Jun 032016
Hometown!'s "Meet the Candidates" Event, June 24

“Every election is determined by the people who show up.” ― Larry J. Sabato, Pendulum Swing Hometown!’s “MEET THE CANDIDATES” Rally at The Studios of Key West 533 Eaton Street–2nd Floor On Friday, June 24, 2016 5:00 P.M. TO 7:30 PM Here are the details about the “Meet the Candidates” event at TSKW: This will be a timely event because all 2016 candidates must qualify by Noon on this date. Key West’s Hometown! will present all candidates running for office in the upcoming August 30, [continue reading…]

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Jun 032016

by Thomas L. Knapp……. Only bad parents lose track of their kids. Only the negligent, the unqualified, the suspect arrive at the emergency room — or funeral home — with toddlers in tow. When something inexplicable and terrible happens to a child, it must be Mom and Dad’s fault. That would never happen to OUR kids because WE impart discipline and maintain vigilance, right? Enter Harambe, the 400-pound gorilla killed by Cincinnati Zoo staff after a toddler escaped adult supervision, vaulted a railing and fell [continue reading…]

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Jun 032016
Some Musings on the Towel of Babel

 by Kim Pederson……. Is it just a slip of the tongue? I sometimes wonder what goes on in our brains when we write or speak a word that’s different from the one we intended to write or speak. Case in point. Yesterday, while blogging about “The Unconfusion of Tongues,” I intended to type “Tower of Babel” and instead typed “Towel of Babel.” I must have read through the entry three or four times before I noticed the mistake. But was it, I now ask, an [continue reading…]

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Jun 032016
Reef Perkins to Debut “Deep Air” - An Unconventional Life is His Muse

On Saturday, June 18, from 6 to 8pm, former combat veteran, smuggler, salvager and Conch Republic Navy Officer Reef Perkins will debut his third book, “Deep Air” at Grand Vin, 1107 Duval Street, Key West. Reading a tale written by Perkins is much like experiencing his storytelling in person. The language and story lines are fast-paced, improbable and wickedly entertaining – with a vaguely psychedelic feel. His style has been compared to that of Kurt Vonnegut. In “Deep Air,” Perkins describes a sailing vessel secured [continue reading…]

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Jun 032016

Languages Birds, hidden within their cool recess, twitter and tweet behind the leaves as beyond the written page our own vocabularies rage to tell us what the world’s about when we find that any peace of mind reaches out for that light that hangs over the rooted craniums of earth-bound trees with their huge arms amazingly upraised while even each green leaf’s stem extends its sturdy place in its own season’s time to offer even more praise. Kirby Congdon

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Jun 032016
Sea Gypsy Philosopher - Third Anniversary

  Hello Dear Readers, Three years ago today I began my blog with the modest goal of sharing my unconventional outlook on Life with whoever might be interested. Because I come from a street performing background, where my juggling act was available for free to whoever walked by, I was delighted that my site could have the same sort of “give it away” purity to it. Even from the beginning I refused to litter my website with ads or to ask for donations. I wanted [continue reading…]

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Jun 032016
Trash + Rain = Mosquitoes

by Douglas Hattendorf……. I’m no biologist or expert (as one man told us at a mosquito meeting — we have no right to speak on such things if we aren’t a biologist or an expert.) However, sometimes it’s just a matter of common sense. Our shorelines are loaded with plastic buckets, totes, bottles, cups, etc that hold water before they return to the ocean to cause further damage. So, what happens when those items are pushed to the high tide line and then it rains? Well, a [continue reading…]

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Jun 032016
Three Honored with Lifesaving Award

Chief Donie Lee today presented three Key West Police officers with the Lifesaving Award for saving the life of a drowning man. On April 21st Officers David Kouri, Michael Pettee and Billy Vazquez responded to a drowning call on North Roosevelt Blvd. Officer Kouri was first on the scene and saw the victim, a 58 year old man, unconscious and floating almost completely submerged in the water. Officer Kouri jumped off the sea wall and into the water and immediately repositioned the victim’s head, opened [continue reading…]

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Jun 032016
My Tribe is BETTER than your Tribe

by Dr. Geno……. The seven magic words that have tumbled planet Earth into becoming the insane asylum of the Universe. So what’s the latest example?? Members of the German Parliament(Former Nazis??) have labeled the Turks as having committed Geoncide of the Armenians in 1915. Now how’s that the pot calling the kettle black?? Don’t forget the 23MILLION exterminations by our Ally Uncle Jo Stalin. And, what about the Invasion of the Americas?? The Europeans Extermination of the native populations. And don’t forget the WMDs used [continue reading…]

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Jun 032016
Last Stand Forum - June 9

Neighborhood Information Forum June 9th covering Traffic and Parking Problems plus Affordable Housing Issues Join Last Stand board members on Thursday June 9th at 5:30pm at the Eco-Discovery Center, 35 East Quay Road in the Truman Waterfront for a Neighborhood Information Forum where you will hear about Transportation and Affordable Housing changes coming in the near future. After a brief social period, the program will begin at 6:00pm and adjourn at 7:30pm. The program begins with Chris Hamilton, Bicycle/Pedestrian/Transportation Coordinator for the City of Key [continue reading…]

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