Jul 082016
Kevin Diaz Response to Mayor Heather Carruthers

I write today in order to respond to Mayor Heather Carruthers response piece, which was published in The Blue Paper and the Monroe County official webpage last week. The spirited response by our Mayor paints my opinion piece as misinformed and misguided as to the issues our community faces. The truth is that the Mayor, on behalf of our state representative, attempts to frame the Florida Keys Stewardship Act as legislative perfection; a level of perfection never seen before in American politics. The Mayor puts [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Silver Airlines Proposed Key West to Havana Route Not Chosen by DOT for Initial Flights

SILVER AIRLINES PROPOSED KEY WEST TO HAVANA ROUTE WAS NOT CHOSEN BY DOT FOR INITIAL LIMITED CUBA FLIGHTS; BUT KEY WEST CHARTER SERVICE CONTINUES TO HAVANA AND AIRPORT DIRECTOR HOPEFUL FOR FUTURE COMMERCIAL ROUTES Eight airlines tentatively won government approval to schedule commercial air service between 10 cities in the United States and Havana, Cuba, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced Thursday. Silver Airlines, one of 12 airlines competing for the limited 20 permitted daily flights to Havana, proposed a route from Key West. The [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Two Charged with Credit Card Skimming Devices

Two Miami men were arrested in the early morning hours after they were caught putting a credit card skimming device on a gas station pump. Sgt. Nick Whiteman was on patrol at 3 a.m. on July 3rd when he passed by the Valero gas station in Marathon and saw a car parked at the gas pumps. The station was closed, all the lights were off. He was suspicious because a number of credit card skimming devices have been found installed in gas pumps at various [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
An Open Letter to the School Board: Computer Literacy in Monroe County Schools

Chairman Griffiths: I listened with great interest to your comments last week on “Morning Magazine” regarding “Monroe Compute$”. I share your enthusiasm and praise for John Padget and Jacob Dekker for creating the program which enables students to earn industry certificates in computing and computer science programs such as Microsoft Office and Adobe. Of course, the success of this program is directly related to the financial incentives provided by Padget and Dekker, more than $75,000 for the 256 students who have successfully completed their course [continue reading…]

Jul 082016
A Letter in Favor of Federal Legalization of the Evil Weed

Editor: Just read an article about the Deaths from Using Marajuana. According to the CDC last year 17,465 Deaths from using Hard Drugs-Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, PCP, etc. An additional 25,760 Deaths from Prescription Drugs. And Over 30,700 Deaths from Alcohol consumption Plus an Estimated 2.5 TIMES more from Drunk Driving. The TOTAL DEATHS from Marajuana Consumption. ZERO, as in 0, Nada, None, Nulla (I’m Hungarian), Ling (Chineese), Nul’ (Russian), So while the Alcohol Lobby is actively Bribing congress to keep Pot illegal Thousands of Americans are going [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Florida Keys Environmental (Oops, They Removed the Environment From the Bill) Stewardship Act

Editor, I recently read Mayor Carruthers rebuttal to criticism of the Fl. Keys Stewardship Act in the Blue Paper. The gist of her rebuttal was simplistically: trust your Elected Officials to do the right (correct) thing. Well, Mayor, if history is an indication of what we can expect from our Elected Representatives and leaders, what will follow is the Cape Coddling of the Florida Keys, as Pritam Singh predicted years ago. Let’s look at the honesty and integrity of our leaders Mayor. Who was it [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Hillary Clinton: More Equal Under the Law Than Others

by Thomas L. Knapp……. In his July 5 press briefing, FBI director James Comey spoke 2,341 words explaining his decision not to recommend criminal charges over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to transmit, receive and store classified information during her tenure as US Secretary of State. He could have named that tune in four words: “Because she’s Hillary Clinton.” Comey left no doubt whatsoever that Clinton and her staff broke the law: “[T]there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Sea Gypsy Nocturne #2

by Ray Jason……. Something startled me from sleep. Because solo sailors need to be extremely alert in order to avoid catastrophes, my finely-tuned emergency reflexes immediately kicked in. I lay on my bunk in the darkness listening for unusual sounds and monitoring abnormal movement. But I detected neither. Suddenly, I realized what had unsettled me, and I laughed quietly. I had been awoken by the intense stillness and silence. In a modern world drowning in frenzy and noise, such profound peace and quiet was … [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Who Knows What Shadows Lurk?

by Kim Pederson……. On the PBS NewsHour recently, they were discussing the difficult housing situation in San Francisco, difficult as in no one without an insanely large income can afford to live there. In 2014, the US median income was $53,657. If you lived somewhere else in the United States, say Miami, and earned $100,000 per year, well above the median, you would have to increase your earnings nearly 50% to $147,818 to live at the same level in SF. The average rent for a [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Hometown! Reminds Voters of the First Primary Q. and A. Forum - July 25 at TSKW - the Second Primary Forum will be August 8

HOMETOWN! is pleased to announce its third event of the 2016 political season A QUESTION AND ANSWER FORUM FOR CERTAIN CANDIDATES ON THE AUGUST 30 BALLOT The Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton Street, Key West, Florida MONDAY, July 25,2016, FROM 5:00 – 7:30 PM Hometown’s First Primary Question and Answer Forum is approximately one month before the August 30, Election and shortly before ballots will be mailed to voters. Key West and Monroe County voters will have to make important judgments regarding City Commissioner–Dist. [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Treasure Abounds with Celebration of Mel Fisher Days Festival to Benefit Wesley House Family Services

Mel Fisher, the man remembered as the world’s greatest treasure hunter, and the thrill of treasure discovery will be celebrated on Friday, July 15 and Saturday, July 16 with the annual Mel Fisher Days celebration to benefit Wesley House Family Services. This year, Key West Art & Historical Society joins the Mel Fisher’s Treasures team in presenting day two of the festival, with a historic shipwreck lecture followed by a ‘Party Like a Local’ block party at the Custom House Museum. Saturday, at 5 p.m., [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Remembering Deputy Killed in the Line of Duty

Sheriff’s Office remembers Deputy Guy Bradley, killed in the line of duty. This week, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office remembers Guy Bradley, who worked as a game warden and was a deputy with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office early in the 20th Century. He was shot and killed while on duty, July 8, 1905. Guy M. Bradley was one of the country’s first game wardens. He was hired in 1902 by the American Ornithologist’s Union at the request of the Audubon Society. He traveled to [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Homeless Coalition Honors American Legion

The Florida Keys Outreach Coalition (FKOC) recently honored American Legion Arthur Sawyer Post 28 for their outstanding partnership and long time commitment to collaborating with FKOC to address the needs of homeless veterans in the Florida Keys. “No man or woman who fights to defend us, should have to fight for a job, a roof over their head, or the care they need when they come home,” said FKOC President and CEO, Rev. Stephen Braddock (not pictured). “I pray that together with the American Legion, [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Deputy Cleans up on Stock Island

Deputy David Lariz has been busy this week. He partnered with Public Works to clean up the area of 5th Street and 3rd Avenue on Stock Island. This area is known as a hang-out area for people conducting narcotics sales. He also worked with community member and former MCSO employee Ira Goldstein to tackle piles of trash on Sunshine Street on Stock Island. Waste Management was also a partner in this effort.

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Jul 082016
Cleaning up in Marathon

Part two of the cleanup just north of the Seven Mile Bridge in Marathon. This hard working bunch from Sgt. Marc Maison’s squad initially removed 4,100 pounds of trash from the area, then returned for all of this remaining stuff, which weighed approximately 2,100 pounds.

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Jul 082016
Planned Road Closure

Mark your calendars. There will be a temporary road closure at the 103 mile marker between midnight and 4 a.m. on Friday, July 22nd. An FDOT contractor will be placing beams across Adams Cut for the planned pedestrian bridge. The road will be closed at 20 minute intervals and reopened in between to allow traffic to proceed.

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Jul 082016
Florida Keys Council of the Arts Cultural Calendar

Thursday, July 7 thru Wednesday, July 13 Visit keysarts.com, Cultural Calendar for more listings and events throughout the Keys. Key West Happenings DANCE CLASSES/WORKSHOP Monday-Saturday Key West Modern Dance 2016, 10:30 AM Week-long dance workshop in Ballet, Modern and Contemporary dance, Repertory and Composition, with instructors from the most celebrated dance companies. 13 years and up. Coffee Mill Dance Studio, 605 A Simonton St. 305-296-9982. keywestmoderndance.com FILM Wednesday Key West Theater’s Summerish Fun Movie Series: Sex In The City, 8 PM 512 Eaton St. thekeywesttheater.com Tropic [continue reading…]

Jul 082016
Call for Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity of Key West and Lower Florida Keys is seeking volunteers to work on a home repair and painting project in Key West on July 14th, 15th, and 16th. Our “A Brush With Kindness” Program focuses on homes owned by seniors that need minor repairs. No We are looking for folks at all skill levels to participate one or more days on this important project. If you can help, contact volunteer coordinator, Susan Kent, at 305-294-9006 or volunteer@habitatlowerkeys.org. Habitat for Humanity believes that [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Emergency Management Director Irene Toner Retires after 18 Years of Service

MARATHON – Emergency Management Director Irene Toner retired June 30, ending nearly two decades of service to Monroe County and 35 years in emergency management. The Czechoslovakia native, who lived and worked in New York City and the Northeast, laughed recalling her introduction to the laidback Keys in the late 1990s. With Hurricane Georges barreling toward the island chain, an email was shown to her about a hurricane party. “I thought it was a joke,” Toner said. But coworkers told her: “No Irene, this is [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
29th Annual Membership Meeting

  Reef Relief’s 29th Annual Membership Meeting is to be held Monday, July 18, 6-8pm at the Casa Marina Grand Ballroom. This year’s speakers include Florida State Representative Holly Raschein who will discuss water quality issues and the 2016 Florida State legislature. Dr. Chris Langdon from the University of Miami will present his research on Ocean Acidification in South Florida and Cindy Lewis of Keys Marine Lab will present their work on Pillar Coral restoration. Presentations also include reports on Reef Relief’s current programs and [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Key West Sunrise Rotary Installs Chambers and DeBevec as New Members

Key West Sunrise Rotary welcomed two new members representing hospitality and tourism: Kirby Chambers, performance analytics director for Hilton Worldwide, and Amber DeBevec, vice president of marketing for Key West’s Finest. The Key West Sunrise Rotary Club in the Conch Republic, established in 1988, provides community service, supports charities and funds college scholarships through events including BrewFest, Poker Run and a golf tournament. The club meets on Fridays at 7 a.m. at the Marriott Beachside Hotel.

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