Jul 082016
Kevin Diaz Response to Mayor Heather Carruthers

I write today in order to respond to Mayor Heather Carruthers response piece, which was published in The Blue Paper and the Monroe County official webpage last week. The spirited response by our Mayor paints my opinion piece as misinformed and misguided as to the issues our community faces. The truth is that the Mayor, on behalf of our state representative, attempts to frame the Florida Keys Stewardship Act as legislative perfection; a level of perfection never seen before in American politics. The Mayor puts [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Silver Airlines Proposed Key West to Havana Route Not Chosen by DOT for Initial Flights

SILVER AIRLINES PROPOSED KEY WEST TO HAVANA ROUTE WAS NOT CHOSEN BY DOT FOR INITIAL LIMITED CUBA FLIGHTS; BUT KEY WEST CHARTER SERVICE CONTINUES TO HAVANA AND AIRPORT DIRECTOR HOPEFUL FOR FUTURE COMMERCIAL ROUTES Eight airlines tentatively won government approval to schedule commercial air service between 10 cities in the United States and Havana, Cuba, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced Thursday. Silver Airlines, one of 12 airlines competing for the limited 20 permitted daily flights to Havana, proposed a route from Key West. The [continue reading…]

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Jul 082016
Two Charged with Credit Card Skimming Devices

Two Miami men were arrested in the early morning hours after they were caught putting a credit card skimming device on a gas station pump. Sgt. Nick Whiteman was on patrol at 3 a.m. on July 3rd when he passed by the Valero gas station in Marathon and saw a car parked at the gas pumps. The station was closed, all the lights were off. He was suspicious because a number of credit card skimming devices have been found installed in gas pumps at various [continue reading…]

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