Aug 192016
Developers to Build on Imaginary Land at Sunset Marina

by Arnaud and Naja Girard…….. To allow an additional 60 plus apartments on his property, a Key West developer nearly doubled the size of his parcel – on paper.  And some of the City Commissioners, who last month signed off on the development agreement, knew all about it. Under Key West zoning density ratios, developer/lawyer Barton Smith needed a minimum of 4.5 acres to build 62 new housing units on his property at Sunset Marina.

Aug 192016
Sting Operation: Corrections Deputy Arrested in $150,000 Deal to Help Inmate Escape

A Corrections deputy assigned to the Stock Island detention center was arrested yesterday charged with making a deal with an inmate: cash in exchange for helping him to escape. He was also charged with providing the inmate with contraband in the jail. 50 year old Elizardo Ortueta was reportedly acquainted with the inmate he allegedly made a deal with, 35 year old Albert Vizcaino Gonzalez, prior to his employment with the Sheriff’s Office; Vizcaino is in jail, convicted on drug trafficking charges. He faces a lengthy [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Write-in Mayoral Candidate Sloan Bashinsky's Hilarious Responses to PBA Candidate Questionaire

DADE COUNTY POLICE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION KEY WEST POLITICAL SCREENING Candidate Questionnaire August 12, 2016 Candidate: Sloan Bashinsky Position: Mayor Address: Contact Number (s): __________________ Date of Birth: 10/7/42 E-mail Address: Signature: _________________________ Background: The PBA places great value in the relationships it builds with elected officials. Therefore maintaining open lines of communication is of the utmost importance. Question (s): (a) Would you contact the PBA before speaking publicly for or against any issue of importance to the Association and/or law enforcement? Please explain your [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
KWPD Underwater Search and Recovery Team Saves Man's Life

While conducting training yesterday, the Key West Police Underwater Search and Recovery Team (USRT) heard a call come over VHF channel 16 advising there was a vessel near Fort Zachary Taylor with a male having a medical emergency. The emergency was described as either a heart attack or seizure. The Coast Guard was receiving limited information as the woman on board did not know how to use a VHF and her cellphone had sporadic service. They were able to ascertain she was somewhere off the [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Crime Report

Miami man charged with stolen truck, boat and trailer A Miami man was arrested Thursday charged with stealing a truck then using the truck to steal a boat and trailer. The truck, a gold colored Ford F250, was stolen from Sands of the Keys, a business in Islamorada. The boat, a 2014 Sportsman with a Yamaha 150 horsepower engine on it, and the and trailer, a 2014 Venture, were stolen from a residence in the San Pedro Trailer Park in Islamorada. At 1:20 a.m., Deputy [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Monroe County Launches New Website

At its Wednesday meeting, the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners approved an interlocal agreement with the Monroe County Mosquito Control District to provide County employees to supplement the District’s workforce on a temporary, as needed basis, in the event that the Zika virus becomes a problem in the county. Presently, the Florida Keys continues to have no confirmed cases of locally acquired Zika and only one confirmed travel-related case, in which the person contracted it outside of Florida. But to help keep Zika from [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Zika Testing for Pregnant Women

The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County is pleased to announce an additional service that is now offered in partnership with Womankind in Key West – Zika Virus Risk Assessment and Testing for Pregnant Women. This testing is offered in response to Governor Rick Scott’s direction that all county health departments offer testing at no cost to any pregnant woman interested in getting tested for Zika. Executive Director Kim Romano, second from left, and local Health Department Administrator Bob Eadie, far right, are flanked [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Guest Commentary: Mosquito Control / Big Coppitt

by Stephen Murray-Smith……. When I was elected to mosquito control nineteen years ago, our program consisted of aerial spraying with a 1940’s aircraft, a few spray trucks, no entomologist or biologists, and a $500,000 budget shortfall. Fast forward to today – our county has one of the best mosquito control programs in the nation. Late 2007, FKMCD began talks with the City of Key West to purchase property in order to build a new structure then vacating the existing building. Appraisals secured at our expense [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Guest Column: FKMCD Board Meeting - November Can't Get Here Too Soon

by Ralph De Palma……. At the recent Florida Keys Mosquito Control District meeting (FKMCD), Commissioner up for re-election, Jill Cranney-Gage, flip flopped and changed her vote on the construction project that has been planned for the past two years, to be more in line with her mentor the Chairman and “Chief Budget Cutter” on the Board, Phil Goodman. The timing of this change appears to coincide with the pending potential 45% millage increase and the effect on her re-election campaign. That was bluntly pointed out by [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Mosquito Control: Forget "Taj Mahal" and Do Something about ZIKA!

Dear Editor, Steve Smith is a 20 year incumbent on the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board. He is once again running for another 4 year ride. Mr. Smith tells us that he has been your good and faithful servant for lo these many, many, years and that he has tried his damndest to wisely spend your tax dollars. But he complains that all too often a majority of the board has overridden him and forced the board to cut taxes, cut expenses, and otherwise minimize [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Fear Not My Fellow Conchs

Dear Editor, They say that a wasted vote is voting for someone who doesn’t represent you, and I agree, and I believe the people of the Florida Keys, in our lofty island paradise, also would agree with the sentiment. Out of the 319 million Americans, we’re taught that we must pick one of two to take the position of the most powerful leader of the free world, the Presidency of the United States of America. It’s easy to sit back in between media attack ads, [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Clinton: Unhinged?

by Thomas L. Knapp……. Following multiple damning email leaks and disclosures, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign decided, in the weirdest attempt at damage control I’ve ever seen, to invoke the late Allen Ginsberg’s “America”: “America it’s them bad Russians. Them Russians them Russians and them Chinamen. And them Russians.” Forget the content of the leaks. Just focus on their alleged (not proven, alleged) source. IT’S THEM RUSSIANS! Never mind that one of the leaks uncovered the Democratic National Committee’s secret program to deliver its party’s presidential [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
The Old Hippie and the Banana Birds

by Ray Jason……. The old hippie has found his bliss. He runs a ten table restaurant down here south of many borders. If it wasn’t for the sign out front, you would never even realize that his business exists. It looks more like a garden with a roof on top. Besides serving food for the body, it also features food for the mind and the spirit. That’s because even though it doesn’t have walls, it has shelves filled with thousands of books. It is the [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Hi, Anxiety

by Kim Pederson……. Apparently if you were to ask most Americans today “What, You Worry?” the answer would be yes. In his New York Times article “Fifty States of Anxiety,” economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz (SD) tells us that, based on the Internet search count for various types of anxiety, Americans are 150 percent more worried today than they were in 2004. Some of the subjects of these anxieties are what you would expect: travel, separation, work, school, home, driving to name more than several. Some are [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Good Boy!

by Richard Boettger……. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” When asked this as kids, we understood that what we would “be” is actually what we would do to earn money. That is, what earns money is what defines who we are as human beings. Well, all of us are grown up now, and in fact the majority of my crowd have long ago quit doing what we used to do to earn money. So what are we now? What, or who, are [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Monroe County On Track to Surpass 100,000 Pounds of Recycled E-Waste

LONG KEY – At Monroe County’s Long Key Transfer Station at Mile Marker 68 last week, 28 pallets weighing 16,824 pounds were collected and transported to Miami for recycling. The contents: obsolete and broken electronics. It was the sixth load of e-waste picked up this year by family-owned Electronic Recycling Center, Inc., bringing the total to 98,219 pounds. Monroe County is on track to top last year’s collection of 99,500 pounds of e-waste. “We already are seeing a lot of flat screen TVs,” said Bill [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Florida Wildlife Federation, SCUBA and Environmental Organizations Challenge Massive Dredging Project to Save Threatened Corals

Port Everglades Project Would Repeat the Environmental Destruction Caused by PortMiami Dredging FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.— A group of environmental organizations and America’s largest trade organization for recreational divers filed suit in federal court last Wednesday in Southern Florida to seek protections for coral reefs in Fort Lauderdale. The corals in and around Port Everglades are threatened by a proposed U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dredging and port expansion project to make way for larger, Panama-canal sized vessels. Port Everglades is about 30 miles north of the [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
NOAA Launches America’s First National Water Forecast Model

New tool hailed as a game-changer for predicting floods and informing water-related decisions NOAA and its partners have developed a new forecasting tool to simulate how water moves throughout the nation’s rivers and streams, paving the way for the biggest improvement in flood forecasting the country has ever seen. Launched today and run on NOAA’s powerful new Cray XC40 supercomputer, the National Water Model uses data from more than 8,000 U.S. Geological Survey gauges to simulate conditions for 2.7 million locations in the contiguous United [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Scott's Undeclared 'Polluters' Holiday' Stains Florida

Total Pollution Fine Revenue at Historic Low; Many Violators Face No Fines at All Tallahassee — Pollution pays in Florida because violators often get off scot-free, according to a new analysis of state records by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). Overall, this review shows that anti-pollution enforcement by the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) continues on a radically downward trajectory coinciding with the tenure of Governor Rick Scott. The PEER analysis of raw enforcement data from the Florida DEP reflects a slight uptick [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Barbarity on the Last Frontier

Many states have predator control programs targeting wolves, coyotes or bears that attack livestock. Alaska, however, has an Intensive Management (IM) program designed to kill 75% of all wolves and bears in order to increase populations of game animals – caribou and moose. IM means shooting these animals on sight and using tactics and technology that can hardly be called sporting, such as – Shooting wolves from helicopters and airplanes; Using “Judas Wolf” collaring, where state agents radio-collar a wolf who then leads their gunners [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Park Service Pours Bucket of Mush on Effigy Mounds Scandal

Final Report on Desecration of Sacred Indian Sites Offers No Reforms or Remedies Washington, DC — The National Park Service has exonerated all of its current employees from blame for the largest official mass desecration of Indian pre-historic burial sites in history, according to an agency report posted today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) and Friends of Effigy Mounds. Despite years in preparation, the slim NPS report offers no concrete steps to prevent repetition of the decade-long debacle at Iowa’s Effigy Mounds National [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Toyen Film at Custom House Museum

Key West Art & Historical Society’s “Art as History, History as Art” film series continues Thursday, August 18 at 6:00 pm in the Helmerich Research & Learning Center at the Custom House Museum, 281 Front Street with “Toyen,” a study of Marie Cermínová, one of the most provocative artists of the 20th century and painter of “La Guerre”, the 1945 oil on canvas shown here. Creating art under the name of Toyen, Cermínová co-founded the surrealist movement in her native Prague, survived the Nazis and [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Bernstein Park to Close September 1 for Redevelopment Project

STOCK ISLAND – Monroe County’s Bernstein Park on Stock Island will close Thursday, Sept. 1, for the start of a $7.9 million redevelopment project that will elevate the fields to prevent flooding and add a 5,500-square-foot community center. Construction will take about a year, with completion slated for the summer of 2017. The park, located at 6751 Fifth St., will remain closed during the redevelopment. “We are excited to be moving forward with one of the largest park revitalization projects in Monroe County history,” said [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Florida Keys Council of the Arts Cultural Calendar

Thursday, August 18 thru Wednesday, August 24 Visit, Cultural Calendar for more listings and events throughout the Keys. Key West Happenings ARTIST RECEPTIONS/EXHIBITIONS Friday and Saturday Mel Fisher Maritime Museum Presents Voyage to Freedom: Cuban Rafters – Exhibition, Film Screening and Symposium Friday, 7 PM – Opening of the exhibition Marianna (Cuban Chug), and Film Screening of Balseros; Saturday, 11 AM – Symposium: A panel discussion with contributors: Holly Ackerman, PhD, Duke University, Mei Mendez, University of Miami, Commander Clinton J. Prindle, US Coast [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Key West Theater Lands The Reverend Peyton to Kick Off 2017 Season in Big Damn Style

On Friday January 6, Rams Head Promotions presents The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band at Key West Theater, 512 Eaton Street, in what promises to be a sandal-stomping, scorcher of a debut for these innovators of Americana. Known for keeping the hammer down to the tune of 200+ live shows a year, the ironically-named three-piece has developed a following that extends well beyond the borders of their Brown County Indiana home. The band is just off a 30-show, 5-country European tour that featured 12 festival [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
City Honors Retiring FHP Cpl Dunick

Florida Highway Patrol Corporal Gary Dunick received a commendation, a standing ovation and a Key to the City at Tuesday’s City Commission meeting. Cpl. Dunick is retiring after nearly 40 years of dedicated service to the people of Key West and the Florida Keys Cpl. Dunick’s spent his entire career in the Keys, starting in August of 1978. The commendation noted that Cpl. Dunick “has served honorably and faithfully during his tenure with the Florida Highway Patrol. He approaches even the most difficult of situations [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Opening Reception Friday, August 26, POINCIANA - Richard Peter Matson

POINCIANA, a timely show of gorgeous acrylic paintings by local artist Richard Peter Matson will be on exhibit at the Key West Art Center from August 26 – September 8. The glowing reds and oranges of the Poinciana tree in bloom, is a favorite subject for Matson who is a master at portraying their mesmerizing glow. Working outdoors at his easel, he is a familiar sight to his neighbors in the beautiful Meadows area of Old Town where he can be seen most evenings at [continue reading…]

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Aug 192016
Acclaimed Chefs Preserve Edible History with Conch Heritage Picnic Dinner at Fort East Martello

If you’ve been in the Keys for any length of time, chances are you’ve had your fair share of tasty key lime pie and conch chowder. But what about the ultimate chilao or the Queen of all Puddings? Now is your chance to have your taste of these things and more at the Conch Revival Picnic— a heritage dinner presented by The Key West Art & Historical Society and Isle Cook Key West featuring a cornucopia of classic Key West/Conch recipes— on Saturday, August 27 [continue reading…]

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