Mar 252016
Key West's Historic Seaport Welcomes "El Galeon" and "Hōkūle'a"

El Galeon will be at the Historic Seaport through Sunday March 27, tours are from noon to 8:00 pm, tickets: $15.00 Hōkūle’a will be here through noon Friday March 25 [or longer depending on weather] For more information about the El Galeon and the Hōkūle’a visit their websites linked below: Website for El Galeon: Website for Hōkūle’a: DID YOU LIKE THIS STORY?  SUPPORT THE BLUE PAPER Help us continue to bring you local investigative journalism… CONTRIBUTE:

Mar 252016

by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. Has it really been 34 years since the US Border Patrol set up a roadblock on US 1, right in front of the Last Chance Saloon in Florida City, effectively blocking the only road out of the Keys? Although that is not a national border and never has been, Border Patrol agents started stopping every vehicle coming out of the Keys on April 18, 1982, and requiring every occupant of every vehicle to show proof of citizenship– presumably looking for Cubans [continue reading…]

Mar 252016
The Ignominious Obscurity of Quondamnastic Vernacularisms

by Kim Pederson……. I need to write a historical novel (an historical? — I can never decide which). Where else can you have great fun (and get away with) using archaic words that left the glossarial building (mostly) a long time agone. Upon running into such words in print somewhere, most people just “walk on by.” A few reading their Kindles might fingerpop the dictionary to learn what it means, but in general the term remains lost and lonely somewhere in the obfuscatory clouds, the [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Harry Bethel's Open Letter to Governor Scott

Editor’s Note:  After receiving former City Commissioner Harry Bethel’s open letter to Governor Scott [below] we reached out to the Lower Keys Medical Center for comment.  The following is the statement we subsequently received from LKMC spokesperson Randy Detrick: “Lower Keys Medical Center is committed to providing our patients with the medical services and care they need. We encourage any patient who has concerns to contact us directly so that we can investigate and take action as needed for resolution. Any identified issues in Mr. [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Lower Keys Medical Center Did Not Contact My Primary Care Physician After I Requested So Three Times...

Letter to Editor: Physicians and staff at Lower Keys Medical Center did not contact my primary care physician after I requested so three times during my more than two days in the intensive care unit following an emergency admission on August 18, 2014. On August 20, after not having heard from my primary care physician, my partner, Rick Boettger, reached him, Dr. Jack Norris, and Dr. Norris called me on my hospital room telephone. He had no idea until then that I had been hospitalized [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
56 Years After

To the Readers of the Blue Paper: A poem that celebrates a piece of current news becomes chronologically irrelevant in, like, five minutes. This writer has nothing in his files to commemorate President Obama stepping onto Cuban soil 56 years after I fled Castro’s invasion of Havana on the last plane to Miami and, so, spent the rest of my vacation in my first visit to Key West, changing my life along with how many others then and how many more now? Kirby Congdon

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Mar 252016
Taxing the Citizens for Nothing

Dear Editor, I contacted the sewer adviser at FKAA and asked about my new impending utility bill. How is the Sewage portion of my bill calculated? He answered Everything that goes through the water meter is billed as Sewage. I asked what about the 7000 gallons used to top off my pool-Sewage. What about the water I use to irrigate my fruit crops-Sewage. What about the water I use to water my grass-Sewage. How can this be?? Why is FKAA taxing me for something that [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016

TED TALKS… When a kid commits a crime, the US justice system has a choice: prosecute to the full extent of the law, or take a step back and ask if saddling young people with criminal records is the right thing to do every time. In this searching talk, Adam Foss, a prosecutor with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in Boston, makes his case for a reformed justice system that replaces wrath with opportunity, changing people’s lives for the better instead of ruining them.

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Mar 252016
Congressman Urged to Help Invest in Kids

Key West Police Chief Donie Lee last weekend met with Congressman Carlos Curbelo and Kara Kempski, whose organization – Fight Crime: Invest in Kids – is working hard to get the Federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act reauthorized. This law expired in 2007, languishing since then in the Senate with no companion House bill. Kempski and Chief Lee urged Congressman Curbelo, as a member of the House Education and Workforce committee, to craft the companion bill and push for the reauthorization of the law. [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Election 2016: They Don't Own Your Vote

by Thomas L. Knapp……. With large blocs of Republican and Democratic voters vowing to abandon their parties rather than vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in November — and in the GOP, even some party establishment figures mulling an alternative ticket if Trump takes the nomination — the “wasted vote” argument is peaking earlier than usual this year. We hear it every election cycle, all cycle long, but the heat wave of patronizing rhetoric usually crests in early October as the poll numbers of [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Having a “Trump Talk” with Your Kids

by Dr. Paul Kengor……. I was watching a Republican presidential debate as my eight-year-old, John, sat next to me. Donald Trump, the front-runner, looked left and ripped Ted Cruz as a “liar” before seamlessly pivoting right and skewering Marco Rubio as a “sweating choke artist.” “Lying Ted!” Trump barked. “Choking Marco!” he shouted. My eight-year-old son laughed at the buffoonish spectacle, as if we’d just tuned in to Cartoon Network. “No, John,” I told him. “That’s not funny. We shouldn’t treat people that way.” “Is [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Obama Visits Havana: Cuba Libre for Real?

by Thomas L. Knapp……. US President Barack Obama’s late March visit to Cuba, continuing his initiative to re-establish friendly relations between the two countries, arouses opposition on both sides of the aisle in Washington. The Republican complaints, of course, are to be expected. If Obama walked across the Florida Strait without wetting the hems of his trousers, Ted Cruz would ask why the president can’t swim. But some Democrats also oppose breaking the ice with Havana. “It is totally unacceptable for the president of the [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
More Sunshine, Fewer Budget Turkeys as Lawmakers Spend Billions of Taxpayers' Dollars

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida’s elected lawmakers put fewer secret spending projects into the budget in the waning days of this Legislative session, but improvements are still needed to guarantee taxpayers have full openness, transparency and accountability when lawmakers spend their money. In the $82.3 billion budget approved by lawmakers earlier this month for the FY 2016-17 state budget, 143 projects worth $104.9 million were inserted into the budget without proper public review and were identified as “budget turkeys”, according to the Florida TaxWatch 2016 Budget [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Annette Taddeo Calls on Governor Rick Scott to Veto Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

Ensuring all women have access to essential healthcare is vital not just to women’s health, but to keeping our entire country healthy and thriving. Yet, earlier this month, the Florida State Legislature passed Senate bill 1722 and House bill 1411, which would defund Planned Parenthood and put even more obstacles in front of women who need access to affordable, safe healthcare. It’s outrageous that in 2016, we are still seeing women’s access to basic and essential healthcare being threatened by divisive, extremist political agendas. Instead [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
On April 17th: The Annual VINTNERS DINNER, To Benefit AIDS Help

‘Good things come to those who wait’ isn’t always accurate. Tickets are on sale NOW for the April 17th Vintners Dinner, in benefit of AIDS Help. There are no last-minute discounts or walk-ins…so if you’re thinking about attending the annual event, it’s time to buy. After a one-year “resting period” to regroup and refocus, the Vintners Dinner at Casa Marina, 1500 Reynolds Street, is uncorking what’s being called ‘A Tour Of The Senses,’ according to AIDS Help Executive Director Scott Pridgen. “We’re looking at this [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
10 of the Worst-Sited Wind Energy Projects for Birds Identified

Group has petitioned for new regulations to protect birds from wind turbines (Washington, D.C., March 24, 2016) American Bird Conservancy (ABC) today released a list of 10 of the worst-sited existing and proposed commercial wind energy projects from the perspective of bird conservation. As the hunger for alternative energy grows, thousands of new wind energy projects are being planned and built—often without regard for the serious risks they pose to birds and other wildlife. (View the list as a report on our blog or as [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Monroe County To Process Yard Waste at Future Gasification Plant

MONROE COUNTY ENTERS INTO AGREEMENT WITH ENERGY 3 TO PROCESS COUNTY’S YARD WASTE AT A FUTURE GASIFICATION FACILITY KEY LARGO – The Board of County Commissioners voted 4-1 to enter into a “no-risk” agreement on March 23 with Maryland-based Energy 3, LLC to process the County’s yard waste – beginning within the next 30 months – at a future gasification facility that converts organic debris into energy. The agreement came after nearly two years of discussions and negotiations, which continued right up until the final [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Save the Date for Hometown!'s "Call for Candidates"

Key West, April 11,2016, Hometown!’s “Call for Candidates” at Salute Restaurant, Higgs Beach at 5 p.m. Dear Members, Prospective Members of Hometown!, and all Candidates, Prospective Candidates and Those Merely Testing the Waters: Please join us on Monday, April 11, 2016, when Key West’s Hometown! will present declared and potential candidates for the upcoming 2016 elections. The event will be held at Salute Restaurant at Higgs Beach in Key West, at 5 p.m. Candidates, declared or potential, will introduce themselves and make short presentations. All [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Police Donation Sends Kids to PeaceJam

Key West Police Chief Donie Lee this week presented a check for $4,000 to Keys to Be the Change so that 15 students could attend the PeaceJam Leadership Conference in Tallahassee. The Key West Police Department partners with the program, mentoring at-risk students at Key West High School to promote positive behaviors, resistance to drug abuse and crime, and to develop lasting positive relationships. Keys to Be the Change’s mission is to provide programs, education, awareness and opportunities that empower young people and better their [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Kline Receives Chief's Commendation

Chief Donie Lee honored Dispatcher Keith Kline with a Chief’s Commendation during an awards ceremony at the Grand Key Double Tree last week. On November 5th, Telecommunicator II Keith Kline received a 911 call regarding a bomb threat at the Publix shopping center. He diligently obtained information and communicated with the suspect. Not only did he address the immediate safety concerns for the community, but he established a rapport with the suspect. That rapport provided the opportunity for the Department’s hostage negotiator to resolve the [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
100 Years of Rotary

The Key West City Commission has proclaimed April 1st the Rotary Club of Key West Day in honor of the 100th anniversary of its charter. For 100 years, members of the Rotary Club have put “service above self” by faithfully serving the community. “The Rotary Club of Key West has a long history of action to make our city better,” reads the proclamation, “by providing leadership in the establishment of other community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Key West Chapter of [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Final Friends of the Key West Library Book Sale Saturday, April 2

The Friends of the Key West Library will sponsor their last monthly book sale of the season on Saturday, April 2, 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Palm Garden next to the library, 700 Fleming St. Plenty of fiction to stock up on for summer reading. Also on offer are books in many categories, like art, biography, food, history, coffee table books, hobbies/pets, nature/geography. Many books for children at low prices. DVDs and CDs are also available. Baked goods will be for sale, provided [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Last Stand 2016 Fundraiser Raffle:  Win a Florida Bay Birding Tour with Everglades Biologists!

Historical Florida Bay and Birding Tour with Everglades Biologists Raffle: Each Ticket is $20.00 Only 100 Tickets Will Be Sold. Win a day tour of the Florida Bay and Backcountry by boat and have an experience few people get to enjoy. The tour is for up to four (4) guests and includes lunch. Join Audubon biologists to take in backcountry beauty including bird breeding colonies unlike anywhere in the world, and learn about what makes our Florida Bay backyard so special. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Audubon Everglades Science [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Fashion Strolls Poolside for Sister Season

“Islands in the Sun,” the 4th annual Southernmost Fashion Show to benefit Sister Season Fund, will be held Sunday, April 3 at the Southernmost Mansion. Doors open at 5 p.m. for guests to enjoy no host cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and the elegant ambiance. The first model will step onto the poolside runway at 6 p.m., according to SSF Vice President Julie Hanson, chair of the show. Twenty local models will showcase the latest styles of ten local local shops, including Graffiti, Sargasso, Isles Styles, French [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Call to Artists for April Exhibit

ART GARDEN returns to Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden, April 15th through July 15th. Florida Keys artists who create works suitable for un-sheltered outdoor display are invited to submit works for temporary installation among the greenery. Pieces composed of recycled materials or natural media are preferred. Installation is expected April 1-10. A reception is planned for April 23, 2016. Please contact Misha at (305) 294-1504, Sue at (305) 304-6005 or Jackie at (305) 393-3430 with questions and to register. Exhibit application is available [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Florida Keys Council of the Arts Cultural Calendar

THURSDAY, MARCH 24 thru WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30 Visit, Cultural Calendar for more listings and events throughout the Keys. Key West Happenings ARTISTS RECEPTIONS/EXHIBITIONS Saturday Sip and Shop Jewelry and Art Show at Uva Wine Bar, 3 PM to 7 PM An afternoon with wine, jewelry by ZEN by Karen Moore and salty island art work by Clint Moore of Mangrove Studio. Uva Wine Bar and Shoppe, 519 Fleming St. FESTIVALS and FUNDRAISERS Saturday Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration and Awards Presentation, 6 PM Winners [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Ben Harrison Concert at The Studios of Key West, April 2nd

Known for his wonderful sense of the ridiculous, Ben’s songs explore the unique history and ribald character of Key West. From Conch Train to Sloppy Joe’s Bar 1984, Ben brings delightfully absurd tales to life. He will be highlighting new material from his latest album, Destino, plus many old favorites. Join Ben Harrison with friends and talented fellow musicians, Larry Baeder and Joe Dallas, at The Studios of Key West on Saturday, April 2nd at 8 pm. Tickets are $30, or $25 with a Studios [continue reading…]

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Mar 252016
Painter Eric Anfinson Exhibit Preview on April 2 at SALT Gallery

Painter Eric Anfinson Exhibit Preview on April 2 at SALT Gallery—“The Nautilus” (36 x 24, oil on linen panel) is one of 15 new works by Painter Eric Anfinson to be featured at SALT Gallery during the month of April. Anfinson, known for his distinct figurative style, is compelled by the human form and the sense of intimacy color can create and strives to “make paintings that are both universal and personal.” His latest paintings explore the power of red to serve as both parameter [continue reading…]

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