are infected/injected, using microscopic needles, with the Wolbachia bacterium. This cutting edge technology, is harmless to humans. When Wolbachia infected male mosquitoes mate with female that are not infected, none of the offspring hatch. [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Straight Facts on GMO Mosquitoes

Dear Editor, I was dismayed to read Friday’s letter to you on GMO mosquitoes which was so full personal attacks and so scant on scientific information. I’m not sure where the writer got his facts, but on behalf of the over 50,000 concerned citizens who view our Facebook page, Never Again, each week, I’d like to set the record straight on a number of issues that the GMO mosquito salesmen have left out. If Zika is “knocking on our door,” it’s the door of an [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Start the GMO Test

To the Editors, The Mosquito Control Board is “fiddling while Rome burns.”  They should authorize the GMO test immediately. I just returned from Europe where all my friends asked if it was still safe to come to the Keys.  [This week], the Miami Herald documents the economic impact already felt in Miami in just a few weeks. A word about regulators:  In Europe, Naled–used here in Monroe–is banned as too risky.  Monroe’s beekeeper’s would agree.  The impact on humans?  Probably unknowable right now.  Are America’s or Europe’s regulators smarter?  [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Thumbs Up on the Ditching of the Skeeter Taj Mahal

It appears that the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board is in the process of regaining it’s sanity In its most recent meeting they ditched the Big Coppit Skeeter Taj Mahal.  The vote was 3-2.  Only two very old line commissioners voted for the Taj Mahal.  Commissioners Shaw and Smith.  Shaw is not seeking reelection.  Smith is!  Remember that he wanted to raise your skeeter taxes by 45%,  that’s what it would have cost to build the Taj Mahal that he and Shaw wanted.  Commissioner Craney-Gage [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Setting the Record Straight: Florida Provides Accurate and Timely Information Related to Zika

Tallahassee, Fla.—On Saturday, August 10th, the Miami Herald published “Florida’s Zika undercount hides extent of virus’ spread, experts say,” a story suggesting that Florida is not being forthcoming regarding the burden of Zika in our state. This story is misleading and the claims made in it are inaccurate. The Zika virus is new to the United States and the Florida Department of Health (DOH) is working daily with our partners and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to learn more about this virus [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
9/12: The Appeal to National Narcissism is Alive and Well

by Thomas L. Knapp……. “The narcissist,” someone once wrote on an Internet discussion forum devoted to the topic, “learns nothing, forgets nothing, and forgives nothing.” In conscious appeal to this tendency, the American political class flocks to shrines in New York, DC and Pennsylvania each year to once again cynically wring as much narcissistic flag-waving hoopla as possible from the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I generally avoid watching these observances. This year my sole exposure to them was video of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Drivers Nabbed by Red Light Cameras Want Their Money Back

By William Patrick  /   September 12, 2016 Motorists from 65 Florida cities and counties want their money back after paying red light camera tickets that a state appeals court deemed illegal two years ago. Last week, a federal appeals court said not so fast. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, overseeing Florida, Georgia and Alabama, denied a ticket refund worth more than $200 million. But it also denied the local governments’ request to dismiss the class-action lawsuit, thereby allowing it to [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Time for a Galactic 911 Call

by Kim Pederson…… Reading another SF story the other day (“The Thing on the Shelf” by David Gerrold), I was introduced (or reintroduced perhaps given my usual memory issues) to the concept of “chronosynclastic infundibulum” (CI). Gerrold refers to the CI in his tale, noting that it comes from Kurt Vonnegut’s novel The Sirens of Titan. A CI, as defined by the website Verbotomy, is “a place, or a moment, where all the different kinds of truths fit together, and where there are many different [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
On Conformity

by Kirby Congdon……. My lover and partner of forty-three  years was different than any of my other friends. I was asked, “How did you handle it between yourselves? What kind of discussions did you have to resolve this distinction that was so public?” My partner and I replied with words to the effect that if your lover had been born with an excess of psoriasis that gave his face a visible proof of acne, was that something we had to resolve to make ourselves, as [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
The Next Hometown Q. and A. Forum is Monday, September 26 at 5 pm at TSKW

HOMETOWN! is pleased to announce its Fifth Event of the 2016 political season A QUESTION AND ANSWER FORUM FOR CERTAIN CANDIDATES ON THE NOVEMBER 8, GENERAL ELECTION BALLOT The Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton Street, Key West, Florida MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2016, FROM 5:00 – 7:30 PM Hometown’s First Question and Answer Forum for candidates on the November 8, General Election Ballot is approximately six weeks before the Election and shortly before ballots will be mailed to voters. Key west and Monroe County voters [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Monroe County BOCC Adopts FY Operating and Capitol Budget

The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners adopted a $457 million Operating and Capital Budget for Fiscal Year 2017 at its final budget meeting Monday at the Harvey Government Center in Key West. The adopted budget ($133 million for Capital and $324 million for Operating) will soon be available on the County website. The proposed budget is now available at: Property taxes will account for $80.1 million (18 percent) of the total budget. The budget includes an aggregate millage rate of 3.5360, which is [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Crime Report

Marathon man charged with burglary A 26 year old Marathon man was arrested for burglary early today. The victim lives in Galway Bay Trailer Park in Marathon. He told Deputy Seth Hopp he woke at 3:30 am., walked out of his bedroom and found the door to his trailer open. He then found several cabinets open in the trailer and found an open can of beer and a pair of sunglasses inside that weren’t his. That is when he called the Sheriff’s Office. As he [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Romero Community Meeting - October 19th - Please Save the Date

Please save the date so that you will be able to join me for our next community meeting. When: Wednesday, October 19th Where: Marriott Beachside Hotel Time: 6:00 PM As with previous meetings, this one is targeted to last 1 hour. This will give attendees time to reach their chosen location for viewing the presidential debate which is scheduled to begin at 9:00 PM EDT. Among the topics will be Hospital Matters, Funding for Youth, and Mosquitos. I’ll send out an agenda as we get [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Monroe County Code Compliance Oversaw Cleanup Along Card Sound Road; 22-Acre Property to Become the 'John Gautier Aquatic Preserve'

NORTH KEY LARGO – The sunken derelict vessels, unpermitted structures and tons of trash and debris that accumulated for decades on a private 22-acre property along Card Sound Road in North Key Largo are now gone. Monroe County Code Compliance oversaw the massive cleanup of the land and waterway that once was part of the “Historic Fishing Village of Card Sound” but had become an environmental mess and safety hazard. “It definitely was not the usual code enforcement case,” said Lisette Cutie, Monroe County’s Code [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Monroe County’s Newly Acquired Trauma Star Helicopter to Begin Service in October

MARATHON – Monroe County’s newly acquired Trauma Star helicopter, a 2002 Sikorsky S-76 C+, arrived in Marathon last week and now is being outfitted with medical equipment. Pilots also are being trained. The goal is to have the helicopter ready for air ambulance service by early October, pending FAA approval, Monroe County Fire Rescue Chief James Callahan said. In June, the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners voted to spend $2.5 million from its sale tax infrastructure fund to purchase the helicopter, which previously was [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016

Stepping Up: Florida’s Top Civil Citation Efforts recognizes 11 counties, including Monroe County, as the state’s top-performers for the second year. TALLAHASSEE, FL— Florida’s second annual comprehensive study of alternatives to juvenile arrests for common youth misbehavior – called “Stepping Up: Florida’s Top Juvenile Civil Citation Efforts 2016” – ranks Monroe County the best in the state.  Juvenile civil citations are an alternative to arrest for common youth misbehavior.  Authored by one of Florida’s top juvenile civil citation experts and supported by state and national [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Reef Relief's Discover Coral Reefs School Program 2016-2017

Reef Relief is gearing up to continue its Discover Coral Reefs School Program. This collaborative program between Reef Relief and the Monroe County District Schools introduces students to the value and importance of the local coral reef ecosystem and how they can become good stewards of the environment. The lessons include interactive presentations, a film, and a corresponding activity, which could include a science experiment on ocean acidification, an anatomy lesson of a coral polyp, or a coloring craft. For elementary school students, we teach our Introduction to the Coral Reef Ecosystems lesson. For the middle school students, we have additional lessons including [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
New Staff Have Jumped Abroad the Reef Relief Ship!

  Reef Relief is thrilled to announce the new staff to join the 2016-2017 team! Reef Relief is expanding our Discover Coral Reefs School Program to new schools in the Monroe Country School District, and we are launching our new Family Education Program. This means all hands on deck for our new staff! Assistant Program Director: Carly Shabo Carly began working for Reef Relief immediately after receiving her Bachelors of Science degree in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston. After a successful initial summer in [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Florida Keys Council of the Arts Cultural Calendar

Thursday, September 8 thru Wednesday, September 14 Visit, Cultural Calendar for more listings and events throughout the Keys. KEY WEST HAPPENINGS FESTIVALS/FUNDRAISERS Saturday/Sunday Key West Musician’s Festival for Sister Season Fund, 2 PM On the program for the 6th annual festival Key West icons such as, Ericson Holt, Nick Norman, Al Subarsky, Clint Bullard, Liz O’Connor, Black and Skabuddah, Dora Gholson, Greg Gerace, James Whithead, Rolando Rojas, Caribe, Tim M Curtis, L.A. Wood, Ray West, Gina Maserati, Michelle Dravis, Robert Douglas, Michael McLoud, Carl [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
HerScan is Coming to Key West

HerScan is coming to Key West, next Friday, September 23rd! Get a breast screening using ULTRASOUND. This important test is fast, affordable, and convenient and can see breast abnormalities that cannot be seen in mammography.The power of an ultrasound can increase detection from approximately 48% to 97% in dense breast. It is painless, no radiation and implant-safe. The screening only takes 15 minutes, is done in a spa like setting and no prescription is required. The screening is $195.00, which includes testing that is read [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Ford’s Push on Disability Rights Should Be a Model for Philanthropy

By Steve Bartlett and Tony Coelho……. The Ford Foundation made history last year when it announced it was focusing its grant making on equality. Now one of the nation’s wealthiest and oldest foundations is making history in a new way: It acknowledged in big, bold fashion that inclusion means focusing on disability as well as race, gender, and class. Indeed, according to the U.S. Census, people with disabilities are the poorest of the poor in America. In his annual letter, released today, Darren Walker, the [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
Bestselling Author Shares Key West Adventures  & Writing Secrets to Students

Three-Time Newberry Honor-winning and New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Holm takes a question from Key West Montessori Charter School student Zoe Barras after a presentation that blended her personal family lore with the rich history of our island.  Holm’s latest novel “Full of Beans” and her multi-award-winning “Turtle in Paradise”  take place during the Great Depression in Key West, making them great educational tools as well as wonderful adventure reads for elementary students. The special event was organized by Books & Books and the charter school’s book fair committee [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
The King and Queen of FANTASY FEST 2016 Events: Thursday Sept. 15-22

ONGOING WEEKLY EVENTS SUNDAY BINGO AT 801 BOURBON Every Sunday through October 16th, the notorious upstairs BINGO at 801 Bourbon Bar, hosted by QMitch, will equally benefit the 2016 King and Queen FANTASY FEST Candidates. Be sure and arrive early for the best seating around 4 p.m. Campaign proceeds benefit AIDS Help, serving Monroe County for 30 years. AQUA IDOL AT AQUA NIGHTCLUB, 711 Duval, 6:30 p.m. ‘Aqua Idol’ is now for the benefit of your King and Queen Candidates of FANTASY FEST 2016. Join [continue reading…]

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Sep 162016
United Way of the Florida Keys Welcomes New AmeriCorps VISTA Member

United Way of the Florida Keys is proud to announce and welcome new AmeriCorps VISTA Rebecca Medicine Eagle. Rebecca joins UWFK with five years of experience working with AmeriCorps, through both their State and National and their “Volunteers In Service To America” (VISTA) programs. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nevada, Reno and is a Certified Tribal Emergency Manager as well as a Certified Conflict Resolution Manager. She has volunteered with the American Red Cross for 26 years, is a [continue reading…]

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