Aug 122016
New Development at Sunset Marina: Commercial Slip Owners Cry Foul

by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. Liveaboards and low-income renters may not be the only victims of the Sunset Marina development agreement approved last month by the City Commission. Sunset Marina’s $2700/month “affordable housing” project appears to have also cheated small commercial boat owners out of over 100 legally required parking spaces. By the look of things, developers may also be lining things up to cheat the building department on permit fees by an estimated $125,000 [by misrepresenting construction costs by nearly 7 million dollars.]

Aug 122016
Part Two of an Evaluation of the Risks vs. Benefits of the Proposed Release of GMO Mosquitoes in Florida

by By David McKalip, M.D…… Risk: The OX513A bugs could establish a new subspecies and actually survive in nature. Implications: The FDA thinks the risk of this is low, but bases their conclusions on some assumptions that are not entirely accurate. However if the survival rate, percentage of females released or genetic assumptions are wrong, then the GMO mosquito could establish itself permanently. Introduction to Part II. The FDA has approved a genetic experiment on humanity and the ecosystem in Key West Florida. They propose to [continue reading…]

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Aug 122016
Sheriff's Report

Man charged with sexual activity with a minor A Key Colony Beach man is in jail charged with sexual activity with a minor. 25 year old Dominic Portelli is accused of having a sexual relationship with a young girl; it allegedly started in 2015 when the victim was 15, continuing until July of this year with the victim being 16 years of age. The victim’s grandmother noticed changes in her behavior; she checked the girl’s cell phone, which is paid for and owned by the [continue reading…]

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Aug 122016
FBI Miami and Key West Police Department Host Active Shooter Training

Miami – The FBI and Key West Police Department have been hosting a series of conferences this week of August 8th to address responses to active shooter scenarios. The conferences discuss best practices and lessons learned from various active shooter incident responses. Monday’s class was entitled Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events or CRASE. The course is designed to reinforce the Avoid, Deny and Defend strategy and provides information about surviving an active shooter event. The four hour course is attended by Monroe County School District officials, hospital [continue reading…]

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